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  1. Likely one or more of your mods needs updating. Check for new versions of all your script mods like Nisa's Wicked Perversions, AEP, Slice of Life, MCCC, etc. You should remove all mods except Wicked + Animations and test again. Don't forget to delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder whenever you add, remove, or update mods or game.
  2. In your mods folder make sure Wild Guys loads before Wicked as load order matters. Use FBD or Body Details to put all his files into. Delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder.
  3. Well I'll be dipped, I always thought they were yours, lol. Have to hunt that one down and find out now... BTW it does work real good with your nipples though.
  4. Oh, that's a strange one. Did it happen with different sims or just one? I'd test it further with mods removed first.
  5. Pretty sure that's a feature of Wicked. You would have to change her traits and remove the 'hates children' and replace with another one.
  6. Sometimes this is caused by cc clothing flagged for nude. Best to go through all the cc clothing with S4S and check their tags as I found several tagged for nude. WW also has a setting somewhere to fix bathing outfits and I usually have it on all the time. I use Outfit Tools mod to copy nude outfits to bathing so I can include M H T (makeup, hair, tattoos) It's a bit more complicated to do NPC's & Townies but active households are easier.
  7. I think to buy higher level drugs you need to have higher skill too.
  8. Wild Guys Female Body Details Has quite a few nipple sizes and types and also has nipple blush (at the very bottom) to make them more pink. They also seem to stretch to bigger size when boobs are increased in size. If you use the pubic hair then disable WW pubic hair growth in WW Nudity Settings. (Install in folder so it loads before WW)
  9. Wicked Settings > Sex Settings > Cheats: Always Accept (set to 1 bar green) Wicked Settings > Sex Settings > Autonomy Settings: Autonomy Awareness: Player Sims: ON, Joining Sex: ON, Relationship Awareness: OFF,(Cheating) Pregnancy Awareness: OFF, Sex Location Memory: ON, Sex Animation Memory: ON Block around Children: (Your Choice) ***Joining Sex Gender Compliance: ON (OFF for sims to auto join in group sex)*** Joining Sex Relationship Compliance: OFF (ON=less joining in sex if in romantic relationships) You can also start a solo handjob on bed
  10. Deleting you loacalthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder can sometimes help and should be done whenever you add, remove, or update mods or game. Have you tried loading a new game yet. Possibly a bad save. Try an Origin Repair next. Possibly bad game files. Another one to try is removing all mods except for WW + Animations and retest.
  11. As long as you're the owner then no. Works the same as any other business lots you own like Restaurants, etc. It's because an active sim can only be at one lot at a time. I guess you could say that an active sim on the lot makes it an active lot.
  12. It happens to the best of us Some friendly advice... Make a new folder in Mods named 'Wicked Animations' to put all your animations into. Good general practice for using any mods is to keep them in category folders or by mod name. Example: Mods/Clothing Mods/Hairstyles Mods/Makeup Mods/WickedWhimsMod Mods/Wicked Animations etc.
  13. Update Nisa's Wicked Perversions, Basemental Drugs and Gangs and retest. Also delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder whenever you add, remove, or update mods or game.
  14. It's usually related to your friendship level with the dealer and/or your skill level.
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