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  1. Finally!!! Ada Barefoot!!!! you absolute legend dean!!! 😍😍😍
  2. You da man Dean! cheers and many thanks as awlays for your awesome amazing work..😍😍🙇‍♂️
  3. Ada sex bomb bare legs there ya go: https://mega.nz/#!1Ic2wKAB!pSO6BOfOlQT4MZagoOqqSdXlk7gs5Exd4Vtgy7e_ztg
  4. Go to the mix and match folder and look for stockings folder, after go in and look for bare legs and high heels, the one you after. delete the bare legs words until you reach pl1000_jacket_albm.tex.10 save it and then go to natives\x64\sectionroot\character\player\pl1000\pl1000 delete the same file you see in there and replace with the bare legs file 👍
  5. So yeah as you all can see, that ass is really hideous. the tits are ok but thats as far as it goes, she dont even have face animations
  6. No worries, and i must agree, its pretty ridiculous and shit lmfao, that person is insane charging 32 buks for this, her ass looks squished af 😂😂😂 Well, since there is a visible foot in that mod preheats that could be salvaged and put onto a more dcent looking Ada model like aerosmiths or skys i rekon.
  7. Just checked it out in game, looks almost like Claire DxD even the textures look like it too.
  8. So an anonymous person just gave me Ada the sex bomb mod through my twitter lol so here ya go guys, shes all yours haha. Apparently everythings inside with instructions to swap out stuff like heels panty hose or bare legs ect: https://mega.nz/#!JZcnGKJS!0k69Jpx0TGNuA23lHmE3IfSB0xFiVx0NExdcWxj7oKc Optional items are located in the natives/x64/sectionroot/character/player/pl1000 folder
  9. Some Claire render's that i just thought up of and did, enjoy fellas 👍
  10. The ball gag is a nice touch to add to the BDSM immersion but i do much prefer it without the ball gag yes and to see those sexy facial features and her sexy lips moving lol
  11. Bless you Dean just bless you ma man, absolutely love your work. Many thanks for links 😍😍😍
  12. The one without ball gag puleez :DD or if you would like to do both its upto upto you sir but definitely no ball gag BDSM Barefoot 😍😍😍
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