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What do you wish you could do in Skyrim?

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20 minutes ago, NikiRandom said:

One thing I would actually really like, would be if backpacks and pouches etc were more like real life. 

i.e. a separate inventory so you can put items specifically in your backpack and when you take your backpack off, all the items stay in it.

A mod like that exists




Although when I used it I also downloaded one of the more lore friendly looking BP mods to use their mesh/textures

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Having been playing TW3 recently (I never bothered finishing it when it first came out) so what I would like isn't so much to have Skyrim more like TW3 (since there is close to 5yrs seperating them, that wouldn't be realistic) but have the TW3 to have the freedom of Skyrim. To create your own Character and legend.


I might yet get my Wish there, since I'd heard CD P. Red are planning another Fantasy RPG and have confirmed there is another Witcher game coming, that will not involve Geralt.

Given how CP2077 handles player characters I am hopeful.


As for Skyrim... So many things, most have actually been made into mods but as mods they come with their own, unavoidable, issues and foibles.

I would really like for the SL expressions to be able to use RM sliders more. Such as using their expression sliders, opening eyes wider and crossing eyes. Kinda minor in the scheme of things but it was a mod I looked for without success.

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Attributes like in Morrowind for me and all NPCs and creatures, spellmaking, more skills, Morrowind enchanting, Dark Souls combat, more dialogue options where my speechcraft matters so I don't have to be like "DURRRR DOOD I HIT THINGS HARD, DRAGON BAD".


There are some mods that kinda do that, but it's Skyrim so shit gets broken all the time.

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4 hours ago, Mez558 said:

A mod like that exists




Although when I used it I also downloaded one of the more lore friendly looking BP mods to use their mesh/textures

That looks like the kind of thing : )   Would be nice to have it built into the game mechanics but I'll give that a go. I'm already up to 258 mods on this playthrough but I guess one more won't hurt lol.

Cheers : )

Oh, doesn't seem to be available for SE. That's a pity. I'll download it anyway and perhaps see if I can make it work sometime.

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Dialogue text system akin to Morrowind, with room for extensive information and a wiki-like topic system. Christ; short, voice-acted lines by a small pool of voice actors is the most immersion-breaking part of Skyrim by far.

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On 4/26/2020 at 1:29 PM, NikiRandom said:

An option to approach a bard and say "I will pay you to stfu".

There used to be one that did that "Bards Play Only on Request" but alas it is gone now. There are several other options out now but I have found that none of them completely work (for me at least). I don't want background instrumentals or just the sound muted I want those a**holes to STFU so the patrons will pay attention to my dancing prostitute. Also most of those bards are just as annoying as f*** anyway.


On 4/26/2020 at 3:10 AM, NikiRandom said:

Play a game from start to finish with all the mods that I like working well, and not crashing the adventure irreparably somewhere around level 15/20 : )

Hell yeah I second that. I have way more hours in this game than I would like to admit but not just because I am enjoying the crap out of it but because of this kind of shit. The game crashes super hard "uninstall and reinstall" start over again. Spend time picking and choosing the right combination of mods that get along, tweak the settings to get them just right and play until level 30 or so. Hell after my forced upgrade from windows 7 to 10 the list of mods that had been working fine through 3 reinstalls wont function together anymore (even though they have all been updated).

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Some sort of lineage mod. You have kids with your waifu/husbando, you pass on your traits/perks to them, you get older, they grow up. Before you know it your character's dead from old age and you resume playing through one of your offspring, continuing your legacy.

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