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  1. Another small preview for the upcoming Riften Events. Preliminary patreon version will be up this weekend. Will include a non-lethal butthole-widening outcome as well.
  2. Good to know. cant have An important whipping task be interrupted by a lowly skewer. I´ll give the Jailors a bit of bonus damage against these critters in the next update so he can just fucking nuke them and proceed with whipping.
  3. probably somewhere next month. its not even finished yet. yeah, lets you pop of heads at will I know the animation you are talking about, but it has this big pedestal as part of the animation, which makes it poorly suited to be integrated in any working device. Yes, I know how to remove animObjects, but I´d still have to correct the offsets of the Actors to have the stay on the ground. And doing that would be more effort than just redoing the animations from scratch.
  4. When you get the SS++ outcome, the players inventory will be returned before the SS event is called. What happens after that, I dont know. Youd have to ask Hexbolt for that.
  5. Im not entirely sure if this approach would hold up when the cell unloads. In fact, I really doubt it. I wouldnt waste any effort on this Idea. Just out of curiosity, whtas the problem with ai-packages?
  6. you mean something like the nevernude body replacers? that already exists.
  7. As long as these cages a re placed on Navmesh, the will see a valid path to walk away. And if not, the game will eventually reset them onto a navmeshed place. So in short, No. without ai packages, it wont work.
  8. I didn't make any changes to the scripts or the esp. If functionality changed for you, there is some other reason. I not a big fan of NFF, so im not entirely sure how it works, but since the chopping block checks for the Vanilla follower, I dont think NFF managed NPC´s wouldnt even be considered followers Notes: -The Thing prefers Guards over regular NPC´s, but other than that, the selection is random. -Assigning keywords with SSedit or whatever wont designate NPC´s for specific Roles. If you are referring to this One: Thats not related to the Animation. Its a regular weapon from "Immersive Weapons". I just had my char stand there without using the Block. Easiest way to switch out the Axe within the Animation would be to switch out the actual .nif for the Executioners Axe. (Or the corresponding AnimObject)
  9. Its used as an Alias Keyword by the preSelector quest. (Which is part of the 2-Stage Actor Filter) If you assign this to anything, it will always be considered a valid actor, completely ignoring any settings. @stillnofunnylogin, Other than that detail, pinkfluff is spot on. Using the "setPlayerTeammate 1" command on the follower will make him visible as a follower.
  10. Not even remotely. Run FNIS, that should do the trick. If that doesn't work, you placed the cross on a non-navmeshed position. Try putting it somewhere where NPC can reach.
  11. @donttouchmethere, I kinda have to agree here. I mean, without a mod that actually DOES something with a locked player, I don't see much point in having this feature. You walk up to a random zap furniture, get locked, and then... ? Do you see the Problem?
  12. Not entirely outside the Realm of possibilities, but I doubt that those with the skill to make armors will bother themselves with Creation club stuff.
  13. The torturing racks and the Impaler have no functionality yet, and therefore have no scripts attached to them. So there's nothing holding the NPC inside. Same is true for Zap furnitures. If you are curious: The Guillloutine uses the unconscious state. The Crucifier uses a dedicated AI package. I was at some point working on a small mod which allows applying this locking feature to generic/Zap furniture, but I believe there are other mods which do something very similar. Bad ends Windhelm works perfectly fine with NPC´s. you just have to know the correct console command 😛 Bad ends Riften has this as well. Even built in a natural trigger for NPC Execution.
  14. Also busy with an independent Unreal4 project, but yes. Without some dedicated Animations, there´s not point in continuing the Impaler. While I CAN make animations myself, I have very little love for it and it would take unreasonable amounts of time. Time better spend on the aforementioned "Bad Ends Reveived" mods.
  15. Should be rather easy. 1. You need a prison that can be used by the vanilla prison system (needs one of the vanilla beds or Hay Piles and a Prison door), 2. in the same room, you need to place these items which are provided by PA: Wall Shackles, Whipping Marker, Follower inventory box. This should enable all player features, but the Detention systems (follower stays in cage) would require some changes on my end. Feel free to pm me if you need additional help.
  16. Well, If you are into realistic looking children, that's your thing. but you wont find it on this site because we have rules against this certain type of fetish.
  17. There is no support for Anything DD related. I just suggested that because someone was asking for some features which are already covered by DF. But I dont plan to replicate that in PA. Read the compatibility section. Follower Overhauls other than EFF are not supported. Already answered that post and gave a reason why i wont implement that.
  18. stuff like ankle or wrist cuffs don't use Bodyslides. So Im not sure what you mean with that. If you still have the missing texture bug, some other mod is overwriting the .nif for the Ankle chains.
  19. Using a clone should be fine. As far as I remember, the mod doesn't make any changes to the ActorBase.
  20. I would argue that a simple nude mod would be way to basic as to illicit a reaction from most of the folks on this site, but maybe I´m just spoiled. So do I. Thats why you can filter by genre. I always search within the "Action" category. There are even some decent 3D games there. Heck Yes. If you find something there thats still pixelated, its usually an artistic choice. Fair Point. I retire my case.
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