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  1. Tokens were the worst idea I ever had.

  2. Found it. Is that a gameboy stuck in your head?
  3. It wouldn't make much sense for the player to marry Radulf (but nothing is stopping you if you can edit or console it). He was going to come back after the player returned from Niflheim. Terminus is Radulf's lover cast in stone by virtue of Idun's dark magic. Terminus was what Idun held over him and why he continued to do such immoral acts. What's your excuse? If you've met Rilli then you're at the end of Bestial Essence LE or SE. The bad news is that Yoana and Idun are returning in Essential Relief and their circle is missing a Witch.
  4. It's Essential Relief, a successor to my old Bestial Essence mod. There's no translation with respect to other references. Why would I need to do that? The boxes are most definitely there to obfuscate. My mods (Bestial Essence, Zodiac, Essential Relief) will be on my discord. Always free! I'll never ask for, or accept, any kind of gift or payment for my mods.
  5. I have a date that I aspire to, I've had many... But my lips are sealed. I do not wish to incur the wrath of the indignant pitchfork society.
  6. I'm getting rid of XDI (and all existing encounters that relied on it) not animations. HappyHookers/Zodiac never had strict animation requirements. Leito's are supported as a soft requirement, along with AAF, if the player has them installed. This isn't changing. What's changing is that I'm making additional slots for custom animations that the player can organise themselves (and have appear as options via the menus during client encounters). They can be whatever the player wants. You cannot override the pole dancing animation. That's mostly because I'm lazy.
  7. EquipItem has an option to prevent the actor removing the item.
  8. It's not a million miles from where I'm heading. The big new feature coming next is Ecliptic. It sits alongside Zodiac (the network) and Zap in importance. There's also the permit system but at this point its so linked to Ecliptic that when I say Ecliptic I mean both. One doesn't work without the other. With Ecliptic the properties you'll be able to assign permits to are a lot more open. If you remember the old permit system, before I removed it, it relied on me selecting other mods to work with it and you could only use them. There's no such restriction now. If you have a mod that adds a new home, apartment, whatever. It will automatically work with Ecliptic. You will be limited by the number of permits you can hold at any one time. This is now determined by the Star Rating system (the new Star Rating system!). There is no Zodiac point cost for permits any more. Permits are assigned on a weekly basis and must be renewed. There's an option for automatic renewal but use with caution. No amount of complaint mails to Merope will get her to allow you to end a contract early. When you have property permits assigned, Ecliptic allows you to advertise availability at those places, during player specified times. You can also impose other restrictions like client type, services offered, your working rate. Depending on your Star Rating, reputation and other factors like your rates and client restrictions, you'll start to receive booking requests from clients via the Zodiac mail system. These can be accepted or declined. If you accept them, Ecliptic will lock those appointments in and failure to honour them, for any reason, will lead to reputation decline and potentially, agency disciplinary measures (can be toggled on and off in the MCM). I've changed how client data is handled. They now carry the data with them individually, instead of it being assigned by Zodiac when they were created and only when they were created. This allows them to have a lot more permanence. Most clients will not be very permanent, like before, but the option is now there for that to happen. Whether or not Ecliptic fully takes advantage of that in the first version is unclear atm. But it will lead to repeat clients and the ability to develop relationships, good or bad, with those clients. There is also a special type of property permit, 'Marquee' permits. I only plan to have one in the next version (more later) and it seems to be unsurprising that I picked Diamond City Expansion first. Special permits work a bit different to normal permits in that they allow Zodiac to make ZAP style deployment changes to those properties. This is so that they can offer more focused activities. As before, Zodiac makes no permanent edits to the base game or other mods. All deployment changes are temporary and reversible. And none of the special permit enabling mods are hard requirements. Enabling a permit for the Red Seat will allow three new Zodiac activities there. All are advertised and administered via Ecliptic. They include pole dancing, a more traditional activity and a special kind of show. The special show uses a unique (for now) Ecliptic advertisement type called a pledge. You specify a time window during which clients can pledge tokens or caps. You set the pledge amount and window. If the pledge is met, you are then expected to fulfil your end of the deal at the time specified.



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      Store looking pretty ^^

  10. Ecliptic needs its own logo







    Not that


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      what is this about? 👀

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      It's a part of Zodiac.

