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  1. Awesome, thanks for the Info ;D, beautiful big Areolas/Nipples, Nioh 2 is harder, with 'one Hand'. It would be nice to have Futanari / Trans Girl Version with this Cock/Penis, erected/flaccid Versions. Male Smooth Body 4k NSFW Edition
  2. Thank you very much ;D, for this new Nude Mod release.
  3. Thank you very much @orangy, nice Aloy Sexy Mods ;D, sorry to hear that Sony purged Aloy Nude Mod from NexusMods, via DMCA, well they cannot avoid we share Nude Mods, just obstacles to it.
  4. Yeah, and/or Lewd Girl-Gamers are engaging into Modding too. For me it is ok, if there is a Penis/Boner, Male Nude Mod, Mesh, there is a plausible Chance, to have a Futanari/Trans Girl/Shemale Mod too, which is the 'last Stage' LOL of Modding Evolution ^^. I would like to play Nioh 2 with Futanari Mods, it would be less 'hard' :3 (or not, pun intented, LOL). Cheers
  5. Thanks for the Update/Fixes, very appreciated, it is nice to see more Unreal Engine 4 Games modded, I would like to see too a bush/pubic Hair, version, maybe via custom Textures.
  6. Interested in this too, Immortals Fenyx Rising would be better, with LEWD/Skimpy Mods :3... Also I would like more Nude / Sexy Mods, for Assassin's Cred Odyssey, Valhalla, and Watch_Dogs L3gion, specially futa/futanari Mods (an Extension for Nude Greece Mod on Odyssey, but it seems no so interest on this Games for LEWD stuff... unfortunately... maybe people are tired of Ubisoft Games, or Modding is not so easy. Cheers
  7. Thank you, I will install game again, just for this ;D
  8. Nice job, @kulado, thanks for sharing with us here :3 I would love a Futa Mod, for Nioh 2, considering there is already a Nude Male one, with penis Nude Male Mod_54
  9. Thank you very much, @orangy, nice work, thanks for sharing here.
  10. A curvy/thick or Futa/Nude Aloy would be nice <3, but I understand it seems no easy to recreate Mods for this Game, thanks for all your work, though.
  11. @langnao, good work, thanks I would love to have Nude/Skimpy Mods into Nioh 2
  12. @shouganai, thank you, I would like something like that, and to use that as Source too add my own Ads (Futanari ones), as for in-game TVs Videos, what Format they have?, could be nice to add Sex Videos, to the TVs, etc...
  13. Thank you very much @Raq10 for Horizon Zero Dawn Modding Tutorial - Editing Meshes and Exporting Custom Meshes @YouTube I hope this encourage more Modders to recreate Custom Body Meshes, for Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn, Skimpy/Sexy Sets, curvy/thick Versions or /and Futa Versions :3 @me3 it would be nice to see ^^ Cheers
  14. Anyone knows a list of Files/Textures path/names, for static, posters, advertising etc?, I want to have cyberpunk-like futanari art into my game... Also do this game support GIF/APNG files?, for dynamic animated Images?, not just static? Thanks
  15. You are so good Modder, @orangy and Artist, thank you very much, it is so important the Pioneers on Modding for particular Games, awesome, this was a real Surprise to me. RE Engine is awesome and it is so popular, and Modders know a lot of it (thanks AlphaZomega) that I think I will explode when I see RE Mods for Resident Evil Village... wow Lady Dimitrescu I don't want to escape... catch me LOL ... the Lady Dimistrescu Nude Mod (any of them, or Lewd Mods) will break the Internet, remember what I said ;D, breaking apart the Internet, Huge Boobs, Huge Ass, if someone is
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