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  1. Ya, I noticed he was having more problems with this latest release. People reporting issues/virus scans. Unfortunately, again, as I said, it takes a bit of common sense. Knowing how virus scanners work, and how executables that modify files may trigger them. AGAIN, I do not maintain your rig. If you feel something is suspect, NEVER EVER take my word for it! Do not install it if you think something is off! You are responsible for your own rig. (Sorry disclaimer.) But given my machine has operated 24/7 since Windows 10 launched, I don't exactly worry about viruses (s
  2. False positive, files are clean. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e78ca579a64c3029d38d4d2f4b4a30e5cd5056164ee47e711abb59a1d8a819c2/detection ESET AND Malware bytes mark it as clean. Those are extremely reputable brands. The brands that do mark it as malware seem to be MS (defender loves throwing false positives), and brands that primarily use predatory tactics to get installs. Or just suck as virus scanners. If you run any file or files through virus total and the more top notch brands such as ESET and Malware Bytes label it clean, it is clean. Hell even Mcafee labels it a
  3. Sweet, I'll upload my entire collection in a few days. Sorry, not trying to tease you guys at all, but I'm in the process of a move. I'm moving over 3 hours away from my current home so it's been long nights and early mornings. I'll be moved in on Friday night. So of course 99% of my days the past few days are literally logistics and packing. But my computer will be unpacked the first night I'm there with internet. But due to the inevitability that I'll be exhausted, I'm not going to promise an upload that night. BUT, If I don't post the collection by Monday night. Send me a PM. (Seriously, pl
  4. Easy answer - No. Long answer : Typically, and I could be wrong with this game, but if a modder chooses to use 3Dmigoto. It's because that's the only option available until someone more skilled comes in and get's things working like Mesh edits and loose files (Alterier Ryza series) So if a game sticks to 3Dmigoto, it's because it's the easiest way to mod it. ALOT of games even including Bullet Girl Phantasia, still rely on this tool to make mods. If I recall correctly, even Dead or Alive Extreme Venus Vacation uses 3dmigoto. That's not to say more complex mods aren
  5. Can't wait to see it. Ignore the leechers. Unfortunately, forums cater more to them then contributors.
  6. In the tweet, the mods for Action-Taimanin I labeled [AT] in his repository. Link to repo : https://ux.getuploader.com/steam_mod_share/ Again look for the ones labeled with [AT] : Example : [AT] 開放的な凜子MOD_v1.0.7z
  7. Not sure about the first issue, but the second issue (Clipping) is normal. Considering the model never took into account the costumes, clipping is a normal issue. Either deal with it or remove the mod. As I, as well as several others, did not account for the costumes when we made the nude mods. So clipping is an eventuality. You want a 3D mesh with 3D nipples, you have to deal with clipping. Only way to avoid clipping is either a severe rework of the mod, as you will more than likely have to edit the costumes. Or, doing texture only edits. Either way, unless someone else contribute
  8. If someone can tell me how to share them, I have the ones I saw. Before they were removed. I just have no idea how to find them locally on my install. Disclaimer before reading the edit - Again, this is all experimental. So if the mod doesn't immediately work. Try seeing if you can get it working on the game's "local mods" section. Not the workshop/subscribed section. I'd try to do this but I don't want to mess up the mods, considering they are removed. So if I mess up, they are potentially gone from my install. EDIT: Try this and see if it works. If it does, I'm on the
  9. Honestly, I couldn't tell you. I haven't messed with the game yet. It's on my todo list but it's a mile long.
  10. Read the first post on this thread :
  11. Haven't played the game in quite a while, so I'm going to assume the drilling scenes don't come with that option correct? If not, as far as I'm currently aware, there is no way to add that option. The mods available are the best mods you are going to get. We are using a 3rd party software to modify meshes and textures. There's no programming support with it. So unless a modder creates a tool to allow that, it is currently not possible.
  12. Just because the Op is now a guess doesn't change the fact the mods work. Exactly what are you having issues with? This game is now essentially drag and drop.
  13. Did you REALLY have to spam that request? Make your request, but PLEASE be respectful! I mean seriously 8 posts and all they are is requests. Two of which is classified as spam. We get it you like futas. But please respect the modders and the community in general! Spamming a topic will not guarantee you success. In fact it has the opposite effect. EDIT @tekmarvl As long as you have the "no armor" item. All you should have to do is update the RESOREP mod textures. Until the game changes enough that the No Armor item is removed or the addresses for those text
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