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  1. Make sure no other mods are overwriting your changes. I had a look at 1D984 (Outfit_Raider). It's being templated on the raiders via LCharRaiderMixedEquipment. LCharRaiderMixedEquipment links indirectly (2 leveledcharacter forms each with 7 entries) and directly to 2 actorbases. So 16 in total. I didn't check them all but the ones that I did were all using Outfit_Raider.
  2. I don't think its stored there. You'd have to look at the actorbase of the NPCs. Female is an optional flag under ACBS Configuration, so all NPCs are by default male (should be the other way around).
  3. As a modder that seldom releases but is constantly working on their mods, it was lovely to be able to give updates to the few who followed what I was doing (a few times a week). Is the change to profile updates permanent? It's only fair you let us know this so that we can make alternative plans if needs be.
  4. 018.jpg.ec6e7c61bcaa6fbcc36f678c9060b86f.jpg





    Oh my gosh, I have redone the catwalks in the launch facility so many times, they've driven me mad. I even rebuilt the building shell from scratch. Had to make it a little bigger. From the beginning I was trying to match the building exterior dimensions to the interior (as best as possible). I've had to go maybe 50% over. It's not grotesque, not like many Bethesda buildings are. Kind of unavoidable though, unfortunately. I think mostly it will go unnoticed.


    There were a few things I needed. Had to have room to move machines in for you and Orion to work on various sections of the rocket. I also wanted the full rocket and pod to be immediately visible as soon as you walk in from Orion's office (does every one in this mod have an office?).


    Note that the pod in the screenshots is just a placeholder so I could see dimensions for the roof door. It's the skeleton of your mobile office which will never go into space. The pod that you'll ride into space is a custom variant specifically for that purpose. There will actually be a few variants of the space pod but from the players perspective they'll all be the same. Just some trickery to make things easier for me.





  5. The file description says it does a check that the item is in the player inventory before equipping. If you added the cryolator to the player via console, try dropping it on the floor, picking it back up and then reassigning the hotkey.
  6. Would you like to see my Booths?






    Booths are interactive areas which cap the ends of each pod compartment. There are three available booth positions. The end that houses the player office area is more permanent despite being its own separate deployment, so you will rarely (if ever) get the chance to configure the layout of that area.


    Not all player configurable deployments will have booths, for ones that do they may be optional or required and configurable on a deployment to deployment basis.


    Just a note about the arcade booth in the video. It will never be placed here in the release versions, this is at the opposite end of the office pod compartment. The office compartment will only allow booths specifically relevant to Zodiac operations. The Zodiac pod is very much like a mullet. Business in front, party in the back.


    Taking the arcade booth as an example. You will be able to configure it for each of the holotape games. With different games having their own poster background and lighting.


    Are they just for show? No. The arcade can be used by the player. But it will also act as an incentive for people to visit. And if you get visitors, you can jump on them and coerce them to sign up for a Zodiac membership. Some booths will be story and quest specific. I've got a variety of booth types planned and intend to keep adding more, both as integral parts of certain deployments or as a more mix and match variety.



    I've had a bit of a rethink about power. Power is absolutely going to be something that you have to manage and which acts as a balancing mechanic. With both total maximum power output (you can't have every thing on at the same time) and power reserve (you can run out of power) being factors you'll have to consider.


    I'm not going to have the pod powered by player provided fusion cores as originally intended. Instead, the Zodiac is going to allocate you a power budget weekly and it will be performance based. I'm also looking at adding upgrades (to increase max power level for example) over time. These would be linked to the player accomplishing certain tasks within the mod.


    Alternatively. If the player doesn't want to do the Zodiac stuff and just wants to use the pod as a mobile home. In other words they resign from the Zodiac. I will then remove the power management limits.

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    2. NoJoker


      Looks amazing, always love immersive adult mods. Takes a lot of effort. Thanks.

    3. acecil


      Would you mind posting a link to your discord?

    4. Carabosse


      It won't be necessary.

  7. 007.jpg.c3d529bcd86e4603184863dba52731a1.jpg



    All of (most of) the interactions with the pod will be event based. The buttons etc are pretty dumb. They basically shout 'I've been pressed, what now?' when activated. The Zodiac pod hears it and then decides what to do, if any thing.


