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Sims 4 with WickedWhims vs. Sims 3 with KinkyWorld + other mods.


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Which of these do you prefer?

I think sims 3 is a much more interesting game, but it also has bad sides.  The main disadvantage is a very laggy gameplay even on a powerful computer, long loading times etc .. 

A big  advantage of sims 3 is the possibility to play custom worlds,  but some of them are unplayable with mods like KinkyWorld and Storry Progression.

Sims 4 is much smoother, but they are a huge step back.


I prefer sims 3 with KinkyWorld, but I play Sims 4 with WickedWhims more often, because I do not have enough patience for Sims 3.

When I compare the mods . I prefer KinkyWorld, which adds more features to the game. And it seems to me that the events in KinkyWorld are more naturally fitting into the context of the game, in WickedWhims they are more random. But I understand there have been more years of development in KinkyWorld.


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41 minutes ago, kapnabara said:

of course kinkyworld wins, wicked whims is such a lackluster. we can only fuck and have periods in WW but do a lot (such as get drunk, be a whore, own a brothel, go to open school, have a preferences and so more) in KW. WW has better animations and body settings 


WickedWhims is modular, it is just a framework to build mods off of. Like SexLab for Skyrim kind of. It's up to other modders to add all those other things.


You can already get drunk in Sims 4 with a mod (I believe Basemental handles this, if not, there is an alcohol mod as well). You can be a whore as well with Whore It Up, you can own a brothel, as it is just a business and you can buy any business in Sims 4. It's all modular so you can pick and choose what you want in your game and what you don't want. It allows you to tailor your adult mods to your needs.


As for the school thing, that's hopefully coming in the future with a University type expansion. A lot of people have been asking for this, and if Maxis has proven that they listen, it is more than likely going to happen.

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Sims 3 is a game that was way ahead of its time. It's definitely bogged down by its own ambition. Never really played any Sims games in a normal sense of the word, I always gave myself a lot of money and built crazy stuff instead, and in that regard Sims 4 is disappointing. Build mode is more limited, create-a-style is gone, but you get smoother gameplay with TS4, most likely due to those restraints they put on the game.


If TS3 didn't have the unholy lag, it would be a no-brainer, TS3 is a better game overall but it is held back by its engine. 

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As a gamer that had always played consoles I very much avoided The Sims games in general but when I discovered that pc gamers had ability to create mods and make it x-rated etc it became a lot more interesting lol!


This was only a couple of years ago so it gave me the choice of TS3 or TS4, naturally I went for TS4 being the more recent and visually better looking,


I found it a lot of fun and went straight in with cheats and mods etc from the start, I saw a lot of chatter about the lack of certain features and open world etc but when I look at TS3 I can't get past the dated look of it and how lifeless the Sims look in comparison to their recent counterparts, as much as I hear that it's a much more detailed and seamless experience, I can't bring myself to venture into it,


I've seen some really gorgeous scenes from TS4 and it gave me a lot of inspiration to become creative myself, I've still yet to see that kind of beauty from TS3

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I didn't try sims 4 for a long time because i didn't like the comic look. Finally tried it and i was wrong. With enough mods the look is just fine. I like both, Whicked Whims and Kinky. My problem is rather with the the sims 4 base game it self. Watching my sim trolling the forums the whole day is not really interesting. Opening a pet clinic, well it was fun for some sim days, then it felt like i'm working a real job, and a rather boring one by the way. I may not understand myself why i feel that way, but about anything happening in 4 seems less interesing than in sims 3.

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Wondering what the point of this topic is?  They both have pro's and con's.  If you play either S3 or S4 your covered either way.  They are both being actively developed.

  Neither one is better than the other and serve different player.  When I feel like getting creative with my sims game it's S3 that I play since it's superior to s4 in that aspect.  If I don't care and just want to play with sims, then it's S4 since that is what it's focus is on.  Though I prefer S2 to S4 for sims, it's showing it's age now.

