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  1. I believe I have a better chance of Winning the Power Bowl lottery or becoming president in a 5 hour campaign, that I would of Those sharing the stuff on discord. 12gauge doesn't share, and I am not gonna even try for the Huntress. 94% of them believe ModMan Manager is the *Only* way for anyone to use mods on risk of rain 2. 100% sure not a single one of the 94% would even know how to install manual anyway. I have no idea if 12gauge's jiggle physics with his Enhanced Acrid could be applied to the Femmod (Non Dll) replacer, but I doubt he would even care, since Modman is the One and Only solut
  2. I don't suppose you could upload the NSFW version of the Fem mod? Only version I could find is the doll sfw version.
  3. DRM thunderstore has the jiggle physics, details etc. Take a look.
  4. This is the replacer so technically not a mod. If you are looking for lewd mods + Lots and Lots of other mods, game rebalances, new characters, effects, items etc. You will have to go to the DRM thunderstore for it. That is if the Mod Manager isn't breaking again.
  5. Found the link for the new SFW (Safe For Work) Fem Mod Replacer so you don't have to use Modman No jiggles, or Detailed/enhanced chars. https://mega.nz/folder/qeBFCCZJ#gb4DGMtBg_PLityV4fXw5w I have the assets and blend file for the enhanced fem acrid if any one wants to take a stab at importing it. I managed about half of it before all the files started looking the same, since Search doesn't work on extender.
  6. Drm has apparently won another game again.....
  7. Well, if we can't find a way to import them. Everyone will have to use the Thunderstore mod manager. The extender doesn't seem to work with the new version, and all the names are out, so I am trying and replacing each individiual mesh until i get the right one and hopefully that will work.
  8. There was a model importer for the game, but that is now very old. I doubt it works now.
  9. Question for you. How would you fair on the Risk of Rain 2 game, if I wanted you to do me an assets replacer. See they use a mod manager on thunderstore, but I want another way to either paste the dlls into the game. We had an assett extender program to open and then import and replace the ones with the Fem Mod in, so you didn't need any manager, just paste and play. It looks like either everyone has given up on it and went with the manager.
  10. I have the Newest assets to the https://thunderstore.io/package/12GaugeAwayFromFace/Enhanced_Fem_Acrid/ Jiggle physics. Just gotta get it into the stupid assets now. WHY IS NOTHING named the same............ Been working on trying to load them into the assets. So far you either use the DRM thunderstore mod manager, or you don't use mods. Seems everyone takes the easy way to do stuff any more.
  11. Then I guess this thread is going to be dead then since everyone seems to be moving to discord.
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