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Control Nude Mod? [Request]

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9 hours ago, fdagdfrgearvrea2123 said:

Loose files loader is out https://www.nexusmods.com/control/mods/11?tab=description

also plugin loader https://www.nexusmods.com/control/mods/16

Thats awesome but i dont know how to properly utilise them, ig there for modders 😅

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how can i help

Do you have a Discord? Have a question/suggestion for you. Main problem at the moment - there is no exporter for Control. I.e. you can import model from the game, edit it how you like in, example, Blender, but not pack back into the game. That's the reason why only retexture / recolor modifications are available at the moment.


So there are two ways here.


1. Write an exporter. Tool here https://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=21047&sid=e59ee39629f5c91913f1ca15e193905a&start=60 doesn't have such option +, seems to, author give up long time ago (?) / nobody working on such one at the moment.


One of the latest messages from the folfin:


the format is far too complex, and there's a lot of aspects I haven't even explored. every model i'm pretty sure has a corresponding *.binpx file with a whole lot of data about it and you'd probably have to re-write that as well as the *binfbx file, and really all the work isn't worth the payoff.



You talking about an exporter? it doesnt really matter what other files the model loads, you can often just duplicate all the parts of the original model file that arent the vertex buffer or the faces (or data about that data, or offsets moved by changing the size of that data).

well you are lucky in that someone already wrote that model importer. You can use that to make a template, and then you can use a template to write an exporter.

When I looked at it I didnt really understand what it was doing with all that BI() stuff.

ehh the most you could do is maybe a model swap, without writing any program or template.

I dont know how that tool works, but the vertex buffer and the faces are in the binfbx file, so if it can inject individual files back into the game then that's (probably) all you'd need to modify to change the model.

the meshes for the characters are the .binfbx files in data_packfiles\ep100-000-generic\characters\intermediate\




2. Do the same, but in the manual way. binfbx contains all the information about the model, it's skeleton, the default pose and the bones to which it is attached, it's mesh also, materials.


The folder is opened, everything is exported, opened in blender, even translated into a mesh and back to .bin. It remains to understand what files the mesh pulls behind it and how to pack the entire folder with the model in the right way. The option with a loader does not work, it can work only for edited textures, which is simple recolor, little textures changes, which not require mesh edits. Although the paths are all correct. Probably there is a coordinate file that is tied to loading the model... or developers has it's own editor and things are crypted in some way... You also can try to open the binaries through the daemon or iso to search for the folder structure and processes (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/procmon), but unfortunately not all files pop up after them, so it's give nothing. Looking in .exe and other files by HEX editor (like HxD) doesn't give much useful information too.
In ep100-000-pc there are some files with unknown purpose, px one. Same thing for Jesse Civil.tbscene file.
So. In short example. If you will try to make something "harder" with texture editing, no mesh, say, for example, latex jacket and pants without pockets, you will get something like that (putting files in ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Control\data_pc\textures\characters\andro\jesse\bottoms\... .tex and so on):
I.e. glitch with texture (ornament from other pants, replacing existing pants with others from the game is also not an option) => mesh edit required => edit done => manual packing required => packing done, but game not recognize it => need to find the right way to do packing.
Short manual for textures editing from Anonymous:
To extract the packfiles of the game ( *.rmdp files) use "Northlight Tool" by evin (the link is at the bottom of my mods descriptions). Don't forget to verify that the "auto tex/dds converter" is properly ticked when you extract to be able to open directly the textures in Photoshop/Gimp without renaming them. The hair and clothing textures are stocked in "ep100-000-pc.rmdp".

Be aware that the access paths created by Northlight Tool when extracting are not correct. Look at the corresponding *.xml files (open it with Notepad++ and search by keywords) of the *.rmdp file you want to extract to know and be able to recreate the right access paths.

The textures by themselves are compressed in differents dds format:

DXT1 (no Alpha) for the clothing diffuse maps and DXT5 for the hair diffuse maps (because of transparency in the Alpha Channel). With Photoshop (I don't know with Gimp) use the "old" Nvidia dds plugin to compress them (the intel plugin won't work in this case). The normal maps are compressed in ATI2/BC5 so for them, use the intel dds plugin.

If you are not sure what compression was used for a texture, open it with an Hex editor like HxD. It should be notified DXT1, DXT5, ATI2 or DX10 in the header of the file.

Once your modified textures are properly saved to the dds format with the right compression, you just have to rename it and delete the "dds" extension so that the file will be in "tex" extension again. Once done replace them in the "data_pc" folder with the right path access folder found in the *.xml files.

Launch the game and if everything has been done well it should works...

Don't forget about https://www.nexusmods.com/control/mods/11 to load the textures.
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There is another method, without HEX. Compress in dds Nvidia with ARGB channels and encoding 8 bits per channel, it turns out like this A8R8G8B8.






For mentioned task it is possible to remove all the detail from the texture and it even comes out after compression of the same size and format, but in the game it is glitchy, and the method with bc5 cuts the texture (it was 16 mb and now 4 mb). If normal maps not load as it must:




Close, but not good enough / what required. Other method - delete texture from the root folder, to get rid of pockets, but here packaging problem again. Empty dummy texture - more glitches.


