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  1. After building 50+ internal cells, and a countless number of external cells, and discovering how easy it is to landscape and build cities and castles with the CK, I can't fail to notice how mediocre the Skyrim modding scene have become. And like you said, we can't blame Bethesda for it. In fact, Bethesda did their best to make modding a pleasurable experience, so far that the CK have become a building game for me.
  2. ENB (which was primarily designed for racing games) removes features from the face, like pores, for example. So you cant just say it was the texture author. He might have put a lot of detail in the skin, but ENBs will wash it, giving that plastic feel.
  3. I dont see any "tragedy" in what happened with CDPR. It was just a natural consequence of a imposed consensus which plagues the game industry right now. It started with the graphics, which are becoming worse and worse each year. You have chromatic aberration, depth of field and motion blur, which 30% of player population is sensitive to. You also have a yellow-purple filter with low contrast, which makes any game bland and apathic. These features are forced down your throat, and most new games dont have a way to disable them (and when they do, they dont disable them entirely), so the ide
  4. The Nexus search engine is completely bugged, if not broken. Some time ago there was a rumour their search engine was biased towards endorsements, so if your search terms didnt include words in the title of the mod, the mod would not appear in the results, if it had a low endorsement ratio (something like below 5% of the number of unique downloads). I found Enhanced Landscapes using the duck, instead of the Nexus search engine, and it is a high profile mod, with thousands of endorsements. However, it have less than 5% of the number of unique downloads. This made me suspicious the r
  5. Hi. I was testing this mod, and the "Less Darker Pube Textures" are the same files from the default package. I checked them on GIMP, and there are no differences between them.
  6. There is a issue in the site structure where, when you update a description for a mod, the site updates the mod as if it had a new file entry. This is happening in the files page and in the forum section, but not in the file list. This might mislead players to re-download the mod, thinking it was updated, when in fact it wasn't.
  7. There is no update. I only removed a link from the description.
  8. Like I said, here is a picture from a game already following Cyberpunk2077 graphical design: Its not only ugly, its painful to look at. Worse, there are people who thinks this is "realistic". There is a reason why more and more people are sticking with old games.
  9. I always used the old one, but in that one, you had to tell the follower to go back home, else he would keep following you, instead of travelling on his own. Were you able to fix this?
  10. I'm looking for a mod that have only the SexLab camera (currently attribute to "B" key). I searched the entire website but didnt find it.
  11. 😃😃😃 LOL 😃😃😃 Look at the video. The old game is more polished and beautiful than the new one. And the traffic works. Cyberpunk2077 is objectively ugly, and it will set the trend for the times to come. Indie games will have cellphone graphics, while AAA games will try to follow Cyberpunk2077 graphical design. What a bleak future videogames have now.
  12. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/the-elder-scrolls-6-ps5-xbox-one-series-x-open-world/ I doubt it will be better than Witcher 3, but it would be cool if Todd removed the plugin structure and the SDK. With Witcher 3, I just unpacked the mods in a folder and that was it. But with Skyrim, I spend a entire week for a installation, just to be running in circles around boring Whiterun. Two weeks ago I had a argument with one of Nexus snowflakes about it. In my view, the SDK should be dumped, and instead of plugins, TES VI could use something more simple, like in Witcher 3. A
  13. The "decimation protocol" started in the Nexus. I extended it to LL as a warning to the last two mods left in the server. I left the Skyrim modding community, and every mod I'm making now is private. I could just have deleted everything, and also the account. But I'm keeping the mods in the server. Mods not wanted by the community will be deleted. In LL this is measured by endorsements.
  14. I'm neutral about this purchase. Personally, I think that Bethesda should focus in DOOM, and release a new title each 2-3 years. I think that Bethesda should forget about TES VI. Instead, ZOS should focus in a ESO II title, which could fix the horrible rotation-based combat. If ESO have true melee, and graphics are on par with at least BDO, I would be satisfied. The single player Elder Scrolls series should be abandoned. Just look at Skyrim. What is the use of having a powerful SDK, if most mods are retextures or armors? Yesterday I came across a term which literally
  15. https://www.cbr.com/bethesda-obsidian-rivalry-revealed/ The crucial point for me is if it have something similar to Bodyslide (big tits and asses) and CBP (moving tits and asses). If there is no support for these tools, then the game will fall flat, as it happens with any other generic RPG. Other thing to consider, is that Obsidian was bought by Microsoft. Even if they aren't woke at heart, they will be forced to follow the leftist agenda, delivering ugly women as a result. They might kill TES VI, though, as Bethesda will surely compete as to which company is more
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