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Sims 3 open world is far better for playing multiple sims. You can have three sims in three different places and control them all. Can't do that in Sims 4.

Sims 3 with KW is so buggy, its only good for running a whore house. Sims 3 with Passion is a better game if you're going to play the sims with sex as an a game enhancement. 

Sims 3 with Passion and Sims 4 with WickedWhims+Sorcerer is a toss up for me.

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So far... It's still the Sims 3 + kw.


I mean if we judge it from features.


But the Sims 4 has better looking graphic + better body mods. And now, porn studio, which in kw it's still just being developed. 



Talk about cpu performance. I think kw has issue of freezing for a couple of seconds, ww also have issue.


I just noticed my Sims in ts4 take a very long time to execute command. Mostly they are idling too. 

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I have also not played TS3 in months. TS4 uses resources better, and I have been messing with Reshade, so it looks good. If I made it for TS3, it would probably destroy my processor hah, the way TS3 just hoards resources. If TS4 didn't have shorter adults as teens, I would not miss a thing.

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Well, if not for the great mods like WW, etc., Sims 4 would be total flop as far as just gameplay & content.

Sure it runs great and looks great whilst doing not much of anything else I wanted to see.

EA seemed to not want to repeat so many things in the Sims 3 us old farts liked I guess.

I had hoped the Sims 4 would be Sims 3 on steroids.


Sims 4 rants, or... Things I miss from Sim 3

No World Editor, 90% of the wandering sims in Newcrest have to pee all the time, needs more bathrooms added. 


Not even any Spiral Staircases, sad, sad, so sad.


How bout all those great new towns we get with all those EP's.

Sadly, just kidding of course, Get Together is the only one I've seen with a nice new town plus other things to do, (They should have added the DJ career for Players too).

New stuff packs coming out every month is more important I suppose.


Dine Out could have been far better, why can't I be the Cook and have my Family members doing the other jobs?

All I can do is manage it, pfft. 


EA Hairs suck and so does most of the clothing, what clothing?, kids only get a few things to wear.

Guess they grow up too fast to matter very much anyway.


Backyard Stuff doesn't even add any Lounge Chairs, boy the EA animators are really getting lazy, or is management just to stupid and greedy now to give a shit.

New Water Slides?, which are mostly for kids, I know... the grown ups can use them too, yawn, well, better than nothing I guess.


Pools without Diving Boards or Pool Slides, but instead we get a diving platform where sims spend more time mopping up the puddles than jumping.

(Swimming is not about having fun now, no or low fun level, it's all about the 'athletic' skill now).

(Shouldn't Swimming also be a learned skill, duh!)

(Sims just spend all their time playing video games, browsing the web, and watching TV anyway so why even bother with pushing athletic skill).


What's the first thing my sim does when visiting another household, he makes a fucking beeline to the nearest computer or TV.

And playing with their Iphones or Ipads every 2 minutes is such fun.

Wonder whatever happened to all those social, face to face, things we used to have.


Most all the food we cook is 'Vegetarian Safe', WTF does that even mean anyway, did the hamburgers suddenly quit mooing?

Is that why 90% of the sims spawned in the game are FAT, they must all be 'athletic vegetarians' huh? 


We got some Hot Tubs added but are for show only, sims ignore them, in Sims 3 I could not keep sims out of them.

Fun Level is preset at 2 or 3, WTF

I temp. deleted my Pool, Radio, TV, & Computers, and my sim just stood around like a tard, and still would not use the Hot Tub.

I also had all the Autonomous Phone crap disabled by using SCAM.

(That mod is a must BTW, because I had to disable 'Tend Garden' and 'Research' to prevent my sim from checking on plants every 2 minutes)

(Also disabled the annoying 'get water' and 'drink water' auto animations happening every few minutes)

(Auto... Play Guitar, Read Book/Put Back, Drop Anywhere, Do Push Ups, etc., got a whole bunch of them disabled)

(I know it's why my sim just stands around now but it's better than him doing so many useless things instead)  


Don't think I could play any version of sims without the mods, even playing Skyrim I'm using mods.


