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  1. So would most other users and those suggestions have been mentioned to TURBODRIVER before. Not much to control over random sex other than using settings to require sims to have higher relationships. Wicked Settings > Sex Settings > Autonomy Settings > Autonomy Specifics: NPC Sims Relationship Modifier: (set to -5.0 to -15.0 and NPC-NPC sims must have higher relationship for sex autonomy) Player to NPC Sims Relationship: (same as above, and positive numbers = less refusals) Or use the WW Asking for Sex Dialogs so sims ask first and you can tell them NO. (Doesn't work for NPC-NPC autonomy) Wicked Settings > Sex Settings > Autonomy Settings > Asking for Sex Settings: Enable all that apply. I know it's rather distracting having that message pop up all the time but it's the only way to allow autonomy but still be able to refuse manually with your Player Sim.
  2. Wicked Attractiveness and Sims looks have no effect over whether Sims will have sex or not. There are a few other ways to stop all the random sex autonomy but it would help if you could be more specific on what exactly you want.
  3. Error is likely from the AEP Mod or another Mod you have installed by the same author. You might have to remove their Mods if errors continue and no updates are found. https://ksuihuh.wixsite.com/corner
  4. Remove all your other mods except for Wicked Whims + Animations and retest in game. Don't forget to delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder whenever you make changes to your installed Mods content. Don't make any new saves with Mods/CC removed just exit when done testing. You likely have another Mod/CC that's broken. Add a few Mods back into game and test again. Your error should return when you have the bad Mod installed again. Just use the process of elimination to find good or bad Mods.
  5. Make sure you don't have [SecretCrush]Real3D_Pussy_01 installed as it can also cause the 'game failed to load' error.
  6. Sometimes WW has trouble updating data correctly. Remove WW from game for now. Delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder Load game but only up to the Map Screen and do a 'Save As' Testing or Whatever then exit. Install WW back into Mods and load the new save you just made. You could also try starting a new game save.
  7. Delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder and... Try starting a new game. It's possible your old save got corrupted. If it works OK now you could try cleaning your old save but it doesn't work 100% of the time. Rename your Mods folder to Mods OLD Delete your localthumbcache.pkg Load old game save but only up to the Map Screen and then 'Save As' 'Cleaned' or whatever, then exit. The game will likely create a new Mods folder so just delete it. Now rename your 'Mods OLD' folder back to Mods. Load up your 'Cleaned' save and test.
  8. The game settings also have a switch to enable sims to be moved into homes automatically. It's either ON or OFF. But it's possible MCCC causes all Sims to move in on Fridays all at once rather than at random. Just the way the Mod works I think. In my game I just have them disabled from moving in automatically and move Sims around manually. You can disable that in MC Settings > Population Settings > Moving Settings >Allow Homeless Move-Ins (0)
  9. Certain Mods or bad CC can prevent WW autonomy from working such as... sims3melancholic_highlight_05.package You might have to remove all other mods and test WW + Animations alone if there are others.
  10. Make sure your game is also updated to the latest version. Wicked Settings > Pregnancy Settings: Menstrual Cycle: OFF Player Sims Pregnancy Chance 100% NPC Sims Pregnancy Chance 100% Birth Control Settings: Condom Automatic Use: OFF Pills Automatic Use: OFF If Settings don't work... Other Mods used besides WW might also prevent sims from getting pregnant. Test WW alone without any other Mods to see if fixed now.
