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  1. That lighting inside is so good! What do you use hah? I was just trying some for burning with Reshade. but the front is too bright, have to remake
  2. Are you clicking on beds/furniture? You don't get the option if you click on sims.
  3. Oh lol. Yea think I get it. Maybe two hearts WW-style, one is the sub all beaten w blood / ahegao / lying in the floor. The other one is smiling.
  4. Yes, ice cream Hm, well it's trying some edits of skins + Crabb "sweat" + Reshade. Still learning ab specular maps for sweat, and that new Reshade is just a base (without below)
  5. This is some ice cream, from one of my failed attempts
  6. Вот, Вы можете скачать анимацию жирным шрифтом (Amra... ...Doan). Загрузки с тем же именем, Обновленные загрузки обычно находятся внизу. Amra72 например, вы должны скачать последние два. то же самое для Mike24, только последние два. Смотрите имена и размер одинаковы. Если вы сомневаетесь, выберите те, что внизу. Если у них есть похожее имя / размер, только выберите один. После того, как они у вас есть в папке /Mods, внутри игры, фиолетовое окно должно сказать, что у вас есть +3000 анимаций. Вы нажимаете на предметы (например кровати), а не на симов. (Google Translate )
  7. There was also a thing that would make all your sims look like this, but the creator may be dead.
  8. Hm well, it's not that hard to remove the pubic hair. To do the rest... With photoshop, you get this .dds plugin, export the images with Skininator or Sims 4 Studio as .dds. Open it & run this action, and just replace the texture with clone tool with lighten selected. Then do the same with the other images, and import back with Skininator. Or you could try this one, it's also a default. Maybe that fucker will finish the new version soon.
  9. I uploaded the new Reshade I've been working on. But unfortunately, it's all the same skintone atm. I remade the way Reshade changes them, so now I have to remake them. Working on the the pink skintones, have to test some to get both /same time. I did spend hours fixing the feet, though the nails are still white. Male and female are different, may need to have fem and male skintones.
  10. Oh wow, thank you, Turbo! Downloading it now. And thanks for all your work! When I opened WWtuning, there were so many things, I don't know how you do it!
  11. Thanks, R-Lo. For your words, and your ideas. Yea, on my end, it even makes me wonder if there is a bug I'm not seeing. This outside becomes this inside, just so awful hah. and for Reshade too, outside is so much easier to work with, just perfect
  12. Did you enable script mods? Need to tick both on. To "install" it you just need to extract that folder in your Mods
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