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  1. Don't bring lastexceptions with ANY adult mods to their server. I don't feel they're open to any adult mods there. So honestly, just save them the trouble. The people who know the adult mods are gonna be here anyway. Just means our OWN tech support will need to be more courteous than their own so people don't feel as upset bringing their errors here. There's also tools like lastexception.com which I think was made in part by turbodriver that could maybe help. Not a catch-all but worth a try.
  2. I do apologize if this has been answered before, but does the mermaid content require the Island Living EP?
  3. It's a SL scene that starts. I already have the mod, however I wish to identify what it is so I can head to the thread and troubleshoot.
  4. There is where I... absolutely hate to trouble you lot but how would I do this. I'm returning to an old save and... weirdly enough, I'm not sure what type of body I'm using using. Oddly enough, when I check an outdated body mod I have at the bottom of my mod list (in MO, so it's not actually overwriting anything), it doesn't conflict with any full body, but instead it BodySlide and Outfit Studio as well as "All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy". Perhaps the body is packaged in the pussy package? How does this relate to bodyslide? Well.. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to match my sliders in Bodyslide to the sliders in-game. Does Bodyslide already know and set things accordingly when you open it in MO? What's going on? Is there any damage I can cause by just opening BodySlide and blindly just pressing what buttons I assume do the thing? Even with some tutorials, I feel it's already assuming a great deal that I already know how it works and honestly.. the interface confuses the hell out of me. All of this complexity is... yeah...
  5. On top of me being stuck in struggle animation after a harasser gets attacked by an enemy, there's also a weird bug where I can't turn my camera right or left. I'm only able to turn the camera up and down.
  6. So what happens if I... make an inspector... not be alive anymore? 😐 Will he respawn or is he deaded forever?
  7. What mods should I use to make things more likely for me to be thrown in prison? Also, for some reason, no matter what settings I tick in POP, I'm STILL unable to notice/allow faster time in the prison. I try to tick the setting so I can fastforward in prison. It gets boring. All that happens in Dragonsreach Dungeons is well... I get arrested, jailor puts me in cell, takes advantage, then heads out to the "hallway" of the dungeon, leaving the door open and I keep getting teleported into the hall with him... with... nothing to do. All that happens is random whippnig. I'm not sure if there's more but it sucks being stuck in the hall for so long with just... whipping. Is this mod somehow incompatible with Slave Trainer? I know it puts some new NPCS in Dragonsreach Dungeon for "training". Would that keep other scenes from playing?
  8. So... I got it to work and had a successful encounter with someone on the road from Checking on the Roads , however... of all things, a Mudcrab killed him while he was wresting my PC. And I'm stuck in struggle-mode. Do I just reload a save or is there something I can do in the future whenever this happens? Or is there something the modder can do to fix this. EDIT: Sadly, I couldn't load while in the struggle animation, so I had to quit, then reload.
  9. OP = original post. As in the first post on this forum thread. Page 1. Also, care that you guys have revived a thread of a mod that may be outdated. I haven't tested, haven't used this mod. But in case you come across errors, this is worth a mention.
  10. Is there a guide to the whole Doll stuff? I'm trying to sell off a sim I bought because she's taking up a household slot. But can't find out how to... eh... sell her? I guess I could cheat or use Sacrificial's Extreme Violence mod to free up a slot but I'd rather things be as "organic" and nonviolent as possible. I'm still on pre-June patch, though. Because one of my mods hasn't been updated yet. EDIT: Reading up, is there a way to swap the sell of the doll to Foreign Market after I've already picked the other? I didn't know before I opted to sell that selling required me to go into Manage World or whatever. I'd prefer if I could do it within the household I'm currently playing.
  11. So are there any outstanding bugs in this update before I decide to start going through my modlist and checking them all for compatibility with the new patch? I'm asking the devs and helpers/regulars, not the usual users since I'm already seeing some "bugs" that aren't really bugs (e.g. censorship easily fixed by removing streamer mode).
  12. What version does it work with? Scratch that. I don't keep up with version numbers. I thought 1.50 was a new version, not an old version.
  13. What sort of height slider mods does WW support? Or is there like one in particular that is hugely popular (and hopefully maintained). I've thought about height mods but stayed away in case of animation glitch issues. Since WW is supporting them, it seems a bit more convincing to try. Is Luumiasims' slider okay?
  14. My camera keeps snapping to 3rd person when under the mod. This seems to only happen when bound with a devious device.
  15. So the LL/WW site-downloaded packages will have the Romance Age Restrictions/Blood-Related toggle for the foreseeable future?
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