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  1. If you have MS Windows OneDrive installed it will put old deleted mod versions back into your game. Then you have duplicate versions installed at the same time. Uninstall OneDrive or UnSync your Sims 4 folder.
  2. Nope I'm stuck in the same boat as I'm still on game version 1.81.
  3. The main reason for importing your saved sims is because you eliminate EA throwing in random ugly sims. But for example I have edited over 150 sims with cc hair, makeup, clothing, etc., and saved them to my Library to use for importing by MCCC later. So it doesn't make much sense if you don't have a ton of nice sims saved to use. If the game needs more than what you have saved to your Library it will reuse the same ones and rename them. If/when you create new households and move them into homes they usually get saved to your Library automatically. Using NPCC or Zero's mod will reduce the number of sims you need for service jobs but the game will still be trying to move sims into homes. Not sure how this last part will work since I have it disabled in my game and only move sims into homes manually either by making new ones or using my saved sims. I should also mention with the game and MCCC using sims for EA Careers and NPCC using sims for service jobs you might end up with a shortage of sims to use if NPCC is set to Do Not Generate. This is why I disabled MCCC Careers because service sims are more important/useful for actual game functions like bartenders, vendors, Butlers, etc. It's rather crazy the way the game assigns sims to different things but even if you have 200 sims available the game will keep on adding more.
  4. Maybe you need a higher relationship with that Celebrity first. When they ask you to come over do you get the option of asking them to come to your house instead? If not just cancel when they ask and open your relationship panel and invite them to your house and then try selling to them. If it still won't work try building their relationship higher.
  5. Wicked Settings > Sex Settings > Autonomy Settings > Autonomy Triggers: Disable Travel, Solo, and Joining if that's what you want. I always disable WW Autonomy before going on dates and use manual mode when the time comes to finish off the date. (Some prefer to keep this setting off until visiting Clubs or whatever and only enable when you want it) Just click on your date and select romantic then 'Make a Move', (it's in the last menu available if sims are romantic). The next trick is the Date Location as private venues are impossible to find so you won't be interrupted by other sims. San Myosho(City Living EP) on the Map Screen on the bottom right there is a Special Park with an empty house to use for dates. I've never had any other sims dropping by to disturb my dates. I edited the lot beforehand to add a double bed upstairs and make a few other changes. If you ever play a Rags to Riches Challenge starting with Zero money this is a good place to camp out to eat, sleep, and shower until you can make enough $$ to build your own home.
  6. The game likes to use homeless for many types of NPC service jobs like pizza delivery, bartenders, DJ's, etc., but will usually assign residents to EA Careers. But the game will also keep spawning sims at random for no reason at all so many sims added are useless anyway. Some of the settings in MCCC Careers can be changed to prevent residents from having EA Careers assigned by Age and percentages. You can also stop the game from moving homeless into every home in game by using MCCC and disabling the setting in game settings if that's what you want. These auto move-ins always happen on Fridays at Midnight. I assume you have MCCC set to import sims from your library rather than EA random uglies. I use NPCC mod to prevent the game from adding more useless sims and use both existing sims residents and homeless for service jobs rather than adding new sims all the time. Be sure to check NPCC settings to enable both residents & homeless for service jobs. Then find and enable the setting called 'Do Not Generate' (New Sims). It has many other useful settings besides those. Second choice is a mod called Zero_No Random Assign Jobs and it only uses filters for game packs you have installed. You just need to install only the filters you have Packs for and everything, mostly, is done automatically. It rarely gets broken with game updates as it's just filters and not a script mod like NPCC. Although it doesn't have any settings to change it still does a damn good job at keeping EA random sim generation to a minimum. You can also disable occult generation, abductions, and Alien Pregnancies with MCCC settings. Your post covers a lot of different topics that are a bit more complicated to explain everything so this might help with some of them..
  7. Need to update Nisa's Wicked Perversions and likely your other Mods too if not done already.
  8. Defaults you can only use one at a time but if you can select them in Wicked Body Selector in game you can use more than one non-default. Sopours Allure and Simdulgence Real Gens are 2 examples of non-defaults and CMARS is an example of a default.
  9. WW Autonomy Frequency & Cooldown Timers might be set too high. Wicked Settings > Sex Settings > Autonomy Settings > Autonomy Specifics: Random Sex Frequency Modifier (Set to 0.01) Autonomy Cooldowns (Set both Minimums to 0 and Maximums to 0.01) Note that I don't know if Strip Clubs work differently than normal WW autonomy and/or if Nisa's mod affects it.
  10. My bad in posting the wrong numbers as I must have been tired. They should be whole numbers meaning anything after the decimal point are meaningless. I should have stated -15.0 stops autonomous sex for anything other than very romantic sims. If you want to slow down Player to NPC autonomous sex start at -7.0 or if you only want romantic sex use -15.0.
  11. This mod requires the Sims4 Community Library mod. Etheria_RomanceOverhaul.ts4scriptJul 26 2021 All KS Mods and Red Apple Net might need to be updated This Mod below needs to be extracted and delete the ZIP file afterwards. LYNX PRIDE 2021.zip Aug 06 2021 Zip files are not the standard script-mod format. This mod may be out-of-date. \Mods\
  12. Make sure you game is updated first Then remove all other Mods/CC except for Wicked + Animations and test in game again. Delete your localthumbcache.pkg after removing Mods to reset old data. You likely have another Mod that was broken during the last game update.
  13. You might have something wrong with an animations file either duplicates or different versions used at the same time IDK. I'd try removing those animations and test game again. Exception raised while processing zone spin up sequence: WW_ooOLaLaWorld_Animations() takes no arguments (TypeError: WW_ooOLaLaWorld_Animations() takes no arguments)
  14. I've noticed this too and wondered why that old code was never removed myself.
  15. English version doesn't really explain it well either. WW uses scores mostly based on relationships for picking viable Sex Pairs so those settings are either a boost or a handicap on those scores. Using the Alluring Trait on Sims boosts that score a bit more into the positive range too.
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