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  1. On the way back to Markath, Maer's Master says "you need to bring in more money. 1 000 septims by tonight. If you don't have it, we can take it out of your share of the party funds." "Yes Master." Originally, when they'd first partnered, before she was a slave, Maer had borrowed some money for spellbooks from her now-Master. She'd also agreed that he was entitled to a daily rate of pay out of the party funds. After a little while Maer agreed to let her friend hold the money - it was quite heavy - and manage it for her. That way she could focus on her magic studies. It had worked out great, because the money they made from adventuring was more than enough to cover any outlays, and Maer generated even more cash from her potion-making. Generously - and with a playful smile - her friend had also added money to her share whenever she agreed to one of his "deals" as he called them - the various piercings and the "I'm a slut" game and so on. Jokingly he'd added that if she ever got into the negatives with her money, she could always take more "deals" to make up for it. It'd never been topical, though, because the cashflow was good - even when Lydia and Leona starting collecting their respective shares. Now, however, her Master is demanding money from her since she is his slave. And when she doesn't have it, he just takes it from her share. Now, they are still making some money adventuring, and Maer is still been making some potions but this trip to the Reach has not been super profitable all up. Between that and her Master's demands, Maer is suddenly getting dangerously close to the negatives. She wonders if that whole "deals" thing still applies. Such are Maer's thoughts as they enter Markath, until she is interrupted by an approaching guard. "You there! Come with me for a search." Of course he picks Maer. It isn't unusual for guards to pick on Maer like that, but usually she is able to sweet talk her way out of it. Not this time. The search is very thorough. He inserts his fingers into her vagina, allegedly looking for contraband. He tugs at her clit-piercing a few times, which can't have anything to do with hidden goods. Maer tries not to respond, but she can't stop a tiny moan from escaping her lips. The guard chuckles. "Ah so you like that!" He curls his finger, probing deeper until he finds the right place. He starts rhythmically stimulating her g-spot. At the same time, using the lubrication from her pussy, the guard inserts first one then two fingertips into her ass;. Maer tries to resist but it's hard not to move her hips to the guard's rhythm, to squeeze a little more sensation out of each stroke. She is moaning too, ever so lightly, in time with the finger fucking. Suddenly the guard stops and says "alright we're done." She gasps indignantly, briefly frustrated that she is denied an orgasm. Then she remembers where she is. "May I go now," she asks sullenly. "Sure. One thing before you go... how much for a proper fuck?" "I'm not a prostitute," she retorts with some heat, though she quickly catches her Master's eye. He just gives her a wink and a bit of a smile. Apparently he's enjoying himself. "Could've fooled me," says the guard cheerfully. As she leaves, he smacks her ass playfully. Welcome back to Markath! They bring Fjotra to the Dibellan Temple, where praise and rewards are lavished on Maer's Master for the heroic rescue. As a special favour to him, they allow Maer to remain an acolyte. Normally only free women may belong to the Sisterhood. It is, naturally, understood that she will not be initiated into any significant mysteries. She will, however, be allowed to study the various Dibellan arts so that she may please her Master better (and, of course, anyone else he tells her to please). Maer's Master fucks her. As they're going at it he tells her "when I'm done with you, you're going to go whore yourself out and make me some money." "What do you... UNH!" Her words are interrupted by her Master thrusting into her, hard. "Please," she pleads. "Don't make me do that... UNhhh!" He's got her pinned down on the floor. "Tell you what. If you can