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  1. Alright alright calm your tits, some ppl dont have alot of time on her hands ya know? i dont sit infront my PC all day jacking off if thats what your thinking, some ppl have work, life and responsibilities to deal with, not everyone's a bum, thats the only reason why i said it was a hassle.
  2. What was the point of telling us then? sounds like a like hassle just to get 1 mod, would be more then happy to pay the amount for it but cant be bothered to go through all that.
  3. Awesome, thanks for heads up and update on what's been going on with the progress of this mod
  4. Any progress on this or has it been abandoned? ik these things take time but just checking in to see if there has been any progress made lol
  5. its been years and still no one tackled X-Blades Dx
  6. This is amazing and fantastic man! i didnt know there was such awesome nude mods for DBFZ as i just got it not long ago after seeing there was these hot af mods for it, actually i kinda wanted to grab DBFZ before aswell but didn't feel like gettin gud lmao xD I can experience the whole story with these fantastic nose bleeding mods omg 😍😍🥰 off topic. DBZF kinda reminds me of the first budokai on PS2 for its 2D fighting and harukanaru densetsu on DS for the rounds or moves left on the map which is cool ig xD
  7. btw, does this model have a rig/armature? cant find it anywhere.
  8. wow, i didn't know blender models were uploaded here aswell! this is fking awesome man! you should upload your model over here aswell, a whole collection of blender models dedicated site!! xD https://smutba.se i love how this model actually looks like her BR2 CGI model!! great work dude! Also i couldn't join ur discord, says invitation's expired.
  9. Youd think they would let ppl livin up this dead player base game, increase player numbers and actually have ppl buy content thanks to the nude mods but no, they choose to be complete and utter incompetent fools.
  11. I want the first TR 2013 to be properly nude moded aswell but i think we shouldn't jump the gun here, he's only one person doing so much and most definitely is already busy with his life and other stuff that may be happening, lets be thoughtful ok 😄 Surely one day 2013 TR can be nude moded aswell like ROTTR, but before that can happen with 2013 TR, this one needs to be perfected first 😋
  12. It kind of already is on Lara, this isint Jills body either, its Claire's nude body on Jill xD it was the first few nude mods for her by giving her Claire's body until many other new nude bases was made for Jill, now there is like more then 10 different nude base for Jill and same for Claire xD The nude body you see now on Lara is Claire's original nude base body and like how Todd Howard says, 'it just works' 💁‍♂️😆
  13. Claire's body from RE2R surprisingly looks good on Lara xD And here i thought there would never ever be a nude mod for ROTTR and then in comes AlphaZomega the legend, the GOAT!!! doing the impossible! 😍💖💖💖💖
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