    Something I found in Essential Relief is that lots of interactions can be problematic when you're trying to do story scenes. What happens if the player locks an actor inside a room when they're meant to be doing something important? The way I manage it is to have all of the decision making handled centrally. Even for the most mundane of things like turning a light on and off. There will be times when even those actions are prohibited. And I can also ensure that actions never overlap in a problematic way or occur out of order.


    In Essential Relief and Zodiac2, I'll sometimes enter the store or pod into storymode. In that mode, some of the interactivity is taken away temporarily and certain interactions and states are forced, regardless of whether the player did them.


    There are other potential modes. In Fallout I've always wanted a safe haven in the overworld during radstorms. Somewhere to hunker down while it blows over. So I'm adding a radiation shielding lockdown to the pod. I'll let the player choose to have the lockdown be manual or automatic (if the player is inside the pod at the time, don't want to lock you out!). Open windows and the exit door have a second layer shield that only close during lockdowns. So in the radiation shielding mode, some doors will be deactivated or inaccessible, emergency lighting will override normal lighting controls and other effects will kick in. I also want to add a status screen or other indicator that will report the condition outside so you'll know when its safe to leave lockdown. I might see if I can make it report the weather at all times.


    The radiation shielding will not remove rads that the player has already accumulated. No rad showers or any of that. It will only shield you from the effects of any radiation storm, so long as you are in the pod and have the shielding lockdown active.


    I need to start adding more fun things for you to play with to take your mind off being in lockdown.

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    2. Carabosse


      I can track whether the player is inside the pod and which part. It's a bit more than just checking if the player goes through a door etc. It has to be because it's possible to fast travel from inside the pod. I can detect the player leaving the pod instantly as well as via movement. Every time you use the pod you'll use it in the worldspace where you deploy it, there's no loading into other cells. I don't allow smaller worldspaces like diamond city and goodneighbour though for obvious reasons.


      My main concern for radiation shielding is to block rads. If you have a weather mod that adds other effects I'm not going to try to interfere with those. There's too much potential for me to inadvertently cause a problem for the other mod.


      The pod is weather occluding. So if weathers like acid and fire rain follow the same rules as normal rain then they shouldn't render inside the pod. How does NACs unique weather types interact with existing weather occluding structures? Can you hide from those like you would normal rain?

    3. McAztec


      Honestly I have no idea but I would assume they take that into account. I haven't tested it as I have no idea which structures are weather occluding exactly. What I can say however is that it sort of detects if I'm sheltered or not by itself, for example I went to Fort Hagan while a custom radstorm was on and as soon as I went into the garage I got a message in the corner saying "sheltered" and stopped getting irradiated. Now how that detection is made I couldn't tell, hopefully it uses weather occlusion rather than some custom logic that may or may not work with mod structures.

    4. Carabosse


      I think I know how they do that. I'm pretty sure that some of those weather mods look for nearby ambient interior sound sources. Bethesda uses those to make it sound like you're inside even if you're technically in the overworld sometimes. Like if you are in a multi story car park etc.


      I can add one of those to the pod (I probably should any way). So those weather mods will have an extra mechanism to know that its a place that should not be getting rained on, even if the weather occlusion isn't enough.

  8. Originally I was going to have the interior of the pod be quite sparse (like below) because the old method for moving things about (remember you can move your Zodiac pod *almost* any where) was not that fun to use tbh, and very slow to make. I've since come across a method involving only a fairly simple script and various formlists (I know I made a joke about boiling my mods down to a single script and formlist before, we're not quite there yet). This method makes it so much easier to design and deploy more intricate plans. I can't even begin to describe how happy I am. 😀








    That does represent the office section at a basic level. Customers will come in and wait at the counter. You have your Zodiac network terminal which is your main point for managing the mod, providing you access to Ecliptic. But there will be a lot more to play around with and configure. It will function as a highly interactive mobile home, even if you don't want to do any of the Zodiac stuff. Form specific storage and swappable utilities are next to be added.