control yourself and not have an orgasm..." "Unnnngghhh," says Maer. He's hit the right rhythm now. He knows her body well. "If you don't, I'll let you off the hook tonight." "Oh... oh... oh... kay!" she gasps. She's already right at the threshold. She struggles to hold back. "Oh.... nghhh.... ooooh... mmmmh...." It's not working. Slowly but surely she is building towards it. It's only getting more intense because she's trying to hold back. "Face it. You're a whore." His words are almost tender as he increases the frequency and force of his thrusts. He places his hand over her gasping mouth, muffling her screams just a little bit as he brings her to a writhing, twitching climax. Her Master finishes, then gets up, smiling. "I guess that settles it. You're a whore. You came even harder because you were thinking about it." Maer is still sprawled on the ground, legs wide and eyes closed, gasping for her breath. That was intense. "Yes Master," she whispers "I'm a whore." Eventually she picks herself off the ground, cleans up a bit, and starts wandering around the inn they're staying at looking for... for... customers. Though Maer's mind reels at having sex with strangers like this, her body still responds. She has orgasm after orgasm and it leaves her reeling. After a while she can barely walk or think straight,. She is exhausted mentally and physically. Still, she keeps going. After a while she's basically completely useless. Eventually, she's asked every man in the inn to fuck her. Some agreed, others pitied her. However, her Master gave her a quota and she's one short, so Maer ventures into the night streets of Markath. It doesn't take too long before she finds a guard who's up for a fuck. "Oh it's you," he says, "the whore who's not a whore." He laughs and smacks her ass. "I guess I was right after all." [Maer's stats with debuffs from wear, tear, and orgasm exhaustion:] The next morning, Maer's Master asks Lydia "do you think my little whore has learned her lesson? Do you detect any insolence about her still?" Lydia walks up to Maer, looking her up and down. She smiles, pauses, savouring the moment as Maer avoids her eyes. She puts her hand on Maer's chin, forcing it up. "Look at me," she says. Maer meets Lydia's eyes, trying not to flinch at the warrior's hard stare. "Yes, she still has an air of insolence about her my Thane. I have no doubt." Maer tries to keep any emotions from her face. Maybe she glares at Lydia just a little bit, but Lydia just laughs derisively. "I agree," says her Master. "Just look at her reaction." "Alright," he continues. "We're leaving Markath today. Slave. We're going to walk around a bit, and you will humiliate yourself in front of strangers. You'll lick their shoes, you'll tell them how much you like to fuck, that sort of thing. What do you think, slave, will it help improve you?" "I don't know, Master," she says. He laughs. "Well you obviously need something to improve your attitude based on that answer. Let's go." When Maer has been sufficiently degraded, they leave the city. Maer is instructed to offer her body in exchange for a wagon, but he driver will have none of it. As they move along the roads, Leona remarks to Lydia: "the girl returns to Whiterun in a different state, I'd say. And with less clothes too." "I reckon that's why the Thane brought her to Markath in the first place. To break her in," says Lydia. "What? This whole thing was planned all along?" Maer wonders. As usual she doesn't speak, but she does look questioningly at her Master. He just smiles and gives her a wink before turning away.
  2. If you're using Radiant Prostitution - In the MCM there's a setting that allows you leave the inn in search of customers (I think it's "restrict to city" or something like that). Switch that, leave the inn, and wander the street for customers if everyone in the inn has rejected you. If you don't have Radiant Prostitution, maybe that's the reason non prospective clients agree?
  3. Thanks for the feedback I really wanted to play her as a healer, but I haven't come across a single healing spellbook yet, so no dice. The poor girl hasn't had much luck with the spells so far.
