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  1. Try adding a wall around the missing floor at ground level, (the idea is to enclose it). This should add a floor. Then add floor tiles/covering. Then use the hammer to destroy each wall section when done. You might have to remove some things to build a wall.
  2. Yes females are usually easier because most female bits are overlays but EVE can be a bit cranky so I never used it. (Sometimes adding other details to females will knock out your skin overlay in CAS) (2 overlays can't occupy the same slot at the same time). (Some of the Wild Guy's Female Body details will still work when applied to skin overlays like RemusSirion RS-12-F). (But if you use the vagina details it will knock out the skin... but pubic hair, nipples, and nipple blush usually still work). (However it also depends a bit on what female body is being used as nip
  3. This has been a problem for a long time and now that the game has added even more darker skin tones it doesn't help. Penis mods only use the older vanilla maxis match skin tones from before the game added those new skin tones I believe. Don't think they've been updated to add all the new ones yet. Penis mods have always had more trouble matching darker skin tones from what I've heard. CC skins are even worse with color matching. Custom cc skins colors just don't match penis colors period, and not much you can do about it. Real Gens at one time had some opt
  4. Seems like an awful lot of sims users with the same name 'Darwin' lately.
  5. Yes LL forum rules won't allow helping with hacked games. Latest WW and other script mods require legit updated game version of 1.69.59.** or higher when more game patches come out later. Base game is cheap to buy with free Origin account sign up. And many DLC's go on 50% off sales quite often. Optional... WW uses Get to Work DLC for Strip Clubs. Get Together DLC for Sex Clubs
  6. Paper Bags are usually from the ECO Living EP's N.A.P.'s being voted in by NPC's in a particular neighborhood. Likely from an active sim living in the same neighborhood but not always. If your active sim lives in the same neighborhood as the nightclub/stripclub... Go home and shift+click on mailbox and disable the NAP that adds paper bags. You can add or remove any NAP's you want using this cheat. You can go into game settings/ECO and turn of NPC voting to prevent them from voting it in again later. Paper bags can also be removed by editing si
  7. I don't think a straight sim can use romance interactions with a gay sim when it goes against the other WW gender rules mentioned in above post. Yes you can cheat the romance bar but I don't think they will auto flirt/kiss each other. If you control one sim you might not even see the romance menu available when talking with the other sim. It should become available if you make the straight sim bi-sexual using MCCC.
  8. I'm not even sure what this 'trait' is unless something new was added to WW I haven't seen yet. If it's another mod then it might be messing with WW gender settings. Or all it does is add moods and buffs. This is the easiest fix but keep in mind he may have casual sex with other sims both gay/bi males and straight/bi females. Many other WW settings can also change how things work. If you want sims to follow WW gender rules. WW Settings/Sex Settings/Cheats: Always Accept (1 bar), (2 bars usually will bypass gender rules to allow for group sex)
  9. Got any gardening mods? If yes check for updated versions or remove from mods.
  10. Look in your saves folder and delete the WickedPervsMod folder Then delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder. Remove Sims 4 Community Library unless you have a specific mod that requires it.
  11. You do know of course you can't select Climax for the starting animation. I only mention it because I don't see any sims.
  12. Look in your saves and delete the WickedPervsMod folder Then delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder.
  13. No one answers because most likely this mod hasn't been made or seen yet. Far as I know it can't be done with Wicked Whims settings. Nude bottoms, either EA vanilla barbie or cc with penis, are considered 'outfits', only difference is they are 'hidden outfits'. Suits are also outfits and sims can only wear one outfit at a time. You can't wear a swimsuit with a suit at the same time either for example. Someone would have to make a cc/mod suit outfit with a penis or maybe an accessory. No idea how it's done since I'm not a modder.
  14. OK, I forgot about that since I haven't played with any female lesbians for quite some time now. Don't know why it's not working then and as I said normally strapon use is automatic and sims don't even need to have them in their inventory either. But I wonder because it's an accessory if you have another cc accessory on that's using the same slot. Or maybe undressing options in WW settings. I think something is preventing them from working properly.
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