    The office is its own deployment plan. There are probably going to be very few times where it won't be automatically deployed along with the pod but there may be some story occasions where that happens, or alternate versions of it are used instead. The most basic deployment plan is the pod skeleton itself,








    Deployment plans can apply to the exterior as well as the interior of the pod (there's no separate cell for the interior, it's all seamless). Plans can also overlap (the office plan almost always overlaps the base plan for example). Lighting has its own plans as well, that overlap with other plans. I separated lighting into its own plan as it made certain things easier for me and it was less likely to conflict with the others.


    There are other advantages to this deployment method. Like with storage containers. Even if you undeploy a plan that has containers filled with various items. When you bring the plan back, all of the containers will be exactly as they were before. There's no real need to worry about 'states'.


    On the pod you'll see big flat sides and mount points on the top. This is where things like the notice board, radar, turrets and transmitter will go as part of the configurable exterior plan. This led to something on the network that is new from the old Zodiac








    The balancing mechanic I'm using for deployment configuration is the pod power level. I am going to allow you to deploy defences etc so I needed to account for that. The pod is powered by fusion cores and the rate of drain is affected by how much stuff you have on. So remember to switch the lights off when you leave. I'll change the percentage indicators to a more realistic representation of power draw but I know nothing about that kind of stuff atm so I have some research to do.


    Zodiac 2 uses an update system that is very similar to Essential Relief (not the only thing they have in common). Which of course means that it's impossible for any thing to go wrong (ahaha!). So I'm thinking about being a bit more forthcoming with releases for it. I could release a version when I'm happy with it as that basic mobile home (I say basic, it will be an extremely interactive mobile home) and introduce more regularly after that. The update system will not require new starts (unless I introduce a catastrophic bug but I'll try not to).


    So why don't you release Essential Relief bit by bit huh? Because Essential Relief has to be 👌.


    Forgot to mention. All pod deployments are carefully navmeshed and navcut where appropriate. So however you configure the pod, your companions and other NPCs will be able to move about it freely.

    1. McAztec



      it's impossible for any thing to go wrong

      Now that right there is like poking the universe with a stick. Murphy (not to be confused with Mama Murphy) doesn't sleep, you know? xD

      This seems pretty cool tbh, can't wait to try it all out.

  9. 002.jpg.6bd6ff1610c7a7152ec940f986224da0.jpg



    Adding a "shop window" mode to the configurable pod compartment. There's a lot that I can do with this alone. Red light option of course. There can be dancing and other things. Even just sitting there as people walk by. Would be great if there was a looking through the window animation. Pressed up against the glass. Any one know if there is?


    There's also space out side to the left of the window for a big display board. Bigger than the one on the front. I'll probably do something different with that one rather than copy it across. Make this one more flash and advertisement friendly.


    And a window needs stickers..






    Optional of course. Kind of have this idea for stickers as a form of reward or display of progress. Well, not kind of really, the idea is raging. I like designing logos and things. Could even try some rude ones, they'd probably end up being more unintentionally funny than rude. Or is it a silly distraction.

  10. <>


    Choose 'n Collect is not a mod. It's the umbrella under which I'm putting dismembered bits of Zodiac and other side projects I've worked on. They will all be "Something" 'n Collect.


    The first two are Shoot 'n Collect and Escort 'n Collect. There are more. But I need to learn to not be a blabber mouth. I'm not doing very well.


    Choose 'n Collect branding will run through all of the mods. Which, as mentioned before, will all be independent and optional. Even Shoot 'n Collect. But gain in one will translate to potential reward in any of the others.



  11. Sequences that begin with Cess aren't valid. It doesn't define a spell class. That's not to say that it won't at some point in the future.
  12. I use a method to track what the player is wearing at various times and then subsequently un-equip and re-equip them. It works fine unless those clothing or armour items were given to the player via the console, or I guess, by mods where they are added directly to the player via papyrus command. If the item that was given to the player via papyrus or console is dropped and then picked back up (ie. it at some point exists within the world, is assigned a reference ID?), it will then be able to be tracked inside the players inventory, like a 'normal' item. Items created at a workbench work fine,
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