  4. While Maer is allowed to wear clothes now she makes sure to strip naked whenever she asks her Master how she may serve him. She does this to show her submission, of course, but also in the hope that he won't take away her clothes (and especially her boots) again. It seems to be working. "Slave, your fighting has been more effective recently." "Thank you Master." "I didn't say it was a good thing." "..." "You exist to get fucked." "Yes Master." "Yes what?" "I exist to get fucked, Master." "That's right. And to amuse me. And to serve me. To carry things, cook, and set up camp. Not to fight." "Yes Master, I exist to amuse..." *SLAP!* "Don't talk so much or you'll get the gag again." "..." "Still... as long as you're being obedient, you may fight. Just don't get in the way." "..." "But don't get any ideas above your station. You're a fuck-slave, nothing more. To help you remember that, you'll be wearing a rope harness from now on." "Thank you Master! I won't forget! I'm a fuck-slave! Your fuck-slave, Master!" Maer is genuinely pleased with the outcome of the conversation. She is still allowed to fight and her Master didn't take away her boots. The rope harness doesn't matter. At this point she's gotten so used to her slave existence that wearing bondage and restrictive equipment doesn't bother her at all - especially when it doesn't actually interfere with anything. Maer's Master turns to the future Sybil of Dibella - her name is Fjotra. "My slave is a devotee of Dibella in her own way. She doesn't understand much of it, of course, but she really does enjoy fucking." "I see," says Fjotra. She is uncertain. "I honestly don't know much about the Goddess or the Temple yet... I suppose I'm to be instructed once we reach Markath." "Probably. Just don't listen to anything this dumb slut tells you before then" - he nuzzles Maer's head roughly like you would a dog's - "I'd hate for you to get your head filled with nonsense or worse before the Sisters can teach you." Fjotra nods, eyeing Maer with a mixture of distrust, pity, and curiosity. Over the next little, whenever Maer's Master humiliates or degrades her (a little more frequently and severely now) Fjotra seems to be close at hand. Is deliberate on his part, or is it Fjotra who makes sure she doesn't miss out? Maer doesn't really have the time to consider it as she continually scrambles to obey her master. Part of Maer had hoped that taking part in the rescue of the future Sybil would reflect positively on her in the Sybil's eyes, but that is not how it turns out. They don't take a direct route back. Apparently, Maer's Master has other things to attend to before he heads to Markath. "When do you think we'll get to Markath," asks the future Sybil. "I don't know, my Lady," replies Lydia, "but you'll get there in one piece, don't worry. We'll protect you." "Thank you Lydia. I have a question..." "Yes?" "Your Thane said his slave... he said she volunteered to become a slave? That she wants to be treated like that... is that true?" They were talking about Maer as if she wasn't there. Of course, she was a slave and should talk until spoken too but it was still weird. "Yes, I'd say it's true." Was it? In a way it was. When her Master put the collar on her and called her "slave" she didn't say no, not even once. He didn't force her. She had called him Master first qn. Why was that? "How can that be," asked Fjotra. "How can anyone let themselves be treated like...like... this?" She gestures vaguely towards Maer, a look of intermingled disgust, pity, and wonder on her face. Lydia shrugs. "Who can say? But I know it's true. If you watch, you'll see it too. That one... she wants to be treated like... well, like the way she's being treated." Fjotra seems to take Lydia's "if you watch" to heart. Whenever her Master fucks Maer, or punishes her, or humiliates her, Fjotra is right there taking it all in. It's a bit creepy, but Maer finds it turns her on too. Maybe Lydia is right. Maybe Maer really enjoys the degradation on some level. She hasn't tried to fight back, that's for sure. Maer's thoughts are interrupted as her Master beckons. She rushes over, eager and weary in equal parts. Fjotra, of course, is watching. Leona joins Maer and her Master for a threesome after a hard fought battle (one where Maer's orgasm fatigue meant she couldn't concentrate much on casting any spells). This is a first, as Leona mostly fucks Lydia and occasionally hatefucks Maer. She has not, until now, had intercourse with the Thane. Maer had wondered if Leona was only to women. Apparently not. And, of course, Fjotra keeps close taking in every detail. Perhaps that curiosity is part of what makes her the next Sybil. Interestingly, Leona ends up in a position in the middle - with Leona's face buried between Maer's wet labia at one point - that Maer would normally expect to find herself in. Her Master considers it more degrading that way - he's said so more than once when Maer's been between him and Lydia - and Maer agrees. But maybe Leona does not? Maer knows better than to ask her, though. Maer has yet another success! After several more nights of study, after everyone has been taken care of, she finally manages to master the Pale Shadow spell. Later, they attack a bandit camp for whatever reason. Maer is never quite sure why some bandits are enemies and others are not. That's her Master's business. The funny thing is that when they find the bandit camp, the