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  1. Sadly I'm not too sure what is causing it. I managed to play through my conversion yesterday and finish it, I did notice a few bugs but they seem to be an issue with parasites in general. When you are getting the above papyrus spam what are you trying to do? Im curious to see if I can recreate it.
  2. I installed Estrus and Estrus chaurus, I have SLSO and the patch for the former Estrus charus. My game keeps crashing now and I can see this error repeating about 10 times before it crashes in my papyrus log. Anyone know what could be wrong? [02/23/2021 - 08:15:36PM] Error: Array index -1 is out of range (0-4) stack: [SexLabThread00 (06061EEF)].sslthreadcontroller.ActorAlias() - "sslThreadModel.psc" Line 1033 <unknown self>._sls_intslso.ModEnjoyment() - "_SLS_IntSlso.psc" Line 9 [_SLS_InterfaceSlsoQuest (360A62A4)]._sls_interfaceslso.ModEnjoyment() - "_SLS_Interfac
  3. So I noticed that no one ported the Feb 3rd bug fix for Parasites and seeing I did the other one I should probably do this one. So here you fellas go. Install with MO2 or whatever else you use. 1207197753_KyneBlessing20210131bSE.rar
  4. Wow that was a quick reply, thanks for that. It works now 😀
  5. I've made my Tes5EditMerged patch yet I still can't build the Bikini list. I also have the two ESP's for overwriting pre installed bikini armour mods. I successfully made this work on LE a while back but can't get it to on SE, anyone able to give me some hints? I went to install that Json file for using both Pumpkins Bikini armours and the remaster but there is no indication as to where it needs to be installed so that doesn't really help.
  6. Is this mod just broken or what? I used to use MME and soulgem oven by themselves and had no issue. I've tried using this with it and it doesn't seem to do anything. I don't understand what the point of this mod is in all honesty.
  7. @DeepBlueFrog KyneBlessing20210131a SE Install with mod organiser. Enjoy fellow degenerates. 1043766055_KyneBlessing20210131aSE.rar
  8. Also getting a CTD trying to enter the automation facility ( I Believe that is what its called) from the ventilation system. I feel a mod like this should be developed for SE I've come back to LE to try this and a few other updated mods and my god LE runs like hot garbage when you load a few intensive mods into it. I have a 500 plugin SE game that has crashed twice yet can hardly play LE with 50 plugins.
  9. That's all good, It was quite an easy conversion, think it took me all of 2 minutes once I figured it out 😀
  10. KyneBlessing20210131 SE. Should be working now. Haven't tested too far but, no CTD's anymore. 426577500_KynesBlessing20210131SE.rar
  11. I attempted to convert the mod to SSE myself, I was successful for the most part, yet the game crashes when I get anywhere near the woman who starts the quest line for all the Chaurus stuff. I believe it may just be due to her meshes being broken. If I can get it working Ill post it here.
  12. First up I would like to say I like the premise of this mod, but I feel it needs a lot of work. There are so many quests with seemingly a random amount of markers or no markers at all, a good example is the dragon born quest to find 5 cultists, there is no indicator to where they are only 5 locations the player may not have found. Even once you get to these locations the "cultist" isn't marked out, I failed to find any of them. This makes for a really hard time completing quests. I don't know if you're going for some kind of minimal guidance thing but it doesn't really work when the grammar i
  13. So I can't dismiss Garona the Insatiable, is this a bug or a feature? I've had to disable her for the time being.
  14. I've noticed that this mod has recently started causing massive frame rate slow downs and chugging in my game, its pretty much random and haven't noticed it when the mod isn't installed.
  15. Ahhhh thank you so much, that makes the mod playable.
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