SilverEzredes 21:19
well i would do it manually blur tool on the normal map or you can try a blur filter
but thats iffy



Some tutorials from SilverEzredes.


Diffuse texture export options.




After exporting the texture open it in any Hex editor (https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/). It should look like this:




Open the original texture in a hex editor and copy these bytes over:




Rename the texture to match with the original file.


Normal texture export settings.




After exporting the texture open it in any Hex editor. It should look like this:




Open the original texture in a hex editor and copy these bytes over:




Rename the texture to match with the original file.





I havent done hardly any research into modding Control, but still it remains interesting to bring modding to any game that doesnt have it. I just havent had much to say here because I dont know how to mod the game, I have not tried injecting files back in so I dont know how that works. The most I did was look at the binfbx importer


If someone could tell me about those functions like BI() and Bf() used in the importer, it would be very helpful




The files you send me hasn't any dds compression and won't work with the game in any case.

For proper DDS compression with Photoshop use this:

"*_d.tex" files:    Nvidia plugin --> DXT1 No alpha
"*_n.tex" files:    Intel plugin --> Normal map BC5
"*_s.tex" files:    Intel plugin --> Color BC4 4bpp --> + Header hex editing I already gave you.
"*_sa.tex" files:  Intel plugin --> Color BC4 4bpp --> + Header hex editing I already gave you.



So, at the end, best thing we can get without mesh editing,  i.e. exporting options, with latex things is:




Can't get rid of the traces of original pockets without touching the mesh, same as can't make model swap without exporting option, same an no further progress can be in case on complety new models / onces outside the game / lingurie / take your pick, until someone skilled enough in programming things will figure out how to pack things back by manual way / or, may be, will made an unitility based on importer.







As you can see on this screenshot in wireframe view, pockets are a part of the 3D model. So without mesh editing you won't be able to get rid of it...

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i think we can make the cloth material transparent



user name ( nilansh#2051 )

Sent the invite in the Discord.


1. In most cases it looks weird / "cheap". I've zero interest in "cheap" modding. Take Tomb Raider games as an example an early modding stage of such from different folks. Screenshot of "Rise". And this one - probably one of the best of such. Others looks way weirder.





And compare it with "Shadow" mod from Jostar, which has mesh edits:





Also you will have a typical trouble with part of clothing items, which can be fixed only by mesh editing. As for example I've described before - you can't delete pockets from pants fully. Just redesign it to look fine.


2. Another thing is, as I can say for now at least, there is no "nude parts" exist in the game. If you check the pants textures, which require different dressing in shoes, you will see that ever legs are not exist and it require to make a mesh first to make a proper model.


3. Another example. Take Batman Arham Knight. Which is kinda "modern" game. You have such skin of catwoman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOtwrz2fRIQ and want to edit it to make more deeper neckline and more revealed butt (thong type behind). You will see that there is no actual mesh exist for the part of the body in that two places. So it will require to do mesh work first once again. And not simple one probably. But here you have exporter. So it's not a problem, if you are familiar with Blender enough. Here as example you can search for Harley Quinn modification.






Some images for further... "exploring and modding insperation" of nikotenny69 and other modders:





14711902_189573671487502_8047838607471280128_n.thumb.jpg.4677d6270ed96ee89ff8c1c53a03c3bc.jpg 844_1000.jpg.4071441d81b79d562b5bc5da9432151e.jpg 106111273_749627319106804_7977117998163309920_n.thumb.jpg.86ac47f8eeb0f95117b7096fce1a95f8.jpg


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Jessie. Blender model.




3 types of clothers textures - dark, leather, latex. Silver version not included in case it was "random" effect that was discovered during modification creation and later was added an add-on to it, no separate mesh was created.


"Control Classic2.xps" can't be opened at the moment. Some exporting troubles. Didn't figure out how to deal with them, plugin errors.


Model not contain naked parts in case it was originally didn't exist / we have edited only legs mostly to make texture works fine with shoes and no point to do it was by other hand too in case exporting script not finished / done till this day.







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I would love Control nude/skimpy Mods, Jesse Faden is hot... unfortunately Meshes Modelling (importing 3D Meshes, Skeletons, rigging Animations-compatibility) is next step... and usually talented/people with knowledge doesn't share the knowledge, info they have, and most Modders have not such knowledge


... it would be nice to have full Meshes importers/translators/converters, but that doesn't come from by own Developers, depends on 3D Artists/Modders and reverse engineering... which is difficult on undocumented game engines...


... I hope at least in Cyberpunk 2077, CdProjekt releases RedKit, with Meshes/Animations/Scripting detailed documentation, specially on AI, Scripting, Animations, and Meshes/Models...


Thank you very much for the info and your post, @UnknDoomer, forums need users like you, my advice is people with knowledge try to create own blog/maintain with articles, etc, with Hugo, Jekyll or simple Wordpress/Ghost... own hosted, to organice the info, knowledge and share/learn better.



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