  11. Wicked Settings > Sex Settings > Cheats > Advanced Cheats Disable all boxes for Privacy and Reactions
  12. WW Body Selector is based on the CAS Gender selected for that Sim and not the Frames. Some Penis Mods/CC have the opposite frame and/or gender restrictions set in their tags. Start with a Female Gender in CAS with a Feminine Frame but select 'Does this Sim Have a Penis' YES Now you need an Optional Penis for Females/Futa's to select in WW Body Selector. I think Noir's and Dark Sims has a bigger one than Real Gens. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/79046-pornstar-cock-v5-condoms-wickedwhims-update-20211108/
  13. WW has become rather fussy about sex locations lately especially when other Sims are present. It helps to have many animations downloaded and have private rooms available with Beds and/or Sofas. Try using the Extreme Intensity setting. Wicked Settings > Sex Settings > Autonomy Settings > Autonomy Intensity: Extreme
  14. Thanks, will give these a try as they should be better than EA's regular stairs at least.
  15. WW Settings/Sex Settings/Sex Interaction Settings: Teen Sex Switch: OFF (This stops Teen to Teen Sex) WW Settings/Relationship Settings: /Personality Settings:(Your Choice) /Attractiveness Settings: (Your Choice) Open Relationships: ON (Cheating) Romance Age: OFF (This is Teen to Adult Sex)
  16. Make sure you have some Animations installed as you might be missing some for Solo on those objects.
  17. When WW sex is ongoing it blocks quite a few other inputs/interactions but it's sounds like a more unusual problem. Make sure UICheats is updated and remove TMEX mods for testing. BTW you don't need TMEX Always Testing as Wicked Whims enables the Testing Cheats Enabled Cheat Command whenever it loads so no point in doing it twice. Yours sounds like more of a performance problem with your PC running other background tasks using up CPU resources needed for the game. Unless it's another Mod or CC causing it. Animations are rarely the cause but too many Sims in a Zone/Lot can also cause more lag or unresponsiveness. Best to test Wicked + Animations alone with everything else removed first to eliminate the possibility of something else causing problems. Then delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder after changing your Mods folder contents. Just don't make any new saves with mods removed if you're using an old save game just exit when done testing. If the issue persists try doing a Game Repair next and load up a new save game.
  18. It seems to only happen once per save so far and then it stays working correctly afterwards. Something happens to prevent the relationships of certain sims to get updated completely, or correctly, and then they get 'stuck'.
  19. Search your Mods folder for Rig or Penis and delete any you find. Otherwise you'll have to use the 50/50 method of Mod removal until you find the bad file/s. Need to fix that issue first before other Penis Mods will work correctly. After fixing use the Wicked Body Selector to pick the one you want to use. Click on Sim and select Wicked > Personalization > Body Selector
  20. The only way I've found to clear the roadblock and traffic jam is to invite those sims over one at a time and interact with them somehow. Sex works too when you invite them over. Start at the Top Left #1 slot in your relationship panel and they should move down the list to where the roadblock starts. Just keep going and it might take awhile to get through all of them depending on how many are stuck. I still haven't found the cause of it but it doesn't happen to everyone so it might be just a random game bug. Almost every new save it happens at some point. If you don't want to bother with Ghosts you can remove them from your relationship panel with MCCC. Click on Sim in the Panel and Select MCCC > Relationships > Forget Sim > Both Friendly and Romantic.
  21. You should never see dead sims in your relationship panel unless they are now Ghosts. This would suggest you may have something else going on and even possibly a Mod or corrupted Game files. But it's important to delete your localthumbcache.pkg before starting a new save in case it has old game data from your previous save. New saves start out with your player sim not knowing anybody else unless of course they were part of a household with other sims. My issue was, and is, newly met sims sometimes get stuck at the top of the relationship panel and don't move down the panel list when you meet up with sims from the bottom of the panel as those should be moved into #1 in the relationship panel. Sometimes they also stack up to multiple sims rather than just a couple.
  22. Update your game version it's way too old for the new Mods to work.
  23. My point was that no other Penis Rigs are needed anymore as Wicked Whims has it included within the Mod now with it's default penis. Other Penis model replacements can be used like SImdulgence Real Gens or Noir's & Dark Sims instead of the Wicked default.
  24. You have an old penis rig that's obsolete. Search for Denton47 or other Wicked optional files older than 2020.
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