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  1. Bigger one. Also this one https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99188-crabbs-sim-shine-specular-overlay/
  2. Oh maybe that one is the broken one (and makes sims glow), thanks for testing it, will definitely try just that one, without glo. Currently I am patchin a butt. And healing some pubes. Making vicky shadows smoother. Edit: and this is first look. I have to remake the faces, the vagine a little lower and a bit softer shadows CulTITSkin DEFAULT woman.package
  3. Oh, you dont see sims glowin? Hm maybe I'll put them back in and just, fuck going outdoors hah. All that work to make maxis sims look fine, and then they will glow like aliens anyway hah.
  4. Have you updated your game? Does home screen say at center bottom?
  5. Oh no subfolders, like, I just extracted the dicks I wanted right in WW folder.
  6. Does the mod in that link show any conflicts, like procian says? Browse to your Mods, then scan and in the next tab they show in red.
  7. Oh waht lighting mod? I've really been waiting for Luumia to fix NoBlue and NoGlo hah...
  8. what are all your dicks? there must be some conflict, you can check with this, or paste your mods here (print screen, then ctrl + V here).
  9. Oh, they work on my end. I have them inside the WW folder, u too? If they worked before, there should be no conflictin dicks, so maybe that fixes it.
  10. And this is first try at default mesh, edited Joshua into someone's default, then just picked def color CulTITSkin DEFAULT man.package + CulikoSkintones DEFAULT.package So technically all Maxis sims would look fine, with just two files and Reshade. I will add the penis skin too. And maybe vicky for woman default, without pubes. Edit: Seems I got dicks working (without tattoo). This is Lunar's cock, his tutorial helped me. I might do two versions, one for Noir's too. Edit: I extracted the penis texture from WW and made a skin for it instead. Hm now it looks better than the body hah. Just needs more purple in glans
  11. Have been experimenting with skins. This is with only a default + Raphael in Mods folder default1.package Just a facemask and he's good to go hah... This is default2.package + obscurus_skin_N8_overlay.package Hm I will change the other light colors into defaults, as well. This weekend. Hm it makes sense to adjust skins and Reshade together, just had to learn hah...
  12. Oh if you mean the amovie.ini files, some of the previous versions had 10 presets, but this one only has 6. All the Reshade files are there! Updated that picture, and also the video... Hit 9 to open Reshade, or hit 8 to switch shaders off (or tick off).
  13. I must have stared at sim booties for 100 hours by now, so I renamed it booty sims. Replaced the old video with a silent booty. 🔇
  14. Oh yea, don't remove that one. Check your Recycle Bin, right click Default.ini if it's in there & Restore. After I delete Default.ini, the game doesn't start on my end, either. Hm, did you delete the other presets and Reshade stuff manually? Maybe you got Default.ini, since it ends in .ini as well. Hm I will add a red warning in post, about that.
  15. Glad you solved it Ha, LL kept disconnecting and I just haven't played TS4 since then. Though I installed that lighting mod and these textures, I realized my laptop cant run that on top of 6 GB of CC, with 8 sims ha... So similar situation! At least Reshade was slowing the animations to a slower, sexier pace. Hm I will tweak them and update them tomorrow, if LL is workin fine again.
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