bandits are in the process of - unsuccessfully - defending against a pack of marauding sabre cats. The group piles in during the chaos, to finish the bandits and the cats. At this point, Maer casts Pale Shadow a couple of times on the sabre cats, and they go down quite fast. "I have to admit, that was effective," says Leona. "And you didn't get in the way or put yourself in danger." "Thank you," says Maer meekly, though she can't suppress a small smile. "Maybe I'll let you lick my pussy later." She doesn't say that, but she thinks it. That is part of why she's smiling. Maer's Master notices her smile. "Slave." She scrambles to his side and assumes the position, her demeanour immediately submissive. "Yes Master?" "Remove your clothes." She strips without a word. "Leona, would you say this slave was insolent? The way she looked at you?" "Yes. Without a doubt." "Slave. You will not wear clothes again. It is obviously bad for your attitude." "No! Please! At least let me..." Maer starts, but a hard look from her Master stops her mid sentence. "Think carefully about what you're trying to say," he says. "... yes Master. Thank you." She needs to make up for her outburst. "... at least let me suck your cock." "No," he says and returns to his conversation with Lydia. When his back is turned, Maer shoots Leona a glare. She winks and smiles, enjoying Maer's discomfort. "Don't forget. You owe me," says Leona. Maer is considering whether to respond and worrying about what Leona might do when her Master gives the order to move out. With a sigh, Maer picks up her heavy backpack. As they travel the others - including Fjotra - make a game of smacking Maer's ass and telling her to run. She's not quite sure what the rules of the game are, all she knows is that she's running while they laugh. Leona, of course, slaps the hardest and sometimes her tits too. It's a long trip back to Markath, especially in bare feet.
  5. I've had a few people ask about the mods used for the Maer playthrough. Rather than put them in comments or direct messages I'm posting them here. I have the complete load order at the end of the post if you want to read through it, but I can talk a bit about the key mods (since I have some mods installed but disabled in the MCM, installed but never really used, or installed but something's wrong somewhere so I never see them in action). Looking at it, it looks like I have some random Flower Girls thing there that I should probably take out since I'm using Sex Lab. Obviously I have Sex Lab, a bunch of animations and so on (SLSO, Sex Lab Aroused, Blush When Aroused, Drip When Aroused, SLEN) installed. I also have some historical/ realistic weapons and armour because that's the way my tastes run, CBBE, 3BBE, HDT-SMP, various body textures on so on. If you're curious about any of it, feel free to ask in the comments. The core of the playthrough, however is Sex Lab Survival (source of barefoot speed debuff, orgasm fatigue, misogynistic low carrying capacity and lessened damage, horniness for spell casting (IIRC), and Septims with actual weight), Devious Followers Continued (starting out the relationship), Submissive Lola (turned on manually once DFC hit some roleplaying triggers I defined), and Sex Lab Solutions. Apropos2 adds sex wear and tear debuffs, and Spank That Ass adds to (or rather subtracts from) DFC willpower so that matters too. Sex Lab Adventure is also in there, but not doing much in this playthrough. Once I did some of the Dibella Quests I also turned on Dibella's Blessing manually. I have Wintersun Faiths, and Wintersun for SL. I do have Frostfall enabled, but turned down to minimum exposure. Sex Lab Survival (IIRC) has a setting to give some help against hypothermia which I've cranked up. I've also used Frostfall's debug MCM to make some of my random items acccesories that provide legendary protection against cold/ rain. My goal here is to make the weather something that I worry about a bit (especially staying out all night), but avoid the mad scramble to stay indoors all the time that I find I get from regular Frostfall. To keep the game low powered I have Slow Levelling, Sleep to Level, No Starting Spells, Immersive Spell Learning cranked to max, and Rare Spell Tomes. I have Wildcat Combat, but it seems mostly to add a bit more impact to getting hurt. Oh, I also have Radiant Prostitution in case Maer needed to make some money in the early game by selling her body and dignity. She didn't need to, but it also integrates very nicely with Submissive Lola so who knows..... Complete Load Order in Spoiler Block:
  6. As they walk through the cold misty morning of the Reach, Maer's Master amuses himself - and Lydia and Leona - by triggering the vibrating gem on her clit piercing. "That should get your blood flowing and keep your warm." "Gngh! Pfhsss kngh knnn! Pfshss!" "I think she wants you to keep going," laughs Leona. Maer knows her Master has a bunch of business to take care off. He spoke to the Jarl of the Reach about something, and there is also the matter of the new - and apparently missing - Sybil of Dibella. Is there also something about a mine? About two mines? And some bandits? And some other stuff? Maer tried to keep on top of it, but the way her Master keeps her oscillating between pain, arousal, humiliation and orgasm makes it hard for her to focus on anything other than the moment. Right, they had already finished with one mine.... Later, Maer's