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  1. Game version 1.66 was the Star Wars patch in Sept. and broke lots of other things too. You need WW version 158a or 158b(which had some bug fixes I think), but both are from August.
  2. You also deleted your localthumbcache.package after doing all this I assume. Might have to remove MCCC to isolate the problem. Make sure you deleted any old MCCC .cfg files. I'd suspect another mod doesn't like both being installed. Or possible duplicates. The WickedWhims Log file in your TS4 folder will list duplicates you just need to scroll down abit. But it won't detect dupes if you have those files merged.
  3. Some things to try... There are 2 folders you should try deleting. One is in the WickedWhimsMod folder and it's named Settings. The other is in your Saves folder Then move the WW folder to your desktop temporarily. Delete your localthumbcache.package in your TS4 folder. (This is the point I'd also do an Origin Repair). Load your old save and your played household then do a 'save as' whatever. Then exit, delete the localthumbcache again and move WW back into Mods.
  4. Yes there should be a mod for autonomous 'be mean' or 'fight' and maybe even assign sims names or even categories/genders. Something like a 'shit list', lol. You can use MCCC now to assign relationships to any NPC's as being despised but has to be done for each one manually. Even with that sims don't seem to react or do much about it autonomously. Wonder if some of the Curses from Spellcasters would tick them off enough.
  5. I have MCCC settings so only 100% female babies are born but I've had it mess up on occasion and make a male. Just deleted it with MCCC and tried again. Think this can apply to any new random sims being spawned by the game too. Although I use Paulson's NPCC to stop all the continuous new sim generation. The plague from Strangerville spread throughout all the lands and caused a genetic disorder that killed off all the male population. But for some odd reason my Sim was immune (Playing with aging off) Didn't need any rapist traits as my WW settings allow my sim to have sex with everyone by either autonomous or manual. Any males still living when I started the play through were disabled for WW autonomous by using shift + click /wicked/disable for autonomy. Now all the other males have died off through various means. Incest trait added to offspring as needed. No idea about the male drama parts or fighting other than maybe using the jealousy trait obviously.
  6. The worship of shrines, or any other worship, might even offend other religious people/cultures too. Look how the missing skin tones for other races had so many ppl offended. It wasn't intentional either but at least they finally fixed it. Being older I knew about the Rising Sun flag but not the Shrine Worship and many Americans today don't even know much about our own history or culture. But it's good to hear feedback from S.Koreans about these things as they know their own history far better than us. EA just didn't know but I would expect them to correct it now that some have called attention to it. It would take much more than this to keep me from buying it. What's the old saying 'You can't please all the people all the time'.
  7. Yes you have to click on a planter to purchase seeds just like all the other EA plant seeds. Or you can order the seed packets on your computer. Planting plants doesn't work. Maybe I didn't explain it properly, sorry.
  8. Not quite sure what you mean but the Wicked default nude body, in the body selector, only changes the nude barbie body to an adult body with the bits added. The Maxis override in the body selector only works if you have another default nude body installed. Like Better Bodies, CMAR, or other default replacement bodies. Non-default bodies will be listed by name for selection if you have any that is. All of these replace the EA naked barbies. If you don't have any installed it will not go back to barbie version it will still default to the Wicked body. CAS outfits(clothing) really don't have anything to do with the nude bodies anyway. Posting some pictures might help. Use the paperclip below to add pics.
  9. Yes newer mod versions require game being updated to the latest version. Be sure to go into game settings/other and re-enable mods and scripts as they will be disabled by most game updates. Then delete your localthumbcache.package in your TS4 folder whenever you add, remove, or update mods or game. You also need to download some animations for Wicked to work. MOTHERLODESIMS & Azmodan22 are a couple of the best but there are many other good ones too. Most all other script mods and also default skins will need updating if you have any.
  10. Some cc mods use weird slots to avoid the more commonly used ones I think. But if 2 of them are trying to use the same slot it usually causes problems. Sliders and Body Morphs can do strange things too. Different creators making the same lip sliders for example, maybe some are older and some are newer. They don't look like duplicates but they actually are.
  11. Assuming your game and WW are both updated to latest versions.... UICheats mod sometimes causes this so remove and check for updates. I think the last one was 1.19 unless the last skintones game patch 1.67 broke it again.
  12. Yes it's the preferred method for me too because I don't want all my sims in the game having orgies. I just use MCCC to check or change all the sims gender preferences instead because I've used it so much.
  13. Wonder about the possibility a 3rd unknown script mod that might be causing it.
  14. I would also delete any old Wicked Settings like the one in your saves folder. You might also possibly have another Wicked install hidden somewhere. And delete your localthumbcache.package in your TS4 folder whenever adding, removing, or updating mods or the game itself. Latest game patch broke all the cc default skins, I prefer to use non-default skin overlays instead due to less breakage. Update Wild Guys Female Body Details and/or any other cc default skins you might have. Other script mods you may have like MCCC or Basemental Drugs also need to be updated.
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