I could go on and on, but won't.


Tried playing Sims 3 the other day and forgot how to do anything, lol.

I run a ton of mods with both Sims 3 & 4 BTW.

Sims 3 runs fine for me as long as I'm running the NRaas Controller and stay away from certain buggy towns.

Having No Pets and No Seasons might help a bit too.

ITF doesn't seem to have any issues tho.

Makeup and Hair Mods help make the sims look better but really can't compete with Sims 4 which does way better in that respect.


Still playing Sims 4 but doubt I'll buy much else for it, maybe Backyard Stuff and Dine Out, if there running a 50% off sale that is.

I was lucky finding The Sims 4 base game on a 75% off sale on Cyber Monday last year, so it only cost me 10 bucks, lol.

Most all my Sims 3 stuff I found on ebay many years ago, both new and used, disk install only, for cheap $$.   

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I can't really get into either anymore, sadly. TS3's open world ruined TS4 for me - it feels so closed-off and restrictive and... dead. TS3's worlds felt alive - it felt like other sims were actually out there doing things. Unfortunately, TS3 runs like shit and KW is a flaming pile of garbage (ambitious and multi-faceted, but it's held together with duct tape and dreams). Plus Oniki has paywalled the mod, and while it's easy to get it elsewhere, it bothers me on principle.


WickedWhims, on the other hand, is a tight, well-put-together mod with a fair release cycle and an attentive and talented modder at the helm... but the game itself is shit.



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IDK why, but the sex animations on Kinky World look way better than anything I've seen on Sims 4. IDK if that's related to the game, or just the specific animators' skills, but I love the expressions and bounciness they have on KW. I also really like that there are peeping toms, rapists, prostitutes, etc... but as said already, they can be added in modules. That's the benefit that KW has is that it's been out for much longer than WW. Maybe a few years down the line, WW will have enough add-ons (and maybe even animations of the same quality of KW) to outdo KW. We'll just have to wait for that. xoxo

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I was warned about what would happen with WW on the highest incidence of WooHoo setting. I was not prepared for the reality of it all. They don't get a chance to catch their breath before going at it again. I saw a couple of my sims literally RUN across town to start shagging the fist stranger they met. 


At least in KW, you have to at least find out the NPC's name before you bury your face in their crotch.


Granted, I just started with WW. Eventually I'll get it fine tuned enough that my sims aren't rutting themselves to death because that's all they do.

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On 2/10/2019 at 2:09 AM, Cul said:

Hm yea, without Turbo and all the modders, TS4 would be awful. I saw an XML injector in MTS. Maybe in another year, there will be an entire library of (working) script mods hah...

Like most tools and utility mods, the documentation is insufficent. I would love it if Zerbu would document his mod constructor.

And how do you get inside of Wicked whims to find the event listener for Sex? It's not the same listener as woohoo. ?

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Curious for advice on which game to try. I played S3 with sex mods years ago and found it decent. Thinking about getting S4 now that there are apparently decent adult mods.


this thread has been helpful in pointing out the good and bad between the two games. In terms of specific adult content I would appreciate some recommendations.


I am mostly interested in detailed adult content not just watching Sims randomly shag. Would I be better off with S3 or S4 to experience detailed content for BDSM, Swinging / cuckold, adult jobs, etc? Not sure how detailed any of the newer adult content is, but if either game now has mods that can portray things like a BDSM relationship between sims, beyond just sex animations, as an example, that would be my ideal.


any thoughts? Thanks!

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  • 2 weeks later...

KW, hands down. Just more kink-specific content and a more curated experience as well. I have a suspicion TURBODRIVER tries to avoid certain... extreme kinks like rape or bestiality. My personal opinion on any of these matters aside, I will always go with the decision that gives more flexibility and options.

