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  1. Link to the actual mod? As I'm not seeing an updated version of Hot Coffee for GTA V.
  2. Mind sharing his account here on LL? If not I'll try my best to contact him this weekend. Actually to be safe, any direct contact? Or did you use azz.net? Trying to figure out best way to contact him!
  3. Is there a link to files from either of the two locations? As I can't tell. The reason why I ask is if you can give a baidu pan link, I can retrieve it. (No, I do not have an account. But found a website that essentially acts like you have an account. It's a server side downloader for those links.)
  4. Anytime, wish I could offer you better news. Really looking forward to a mod for this game. But so far, nothing but let downs. Tool creators going MIA, and no one willing to take up the mantle. Wish I knew programming. I know just enough to create basic shit. Nothing required to create a tool from scratch. It's on a long list of things to teach myself, but will probably happen between now and the day I reach 70. LMAO.
  5. Still requires tools bud. Which haven't been fully made yet. Keep an eye here : https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/ The above community will know before this one does. As the tool creator exists there. That way you don't have to continually check back here and keep bumping the thread. (no offense.) EDIT: Above community requests registration for adult sections. EDIT2: This is the thread to watch : https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/wip-menthe-sr-tools.18277/page-9 When people say they have successfully edited the game and repacked files
  6. @orangey Can you please include readme's with your mods? Makes things so much easier! I usually download and store mods I like, incase I want to revisit them down the road, and they aren't publicly available anymore due to the nature of the internet. (Site can't afford to stay up, they get DMCA'D into oblivion, etc.) Plus, honestly, there's so many mods floating around even in this topic, it would be nice if people would include readme's. You know, any mod dependencies (like whether it requires another mod or if it's stand alone.) And simple install instructions. It would al
  7. Yes they have. Both the original and Blades of time have nude mods. Texture mods mind you, but they do exist.
  8. No, someone talented enough hasn't tackled it yet. It took years for the Rise of The Tomb raider mods to come out. Have patience. Or you can start the journey yourself.
  9. Enough please, don't know what happened, but if the mods removed content, there was a reason. Respect the rules of this forum, or please move on. It's not that hard to do. Enjoy the mods, enjoy the community, don't start anything.
  10. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but CDPR have never actively prevented mods in the past. These are the same devs that are against DRM. They infact own gog.com as well. They take the old school approach, may not actively support it, but they don't actively prevent mods either. So, unless they change their ideals with this game, it's safe to say, they'll just take the ignore it approach.
  11. What mod are you using? From which author? (Sorry can't point it out with the pic.) I ask because I did play through that area and actually get the transmitters done with absolutely no issue. So it could be dependent on the mod. Just a guess. My soviet installation is 35% complete, and I'm actually in Wicked Vale. Which is 25% complete. I'm using Alpha's leather jacket mod with no additional addons. (I honestly haven't physically messed around with any of the other mods. It's on my todo list.) Also, what are you doing right before the crash? Are you interacting with the transmitter
  12. Holy shit, never seen this, definitely keeping an eye. Nowhere near as good as say Skyrim, but if it's real, I definitely want the mods as well!
  13. The 3D Migoto files go in the following directory : \steamapps\common\OP2\ That is the ROOT folder of the game directory with the game.exe. The mod files go in the following directory : \steamapps\common\OP2\Mods\ So considering the folder doesn't exist, once you get into the OP2 directory, you create the folder "Mods." After that the mods should be extracted there. Here's an example for my game install. Inside Mods Folder I have a "nude" folder. Inside that I have the actual mod files. Something like body_A_d.png, Body A.vb, and
  14. Fair enough man, completely understand. Hopefully he doesn't deter any modders. As obviously he doesn't realize Rise didn't have ANY nude mods for what 4 or 5 years? Then Alpha just dropped one mysteriously. With tools. So to say a project is dead because of an extremely small amount of inactivity(read mod releases) is, well, insane. Considering these mods sprouted up literally YEARS after the game was launched. Anyhow I'll shut the fuck up now. Hope I didn't piss you off. I completely understand you only replied to correct his misleading statements. Unfortunately, he isn't
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