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  1. Hey, what with the Mochacchino pack and the fashion photography thing, is there a reason to buy it e.g. making actual porn photos for sale? Asking for a friend cuz obviously, I'd never think of that myself.
  2. I want WW aspirations that result in WW traits, like polyamory and incest. That is, objectives from "show bathing suit" to "Flash all" that lead to an incest trait, or boinking multiple partners leads to the Polyamory trait. Why? because it seems lame to get rich making Golden Plates and then buying the 1000 point incest, unique appearance or polyamory traits. I want to see a mod where, when you teenage male sim makes thousands of simolians from copypasto the golden plate from Adventures, his mom says "you're the man of the house now" and has sex with him on demand. There's no gratitude in this game. I want to see a mod that makes buffs based on who you have sex with, e.g. milf are "Buttery", females who haven't given birth are "tight", virgins are "popped" and "tight", ect. Of course, skill levels for sex. Traits for males that range from "premature ejaculator" (sex ends early and partner has negative buff), to average (no special trait) to "forever stiff" and multiple orgasm moodlet for partner. If someone could point me to some informative tutorials on how to hack WW to find the traits and how to use Zebru's Mod Constructor, I'd make these myself, but so far, I've had no luck in making these mods cuz I'm stupid.
  3. I've been trying to make a simple mod that gives a sim a trait from Wicked whims via an aspiration. That is, say the WW incest reward trait for an aspiration completion that includes objectives of showing a relative sim a swimsuit, nude, etc that you can do under the "friendly" relations that, when completed, get the sim a WW trait. So far, I've not been able to identify the traits in the WW mod nor have I been able to navigate Zebru's mod constructor to even make an asperation that give a sim any kind of trait at all. Why? Because getting 1000 points by reading the vampire book 1 to get incest or polyamory trait is just lame. Anyone have any tutorials on Zebru's Mod Constructor for aspirations or got any clues how to find the traits in Wicked Whims? Thanks in advance...
  4. Love the mod. The sex flush is epic! It seems to play just fine. The problem I have is in shutting down the game when this mod is installed. It just doesn't shut down. And judging from how hot my computer gets, it's very busy picking daisies when it's trying to shut down. Edit: I guess what I thought was the sex flush is really just pain from the tight trait. Well, there's more than one way to get a red hot face tho'. Also, I deleted a bunch of stuff in my mods folder and put them back. Now I have no problem with Wicked Perversions. My bad... should have done more debugging. I'm glad, now this mod really works great!
  5. 1a) Sex skill; or make it more realistic and let the player learn to do it right. 1b) Make it more realistic. E.g. women take longer to reach orgasm than men, few folks would get off just from giving someone else oral sex. 2) Sex traits like Horny which makes a sim wet or stiff at the slightest provocation and have a hard on during sex that just stays up until physical exhaustion or sore dick. (me in college). 3) Moodlets that describe the sex, instead of a general score. I really didn't need "sweat", tho' sweaty sex was good. Or the attraction system being so involved.
  6. Great stuff! I tried playing this in Sims 3 and it was always spawning sims no matter what I tried. Maybe I'll make a "Gillligan's Island" and have the professor bang Mary Ann, Ginger and Mrs. Howell as Gilligan and Skipper do their thing and Mr. Howell has sex with his case of money.
  7. I agree. Kinky world makes the game unplayable. I got really p.o.ed when I found that if I made world with CAW with KW installed, that world would be hosed without KW. that said, KW had a lot of great ideas. As base games go, Sims 3 is way better than Sims 4. WW makes the difference. Other folk make interesting add ons, I think the Pornography career add on is a good idea but I can't get it to work (I think the june 19th update broke it). Basemental drugs? All I used wast the 15,000 simolian cocaine package in my Clone machine, so I made a lump of clay cost 10,000 simolians, called it "Supernovium" and replaced that mod. Never wanted to be a drug dealer. Nisa's wicked perversions is an interesting mod - I tried to play with the Easter Hare trait... okay, but no way to make a living. The pheromone thing was over powering. The slave deal was interesting but it got so tiresome to bang all the slaves every other day to keep them enslaved.
  8. I wish an attraction score for the patron release showed up in the buy a doll dialog.
  9. It has too many blow jobs and not enough carpet munching. It's supposed to be a simulation. Women take longer to get to orgasm than men, and blowjobs cut the time down that the woman is being stimulated because the guy is gonna orgasm even quicker. And going in wet is a lot better than going in dry, and she's more likely to invite you back. I think a scoring mod is needed to implement this, along with appropriate moodlets.
  10. Same old error. The game is unplayable with this mod as is. I am losing hope that it will get fixed... too many excuses and finger pointing at things that are not the problem. yeah, bad on me, but a mod that doesn't work is no loss. xcpt MSI 19-05-15 12.43.29.txt
  11. I installed version I had a hard lock up while the game was paused in full screen mode so I had to log out. I ran it again, and after 6 minutes, and there were two "autonomy error" thrown in the message box. That suggest that the errors that caused the crash in were handled in But other than that, it ran. So... 1) Maybe installing your SDK worked (and required a restart) or 2) the problem was fixed in
  12. I installed this 32 bit version of this .net, put Passion back on, and it crashed to desktop about 8 minutes into gameplay. This dot net thing is cool. I'm doing the tutorial now. Edit 2: How did you get Visual Studio 2015 to not reference it's own mscore.dll? xcpt MSI 19-05-14 07.40.38.txt
  13. Good to know. I thought that my game was some sort of pathological exception.
  14. I only had Animated_Woohoo_Passion_Ver2.7.4.1 installed when I get crashes. When I replace it with the 2.5 version, no crashes. Also, removing all passion versions and running NRAAS woohooer, no crashes. My game only crashes when Passion is installed. My alien: I made the alien green, big eyed and pointy ears in CAS, then add the alien percentage using NRAAS MC+Cheats. I got the same crash with a ordinary non-occult sim in both University and Hidden Springs. See my prior post. Sorry, I didn't see that you had made a new post that appears on a new page, and I edited my old post so I wouldn't be double posting.
  15. I didn't have outfit changer installed with the newest version of passion when it crashed. I shall look for the fix to university world. Edit: I retried with a human sim with no occult. My game crashed about 6 minutes into the game. The world was university again. Same mod configuration as before. xcpt MSI 19-05-13 15.37.05.txt This second exception report is for non-occult human sims. The world was Hidden Springs. Again this was about 6 minutes into real time game play. xcpt MSI 19-05-13 15.53.33.txt Am I the only one who is seeing these crashes? I look forward to being able to play with your excellent mod.
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