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About This File

These are rig text files for some of the more esoteric critters in Fallout 4

I would like to that both ShadeAnimator, for the toolkit that makes these rigs

useful, and Leito without whose advice I would have given up on this.


You can use these for whatever, and repost them as desired. My only requirement is

that you can't charge money for animations that use these rigs (or mods that use

animations that use these rigs, etc).

This zipped folder contains rig.txt files for use with ShadeAnimator's 3ds max tools.

You use these files in place of the  'FO4_Human_3rd_Rig' etc when exporting

animations from 3ds max.


I haven't included anything like the super professional looking 3ds scenes that Crazy

did with his rigs, on account of my 3ds skills are crap. As far as I can tell, you

should be able to get a working base scene just by importing the critter nif file

into 3ds and then selecting the appropriate skeleton.nif as a skeleton in the

resulting window of options.


These rigs have all been tested in static idle poses in game and should work without

any obvious mangling. I've tested most of them with some very general movements, but

I can't guarantee that every bone in each rig will behave as expected. You're welcome

to report problems, and I'll certainly have a look at them, but they will probably be

beyond my troubleshooting ability (see above about my knowledge of 3ds max).




as of version 1.0, this pack contains rigs for:


BloodBug ('mosquito' in the meshes folder)


MireLurk Hunter

MireLurk Queen

MireLurk King





Most of the other creatures in the vanilla game have already been rigged by either Crazy or Leito, and I have no plans to repeat those. AFAIK, there isn't currently a Behemoth rig, but I'm having some technical issues with that one (the whole mesh shows up rotated by 90...think there might be something odd about the way it uses the COM bone). I'll get around to most of the other DLC creatures at some point, but probably not for several months (they're a lower priority that the other projects I'm working on).


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