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  1. Wow man just! daaaaaaamn!!! finally barefoot and clean nude on the ExE`s!! Truly amazing 😍😍😍
  2. Im just saying that cuse all he wants is attention, the more attention he gets the more he will do it, like a lill kid.
  3. Dont even bother replying to this lifeless loser, just report his comments as spam and let moderation team handle him.
  4. Every time he posts something report it as spam, thats what i did yesterday and it got removed thanks to moderation team 👍
  5. Thats what i was saying and just making sure everyone knew about it thats all.
  6. Bcz there are currently 2 Ada nude bodies, 1 from 777 himself and another from Areosmith i believe. 777s Ada nude i consider to be the real proportions of Ada. Trust me m8, that Ada nude that es47 released is just Adas head over Claires nude body just check the comments section im not the only who thinks so either. also from the feet, its Clairs not Adas. As you can see in the 2 pics i provided neither look the same as the one es47 released on Nexus.
  7. Its just Ada head over Claires body not that immersive since its not Adas own body but im not complaining lol
  8. Damn man!! this stuffs some S-grade mods!! well done great experimenting with all these glorious plugins! Kudos! *O*/
  9. Wasn't aware another thread had started, welp thats great, let us focus on seeing Claire nude 1000 different ways like we said we would on old threat *-* and other RE2 gals like Ada Annette Katherine ect lol
  10. Thats not a mod, its an Ada model made by Pewpostorus, he is a NSFW creator.
  11. So did we when we were kids lmao 😂
  12. Wait but, wernt you a child before aswell? why would they disgust you? There just kids.
  13. Love these mods dude, amazing how you combined the goth and lace and chubby mod together, very exquisite indeed, thoroughly enjoy her goth make up, so darn hot!! 😍 Cheers m8 👍
  14. That is very beautiful Dr.SlumpX!! it suits her really well and its cute as heck! great work on this mod so far!!
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