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  1. Will have to wait and see, if it's another streamlined and buggy game then fuck it, Cyberpunk is the biggest game i'm looking forward to.
  2. We will soon be entering the era where martial law will be applied to spoilers. Police showing up without warrants for discussing certain things online, for "disturbing public peace" @Naughty_Dog.mp4
  3. Texgen notifies me I have older textures from an older texgen run, ofcourse! I google how to delete them. Super informative official post at the DynDoLOD forum: "Before running TexGen again, remove textures from earlier generation." No mention of how. Ask a friend on discord, friend says, you remove textures by deleting them. My mind is blown. It would help to know which textures I have to delete, how to determine where they are stored.
  4. TLO2 is hot garbage and i'm joining the boycott train to support the Naughty Dog employees that are yeeting it with spoilers and leaks. Please if you haven't already, do yourself a favor and look up the spoilers, you'll save yourself some money. TLO2 went from massive 70€ pre-orders instantly to 10€ at the second hand bin.
  5. Sucking at something is the cost that all beginners pay to become good at something.
  6. Gonna necro this thread as it's relevant again. The latest footage leaked is hot garbage and absolutely infuriating, the crunch at the company is an enormous abuse of power. ND ruined the franchise because they apointed a SJW writer. R.I.P They are deserving of a boycott. TL;DR Don't waste your money on that worthless trash.
  7. Just a request if possible, of the headpiece and veil/mantle. -The headpiece appears to be made of various parts, a grill similar to that of a helmet which is attached to a tiara, the tiara which appears to be worn over a coif, s well as a variety of dangly chains and a cross. There appears to be a neck plate as well on the second illustration... -And then the veil itself which is long like a cape, but instead of being 2 piece (like a cape + hood) it's one piece only... The veil appears to have a ghostly shader effect ingame. It would be very interesting to have these items.
  8. What mods are those? Are you talking about Refined Female Argonians and Catlike Khajiit? If yes quote me in the reply so I get notified and I'll prepare a link for you
  9. Archive.org, it's where the most banned and censored books, music, films, etc.. End up... That's where I got my Mr Bond albums from
  10. I identify as a link in a chain of civilizational continuity, my roots, a mixture resulting from a variety of diverse central and eastern European ethnicities, one day I will have children that will continue to resemble the same people that I resemble. My roots are perhaps not the most homogenous, but rather a result of well proportionate balance among a variety of ethnically diverse white Europeans. My destiny therefore is to keep making waves in this fabric of civilization, let this frail chain of continuity that nevertheless resisted for thousands of years carry on living and nourishing
  11. I wish it were possible to make a list in MCM for a variety of combat and running animations from different mods, that you may select/deselect, and have the mod assign them at random to npc's when you are about to encounter them so that each npc during combat is assigned a different animation, thereby causing an increase in immersion due to different stances and combat techniques. Imagine this in a bandit raid, no longer does everyone fight the same. Similarly if it was possible to randomize AI behaviour so that you don't fight against virtually the same NPC over and over.
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