  11. Apologies if you're thinking I'd forgotten about Zodiac. Well, maybe I did for a bit. But I still have big plans. A lot of changes for the next version are already done In particular, long standing niggles of mine. Zodiac network UI redesign and re-categorising. Reward system overhaul. Token deposit overhaul. Star Rating overhaul. New Sex Stats which affect performance with clients. Additional situational awareness indicators when deploying ZAP. Looser rules on deployment and interaction with ZAP (mostly around combat). Lots and lots of tweaks and quality of life improvements.

    New features also. Such as the ZAP Hooker Defence System. Three new general presets (Free For All, Swallow and Toilet). They're as disgusting as they sound. It makes sense to begin from the bottom and work up. I will have a bingo calling preset at some point, damn it.

    There are some notable removals too. I'm determined now, to remove XDI entirely from the next version. XDI is great but its a barrier to using the mod and I can quite easily get by without it. Removing it does also mean removing all of the Bus Stop and Dumpster encounters (their days were numbered regardless). I'm not entirely removing Bus Stop and Dumpster presets but for now they will go dormant (you won't be able to deploy them). As before, all future versions of Zodiac are safe to update in save.

    I know that's a lot of options being removed but my plan to replace them is to bring forward Ecliptic in tandem with the new property permit system. This is what I'm working on now. I'll try to post more about it in the coming days. It won't be sexy but it will be informative.

    Ecliptic is the long teased client booking system (it's actually much more than that but it fills that area). Ecliptic will allow you to advertise that you are working at a particular place during a specific time window. It will allow you to specify characteristics of the clients that you wish to service. It will allow you to receive messages from and assign bookings from clients. It will remind you when and where you are supposed to be servicing clients.

    And in the future it will allow you to do things like have returning clients and build relationships with them, run special offers, develop a following of lusty perverts. Ultimately, Ecliptic will be the Zodiacs way of harvesting all of the Commonwealth citizens data.

  12. Another boring shelf video. More interesting interactions are coming I promise.





    Couple of new features. Well not new, but they were not active before.


    The proportional updates show on the vegetable/fruit/mushroom shelf. This shelf has an animated display for allowed ingredients. But I obviously couldn't allow it to show all of the amounts you have stored exactly. So it's proportional. That means if you have half of the max allowed Bleeding Crowns stored, half the mock display Bleeding Crowns will show. All percentages work. Completely pointless but I guess it allows you to see at a glance how much of something you have in stock (and it looks cooler). Accurate display counts are also available for all items, as seen in the video.


    Not only are the shelves restricting types of ingredient you can store, they are also restricting the amount. This is handled on a shelf by shelf basis. The amount of things you can store isn't set in stone and will increase as you (the store) receive more endorsements. Endorsements are a kind of achievement. They have their own display wall and unlock bonuses which make the store operate more efficiently.


    But Carabosse? Can't I just carry potatoes with me? Of course you can, you can even pile them up on the floor if you wish. The thing about Essential Relief is that its all linked together. Cauldrons talk to shelves, which talk to ovens, which talk to jars. And so on. You'll definitely see the benefit of gaining endorsements to improve the store.


    Stock changes refresh automatically. This is also on a per shelf/ingredient basis. I even fixed the issue where animated stock items might freeze in unsatisfactory positions if the player loaded a game in the same cell as the animated shelf. So far it seems to work in all scenarios (that I can think of), so much so that I might even remove the manual refresh from the vegetable/fruit/mushroom shelf. As atm, it appears to be completely redundant.


    Some stored ingredients are automatically converted to Essential Relief 'own brand' items. Namely mead and wine. Maybe eggs. Do eggs have a conversion? They will do. It's to simplify the reselling of certain items to random customers. Not all customers who come in are suffering from ailments like back pain or itchy crotches. Some just want to buy things like milk and tomatoes.


    There are three herb shelves. Each holding six different types of herbs. They work much the same way as the vegetable shelf. You might also notice that when you interact with something, if another had prompts open for interaction they will automatically close. This is true of all things within the store that have interaction prompts. Be they shelves, ovens, tables, toilets. The only exception is the Witch Circle, and only if it has a recognised sequence locked and is focusing magic. In which case it temporarily locks the use of all other interactions. When interacting with anything inside the store, you're really saying to the store 'Hey what does this do?'. At which point the store decides what it will and won't let you do.


    There's one more storage interaction to do in this part of the store. The shelf which holds mead, wine, honey, milk, salt, eggs, flour and garlic. There are more storage interactions but they're in other parts of the store which I'm not showing yet. Things like infused waters, broths, curatives, essences. The amount of things you can store and create is a bit crazy.

  13. oh nooo - can´t find your mod *sadface*  - what happened? 

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      another question: u play Fallout76 also?

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