Master negotiates a peaceful resolution to a mining dispute. As part of sealing the deal, he offers her body up to the leader of some mercenaries. "She's an acolyte of Dibella," her Master says. "She is trained in secret love making techniques, and she spends hours every day to make sure she's soft and supple for your pleasure... and you can do whatever you want to her." The mercenary leader doesn't seem to care, preferring a rough hatefuck. Afterwards her Master tells Maer "say thank you!" "Tnkkffh!" As the mercenaries depart they make some snide comments to Leona and Lydia. Something about how they should learn from Maer. It does not go over well, and Lydia and Leona are ready to get into it with the mercenaries right then and there. Leona, in particular, is quite worked up about it. "If you compare me to that whore again I'll cut your cock off and shove it down your gullet, understand?" There's a moment of tension where the mercenaries seem to consider whether to push it one step further. Is one more misogynistic joke worth the risk of a fight? In the end they decide against and depart without further words. Since becoming a slave, Maer's existence has been defined by humiliation, pain, and sexual ecstasy. Her body is constantly aching from the rough usage at the hands of her Master and the others, but she has grown used to it in a way. Now she's experiencing another level of exhaustion. Her orgasms have been intense enough - and more importantly frequent enough - that the post-orgasmic quivering and lack of focus extends for hours rather than minutes. If she was relaxing on a bed, dozing by the fireplace, or otherwise able to indulge herself it'd be very pleasant - but it makes it much harder to think clearly when hauling a heavy load on the road and attending to her Master's whims. "How's the gag treating you? Is your jaw sore?" "Hhhff!" "Would you like me to take it off?" "Hhhff! Pfffhh!" "Oh really? I'm surprised, but if you say so I'll leave it on for a while longer." "Nnnnghghg! Tttfhfsngtff pffhh!" In spite of the weariness and the jaw pain, Maer has a success. She finds that using a ward spell in one hand and frostbite in the other, she can take out a single opponent with little risk of getting hurt. Especially if she gets the drop on them, but even if she doesn't. "Well, done Maer," says Lydia. "That was a fast kill.." "Hmmf," says Leona. "I don't know why you indulge her. It's a pointless risk. The Thane doesn't want his little hussy to get herself killed." Maer thinks some uncharitable thoughts about Leona. She doesn't say them out loud, of course. Even if she didn't have a piece of wood in her mouth, she wouldn't dare. The gag is finally removed, but Maer's jaw remains sore. Still, it's nice to be able to talk, even if she's taken the lesson to remain quiet as much as possible. They still send Maer ahead to continues in her role as a forward scout. This gives her the opportunity to take out another lone sentry by herself. Maer tries not to look too proud - she's pretty sure her Master would use that as a reason to teach her a lesson - but she is proud nonetheless. The one problem with her new technique is - as she's finding - channeling Magicka makes Maer really horny. When she gets too horny, it affects her concentration. On the other hand, if she has sex the mental and physical fatigue from additional orgasms makes things more difficult also. Of course, one of the things about being a slave - a sex slave, as her Master reminds her frequently - is that she doesn't get to decide when, where, or whom she fucks. So it would be a difficult decision for Maer to make if she got to make it in the first place. But she doesn't. As the day goes on Maer services her Master several times, and Lydia has a bit of fun too. Once, after fucking her Master one more time, Maer gets up the nerve to ask if she can wear her clothes. To her relief he says yes. It's almost weird to be dressed again, she's gotten used to being naked. What she really appreciates, however, is being allowed to wear her boots again. Running barefoot in the jagged Skyrim landscape slows her down, so footwear really helps. This, in turn, leads Maer to be even a little bolder with the lone sentries she comes across. One time, she manages to take out a sentry with a one-hit assassination style sword kill. It's a glorious feeling, even if the risk-taking also leads Maer to take a bit more of a beating at times. Finally they clear out the last opponent and locate the future Sybil of Dibella. Maer isn't sure if they'd told her already but she'd been too scattered to pay proper attention, or whether they'd just not bothered to tell her. In either case, Maer is happy that they found the Sybil. They celebrate in their now traditional way - with a good fuck. Maer is pleased that her Master fucks her while Lydia and Leona do their own thing. The orgasm fatigue is getting pretty heavy at this point, though, but hopefully a good night's sleep will cure it. [spoiler contains game pop-up with game stat information]
  7. You don't start it, your character's master does. But to try to be more helpful: I just had it happen in my game and I think the relevant conditions were: not in a town or dungeon and having close to maximum encumbrance. Not sure if there are any other requirements. But I'd been running around carrying a lot for quite a while, so I think the percentage likelihood of triggering is pretty low.
