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Tired of always being the slave yourself in most of the adult slavery mods? Well no more, this mod finally allows YOU to be the master of your own Slavers Keep, enslaving and punishing who you want.

Wandering around just before Riverwood you will meet Setr, a lovely fellow who shares your dream of enslaving the NPCs around and doing naughty things with them. Unfortunately, Setr is not really a big fighter, and when you find him he is already dead. Fortunately for you though, he has left the key to the Slavers Keep he built, as well as a journal with hints on what to do there (seriously, just read it, it's not long and I don't want any PMs from people who haven't read the journal and don't know how to become the keeps master).


Reading the journal will put the Keep on your map, and Setr will also have the key in his inventory. In the Keep you will find two guards, one initial slave, some gear from the ZAZ mod and two spell books. One of the spells is called "Enslave" and allows you to add further slaves to the keep just by firing at them, teleporting them to the Keep (does not cause aggro by the people around). It will not work on essential characters (those that you can't kill for story reasons) and children (obviously), but everyone else is fair game. Which also means you can break optional quests if you're not careful. Maximum number of slaves is 10, but you can release slaves you no longer want (they will be removed from the game, not resume their previous live).


The other spell teleports all slaves outside of the Keep back into the Keep, for convenience/bugfix reasons.


Once you have your slaves, you can give them all sorts of commands to make them follow you, stand still, use any of the devices around, hold a pose or have sex with you or the guards. I don't recommend using the "I'm gonna rape you" command when playing in VR, because sex with the player doesn't really work there. You just float above the NPC while it does the animation without your character showing. I have added the guards for that purpose.


You can make the slaves wear bondage gear by ordering them to "Show me what you're carrying" and then putting it into their inventory.



SexLab Light SE 0.1.1 or newer

ZAZ Animation Packs for SE 1.0.0 or newer

- You will also need "ZAP 8" or "ZAP 8+" assets linked in the ZAZ Animation Packs for SE thread



Use Package manager of your choice or unzip into Skyrim SE directory.


Bugs/Issues/Further development:

- Aggressive NPCs (e.g. Bandits) sometimes might still attack you or other slaves after being enslaved.

- NPCs keep their dialog topics additionally to the mods new command topics, I don't know how to remove those.

- Sometimes a command doesn't register and the slave just stands around or keeps doing what it did before. To fix this, just talk to the slave and give them new commands.

The code is based on a similar unreleased mod for Oldrim called "Slave farm", and there are still textual references to the farm in the code I haven't cleaned up yet. For example when you capture a slave it says "A new slave has been sent to the slave farm". No functional problem, only wording doesn't fit.

- All dialog options assume a male player, so everyone calls you "master". I was too lazy to add alternative "mistress" lines, but I might do so in the future.

- I will probably extend the Keep in the future, adding more rooms with more of the devices in the ZAZ packs to be used.


If this mod has had no changes for at least six months, you can consider it abandoned and anyone who feels like it may pick it up, modify and re-release it to their hearts content.

What's New in Version 0.4 beta


I've identified a possible cause for what many people reported in the support thread: That the journal doesn't add the map marker, no dialog options appear but the initial "I am the new master" prompt and that the enslave spell is not working. Hope it works now.


Also includes a fix for the dark face bug (included FaceGenData), thanks to Adviser69 for the solution!



As always I recommend loading a clean save not made with a previous version of the mod running.

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