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  1. This happens in the SE version. The mod that allows NPC's to have sex is likely Sexlab Approach, the Japanese version translated to English.
  2. I'm enjoying this mod a lot. I do have one quibble and this was also in "The Milkmaid." The invisible character "You" is necessary for the conversations to work, but "You" can also interact with other NPC's. It's especially off putting when "You" starts having sex with one of your followers. Is there some way to put "You" off limits?
  3. I don't think I sounded that threatening in my reply, though.
  4. I've just noticed on the Nexus's CBBE SMP page, they've added a plugin that gets rid of this problem.
  5. I had that problem with the mod "More Tavern Idles". I found that using these idles would cause the breasts to react as you describe, possibly due collisions with the furniture since the stretching started after the NPCs used an alchemical table or sat down. Adding the mod "Furniture height size fix enhanced" fixed it for me. Just a suggestion.
  6. I did the animation myself a long time ago. I thought it added a bit extra to the concept. I found the clothing also in those mods mentioned, but I figured since these were in a different directory, there would be different mod for them. By any chance, would the mods you mention have a chance of the PC being infected by the creatures? That's what I remember from 10 years ago.
  7. I found these old files from my devel directory and they peaked my interest, seeing how I'm doing an Oblivion play through right now. I did some editing and added some animations to the critters on the body. The files are in meshes\qb\hitode and meshes\qb\mushroom. I can't find the mod that they belong to though. Any ideas? I've gone through LoversCreatures 2.0 and found some anim files for mushrooms and hitodes, but I don't think these files belong to that mod. QB.rar The nifs hitodecore_fL.nif and mushroomcore_fL.nif are the animated ones, if you want to check th
  8. Sometimes I have more fun trouble shooting than actually playing the game.
  9. A madman might have tried checking the "Debug enabled" option, then clicking on another page and going back.
  10. Overwrite your current profile.json with the original? Simply delete your current profile.json?
  11. I have this problem, but only with the lover level dialogs. I'm using a .dll called Alternate Conversation Camera. When I remove that, everything works. Are you using this mod or something similar? Sorry, I can't help more than that.
  12. You may be right. I don't think I've seen a comment on that one way or the other.
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