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    Inside of the bar will not look this empty. I have a lot of interactive stuff to put in there. As I get around to it. Hopefully this week haha. There's a lot of other stuff to do too.

    1. Highborn


      So, this is for Zodiac 2, right? I remember the story now is gonna revolve around collecting blood from costumers, iirc. It's been a long time so I'm curious to see how this all is going to be related to the space stuff. 👀

    2. Carabosse


      No. Zodiac is a separate mod. Zodiac is set in space! (Bits of it). This one is set in a pub. Small difference.

      My fault for the confusion. I've posted videos of it with Zodiac logos visible. Zodiac (the organisation) is referenced quite a bit in the pub mod. You'll see various devices around the pub that bear the logo. Refrigerators, terminals, arcade machines etc. It's a bit of a running joke that one of the pub owners insists on only using Zodiac equipment even though its all over-hyped crap that breaks down constantly.

    3. Highborn


      Ah, so you are currently working on three mods? What is this pub mod going to be about? There will be a quest/story or just management?

  2. Restrooms.








  3. Back to modding. I'm done with Angels and Demons. I mean, who likes that kind of stuff any way. (I do, I love it).


    Back to Witches and spaceships and pubs and ouija and cum. That's not all the same mod though, calm down. Would be a bloody good mod if it was though, wouldn't it?

  4. Free time. Modding or Gaming!


    Normally modding.. but the last week or two I've indulged a little. I'm a sucker for Angels and Demons.


    The top floor of the Witch and Wolf was always going to be a bit spooky, though I imagined most of the games would be played on the floor below.



  5. It was my fault. I got certain login details mixed up. Sorry. 😀
  6. Essential Relief, Zodiac2 and The Witch and Wolf all have questionnaires as soon as the mod is active. Not when you think.


    Let the player decide if they're ugly, have big tits, a weird accent etc.


    Most of the questions are front loaded but it doesn't take long. Some come later as story prompts, like 'do you resemble the women in the poster?'


    You can't change your decisions so answer honestly.

    1. Highborn


      Seems interesting. It's always nice to see the game or NPC reacting to a particular trait of your character.


      Btw, for some reason Loverslab stopped sending me notifications about your status update. I thought for some months that there was nothing new going on, I'm glad to see there is a lot of updates about the mods.

    2. Carabosse


      The stones say spiteful mods and my propensity for posting video links.


      My guts says website admin incompetency.

  7. I don't think so (someone will pop up to say but ah no! technically!). I asked the question myself when I was first making Skyrim LE mods years ago and I was writing scripts in the ck editor. That had a definite character limit, I'm not sure if that limit carried over to SE or Fallout 4 because I'd moved to using external editors at that point. Only use the built in CK editor for fragments etc, anything very short. Otherwise write them in an external editor. I use MS code, with an extension it has code completion and all of that. And use the script manager to compile them (or the integrated features with your chosen external editor). Script manager is the simplest and it has the use info function which is beyond helpful. For reference in Fallout 4, I think Bethesda's biggest script by line is CompanionAffinityEventQuestScript, which is 14615 lines. HC_ManagerScript is 3364 and is probably the most active script in the base game. My own personal record was a 5554 line script in Zodiac.
  8. T'was yesterday. Or the day before. It wasn't that long ago, my memory is shit.
  9. I can't log in to the moddingham site. Says I specified an incorrect password. Which I contest. I wrote it down and everything!
  10. 005.jpg.10f3af8f5ebefa94e5e12e9b8d5941ca.jpg


    I hope you like seafood. Don't worry there will be more options on the menu. And you'll make them yourself.


    Also, the boards will all be different (9 around the bar in total). Configurable information boards is kind of my speciality at this point. In so far as I can have a speciality.






    I'm pretty much copy/pasting the interaction event controls from Essential Relief/Zodiac2 into the pub. They work so well for this kind of mod. My first goal is to make everything that can be interactive, exactly that. It opens up an enormous amount of story telling possibilities. But it also opens up an enormous amount of problems and inconsistencies. What this system does is allow the interactivity to be restricted first by the mod scheduler. In this instance mostly dictated by the opening hours of the pub. Every light (and other interact-able) first obeys the schedule. I won't allow the player to turn off all the lights in the main bar during opening hours on a week day that the bar is open. If the player tries to do that it will fail silently. And a second layer exists which I call storymode, this will override all other intentions and is dictated by the currently (if any) active quest script. The hardest part is explaining to the player why the controls sometimes don't work.


    Part of the answer to that is colour coding the buttons. Take a light control button as an example. Off is red, on is yellow, keep your filthy paws off my button while we finish the tutorial could be blue (or whatever, not decided on the colour for this yet).


    I don't like those colours on the light panel btw. Those are Sir Isaac Newtons seven most distinct colours. Didn't think how they would look when someone applies an ENB did you brainbox? So they need some tweaking.


    As you can see from the stairwell section there are 4 levels. It's actually 3 + 1ⁿ. Basement, ground floor, a fuzzy first floor and the gates of hell.

  11. When a MCM setting is changed from default it is stored in a mod specific ini file in a subfolder in the MCM directory called Settings. Maybe your settings folder is set to read only, so setting changes can't be stored? I'd check that folder first to see if any ini files are being created for modsettings that you are trying to alter. Also check you have F4SE installed properly. If you don't, MCM won't work.




    Don't ever buy a fridge from these bastards.


  13. Merope is hard at it, randomly tapping keys until the pubs inventory system starts working.




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