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Human Trafficking - Punishing Slaves



** What is it? **


The Nexus-Mod Human Trafficking aka slavery Simple allows you to enslave and sell NPCs. This mod patches into HT to give you new options of punishing and having sex with your slaves.


Important Note: This mod keeps the style of forced slavery that the parent mod establishes. So if you're looking for consensual power play, this is probably not for you.



** Features **


- Vanilla Sex:

The mod adds the dialog option "Service your master...", which wraps different kinds of Sexout sex options. These are the vanilla Sexout animation and are not marked to be rape, but the dialog is kept in the style of HT and doesn't give the impression of the slave to have any choice.


- Punishment:

There's also the option to rape your slaves in different ways, as well as whip them.


- Pillory:

You can put your slaves into a pillory. They will stay in the pillory until you let them out again. You can activate some machinery like an auto-whipper as well as actively rape the slave while he/she's in the pillory. You can even get another slave to participate.

- Punishment post:

You can also tie your slaves up in a punishment post. You can impale them on a dildo or hang them upside down, as well as actively whip them while they are in the post.


- Bitch box:

You can also put your slaves into the "Bitch box", a box with the head poking out on top, and use the slaves mouth.


- Extra Items:

Talk to a slave and say "Have you seen my stuff?", he/she will give you three custom "weapons" as well as two strap-ons.

The strap-ons are nothing special, they are just so female PCs can do some of the animations meant to be done by male characters without looking stupid. One for you, one for if you want a female slave to participate in 3-way pillory animations. You have to equip them yourself, the ZAZ animations do not check for gender.

The "weapons" you get are a cane, a riding crop and a special cattle prod called "Discipliner". These are all scripted to do no regular damage at all, but they do cause a little fatigue damage, so excessive beating can cause the victim to fall unconscious. Also, hitting your slaves with these will not cause panic among bystanders, or any kind of fighting to start. This only applies to hitting slaves, though, other NPCs will not get any damage either, but they will fight back.

Warning: The dialog option "Have you seen my stuff?" only works once, if you loose any of these things, you can't get them back in a regular way (only the strap-ons, they are from Sexout Common Resources and can be bought at the Sexout Store, if you have that mod).



** Requirements **

- Fallout New Vegas (duh)

- SexoutNG

- Sexout Common Resources

- Human Trafficking aka slavery Simple



** Load Order **

If you use the expansion Slavery expanded, put HumanTraffickingPS.esp after HumanTraffickingEX.esp



** Problems **


Known bugs:

- The pillory/post/box can be pushed around, and animations including them will cause them to end up in a different spot, too. I haven't found a solution yet that doesn't require a complete overhaul and doesn't impact the ease of use.

- The mod has been primarily developed and tested with a male PC and female slaves. I tried to keep all dialogs as gender-independent (is that a word?) as possible, but there is at least one situation where the female pronouns are used, no matter the persons sex. I couldn't fix it at the time (not sure if it's possible), so I decided it is intentional to further degrade the person talked about :D

- I had a bug once where a slave wouldn't move after I got her out of a pillory. It has been some time and I have changed a lot since then, but it may still happen. If this happens to you, try to put him/her into a device, then out again, and see if that works. In any case you should always have a clear save before you start any shenanigans.

- I also had a bug where an actor wouldn't stand up anymore after a rape pass-out. Always save before you do anything.

- The sound of any oral sex and oral rape in particular is unlogical, since the default sexout sounds don't consider that the mouth is full. I recommend using Sexout Sound Replacer and deactivating talk.


Possible bugs:

- Created with Slavery simple V5.6, could be incompatible with newer versions

- Created with SexoutNG (not Beta), Core Version 2.9.92, Data Version 2.8.83, could be incompatible with newer versions (unlikely though)

- There's a change in the idle animations to keep restrained slaves from playing hit animations, this could lead to incompatibilities with mods that mess with hit animations as well

- I'm not am English native speaker, so there might be errors in the dialogs



** Credits **

Created by MeanGreenBean83

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