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  1. Many thanks for this : ) I got as far as opening up and editing the source script but ran into various problems trying to recompile it, so gave up. Great stuff cheers : )
  2. I read another post/thread where someone fixed that by assigning it to another key. Make sure you have everything enabled in the MCM as well
  3. This one was made for LE but it works. Just, sometimes you have to open your inventory during the scene and click in the strap on to make it appear. SOS enabled Strapon/DoubleDildo Replacer for SexLab - Page 4 - Downloads - SexLab Framework LE - LoversLab
  4. SLEN seems to have this issue where NPCs always refuse advances regardless of settings or player level etc. Does anyone know of a fix for this?
  5. Hi, thanks. I've got as far now as finding a decent compiler tool, but I'm getting error messages about flag files. I will persevere though, the flag file thing seems to be a common problem and it's interesting learning this stuff : )
  6. Check your MCM again. I don't have this installed right now but I'm certain there is a toggle to auto-change the gender of NPCs in your crosshairs. Edit - Nvm sorry. The crosshairs thing is to detect, not change gender.
  7. It's the "Y" key. The MCM calls it "universal" or something like that.
  8. I liked PAF, but I've given this one a quick go and it seems a lot lighter on the game engine which is always a good thing. I just want to work out how to stop it fully unequipping my outfit every time I take a leak lol.
  9. It worked ok in my last game but I just started a new one and no joy. I have MCM and "PAF started" message, but it doesn't seem to be working. Doesn't respond to menu or action keys or spells etc. Perhaps I just need to play on for a while and see if it wakes up but I thought I'd give this one a try anyway.
  10. I really want to use this mod, but without unequipping any armour. I'm totally new to this ... so far I've worked out how to open and edit the utility psc, but making a pex out of it I can't seem to do at all. Creation Kit won't open for me (Steam version). I've tried a few different programs that I've found on Nexus etc but no joy so far. Could anyone point me to the right tools and/or an idiot's guide please?
  11. Can anyone tell me which script this is exactly? I went to the LE download and there are three different ones in the download section. Reluctantly giving up on PAF for now as I can't get the mod to work in my new game, so thought I'd give this one a go. Nvm. Wasn't looking in the right place : )
  12. I'm just starting a new game. PAF is installed, I have the MCM etc, but apart from that it doesn't seem to be working. No status or menu key etc. It's like the mod itself isn't actually starting. Is there anything I can do to force start it? A console command or something?
  13. Just putting together a fresh load order for a new playthrough and discovered a new update here yay. This is a great mod. Always worked ok for me, except sometimes it would fail to load properly and I'd have to quit and restart the game. The only thing I would change about it would be to have the squirting a bit more copious and lasting. Great work though.
  14. Nvm, sussed it. Turned out to be a PAF script that got stuck for some reason. Resetting PAF seems to have fixed it.
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