  8. This problem was with non-DD devices - more specifically the "light" devices that were packaged with Submissive Lola. DD devices work fine. In this case it might be (and this is pure speculation here) that the SubLola devices blocked animations but failed to pick and alternative one, where the DD devices provided an appropriate alternative?
  9. Regarding the gag at 6 hours, I think that's a solid move, especially since DD gags prevent eating and drinking. That has - as you say - the potential to be a pretty big deal for people who use different needs mods. My work around has been to put the DD gag on with a manipulated lock and take it off and eat very quickly when necessary; but actually being locked out from eating (maybe with a begging "please let me eat/ drink" dialogue option) is more immersive for sure. My current playthrough has Submissive Lola as a driving force right now, and it is really good. I have a few edge case situations and suggestions to make. This is offered without any sort of expectation, but just as some ideas and observations in case it is useful to you moving forward HexBolt8. I've had a few funny (as in, requiring reload/ debug resolution) interactions with other mods. I've had "Time to Relax" tie me up in a way that stripped off my backpack (from Hunterborn IIRC), which combined with the SL Surivival bare feet speed debuff meant I couldn't actually move due to being over-encumbered now - so other than dropping stuff (most of which I couldn't really drop in a plausible way), I couldn't actually return to civilization. It was fixable by temporarily switching MCM settings for Survival, but it was kind of funny. It was even more hilarious because the "wilderness" I was in was the Cidhna mine where I'd been taken by the guards for a body search while entering the city to begin with. Body Search in particular plays a bit of havoc with some of the quests that require you to do stuff inside the city when taken to Cidhna mine - but maybe that's a Body Search issue not a Lola one. It was even more hilarious, though, because I also had the prostitution event running and was getting in trouble for having left the city before finishing the job. I think my character was getting zapped pretty hard trying to make it out of the mine before she died. Though like I said, that's probably more of a Body Search issue where it takes you "outside the city" for the search. On a different note, if there's a way to add some sort of consequence for acting on the "I want you to urinate" event in inappropriate places (like, say inside peoples houses when they see you) that'd be cool. My character just urinated inside the Temple of Dibella (where she's an acolyte), and I think it would be awesome if there was some sort of consequence for that - maybe someone yelling at you, or a small bounty added or something.
  10. Another question - I have your SLSLolaPatch which I used with Submissive Lola 1.1 and SL Survival .623. Is it still required for the Nov 20 patch of Submissive Lola (which I'll be using with SL Survival .629)?
  11. That sounds pretty cool and I'm happy to try it out at some point. Thanks for the work! Would you mind giving a bit more detail regarding the permanent components of "Enough is Enough" and "Marked Property" (perhaps in spoiler block for those who'd like to discover through play)? Personally I'm pretty picky about skin markings and about permanent effects on my characters, so I'd like to have an idea what I'm signing up for. EDIT: I would recommend you rename your file something like KalmahLolaDemo or something like that, because demo is wonderfully undescriptive
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