There's also the "curated" bit I was talking about before.
When you have several different mod authors all putting their unique stylings on each of their mods, you end up with several different mods with several different... flavors. They end up being less interconnected and work less fluidly with each other.

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When it comes to feature differences without outside modules, KinkyWorld has the advantage. Longer development time on a more versatile engine will lead to this.




Sims 4 appears too restrictive in that it is an instance-based experience, rather than open world. For optimization, this is a good thing and the goal of the project overall. The illusion of the world being open in the Sims 4 is damaged when the next door neighbor is jogging around the primary residence, then appears dancing in the club as soon as or shortly after the instance changes. Additionally, Sims off-site enter into a less-than-satisfactory method of self-care which may as well be nonexistent. No mention is necessary of the limitations of CAS and the modern swatches.


With the addition of WickedWhims, these problems have the illusion of being worse as they become the focal point. Having a Sim off-site means either the interactions they could be partaking in are not being viewed as the user pays attention to the main bulk of the household, or the lack of self-care takes its toll as the singular entity engages in activities for the user's viewing pleasure. WickedWhims functionality is able to be manipulated using additional mods, which is beneficial.


That is not to say The Sims 4 is at a disadvantage at every point. The universal body mesh allows for teens to wear adult clothing without any disfigurement or hacking, which is something that The Sims 3 lacks. The optimizations make the game much more appealing if a quick session is intended, with less time invested in loading the game. CAS itself handles load times for hundreds of clothing options much easier than The Sims 3, and the addition of the Leggings category made outfits much more customizable.


The Sims 3 has optimization problems. It was built for older systems, which inherently is not a bad thing as the game was released nearly 10 years ago. Additionally, the body mesh for the teens and adults were different, which led to complications for clothing and animation mods. The mesh also appeared odd, leading to the popular "potato head" references.


KinkyWorld has its own share of problems. The mod is very heavily reliant on scripts, which must first be injected into the game, leading to increased load times. The mod itself is not updated frequently except on Patreon, with the last update being Build 398, whereas the last posted to LoversLab was Build 375 over a year ago. Additionally, while not part of KinkyWorld, the female mesh for The Sims 3 appears to have a hairline seam in it during some animations.




The Sims 4, while technologically faster and more efficient, lacks many of the core essentials that made The Sims 3 great. However, The Sims 3 suffers from lack of optimization, which negatively impacts user experience. WickedWhims and KinkyWorld mirror their game counterparts, with WickedWhims being faster and more efficient but lacking, and KinkyWorld lacking optimization or updates. 


The Sims 3 lag problems can be alleviated. There exists many guides to help improve the playability of the game. The most significant improvement was observed after forcing the game to only use two cores through the use of a batch file. From the technical information that I read, The Sims 3 stutters a lot because there are simply too many cores, similar to an individual who may stutter while they are thinking too quickly. Forcing the game to use two cores alleviated many of the main world problems, especially while creating or editing buildings. It was compelling enough to create a batch file to launch the game.


To do the same, create a batch file and insert the following.

cd "X:\The Sims 3\Bin\"
start /affinity 3 TS3W.exe

Modify the directory to match your installed Sims 3 game. This batch when executed will limit the game to the first two processor cores. If The Sims is installed anywhere other than the C drive, consider following this guide on how to create a shortcut version - https://www.eightforums.com/threads/cpu-affinity-shortcut-for-a-program-create-in-windows.40339/


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I will always prefer Sims 3 and honestly if you use NRAA mods which everybody seems to have forgotten it cleans up a huge host of issues that caused bugs and lag.  Really you just need to spend some time and give the Sims 3 some love before you play it - then it runs fine.  It also looks a hell of a lot better.


Its kind of sad we've lost Lady666, she made some amazing animations but a few new animators have come around.


Overall I will probably always have Sims 3 installed on my PC and I supported KW for a VERY long time (years). 

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