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About This File

Clone any NPC and use them as uniquely named followers or workers. Set up "settlements" for assignment and travel instantly between them with the built in teleportation service.


TLDR: (not so lite) Lite version of Abduction SSE


DISCLAIMER: This is a very work-in-progress WIP project and as such comes with no guarantees or warranty regarding safety or function. Please make sure to read this description before deciding to use it and do not run it on that super important save you have no backups for or expect the mod to be uninstallable without problems either immediately or down the road.



Assign the hotkey in the AbductionLite -> Hotkey menu

Hit hotkey with a NPC, dead or alive, targeted

Presto, your very own clone!


MCM Menu

    Auto Rename - Asks for name on cloning
 Home Setting - If and how home is set to new NPCs
Clone Defeated - If active a new clone will be immedietly availible for SexLab Defeat functionality in a knocked out state.

    Sets hotkey for cloning and menu access


    Home system enabled - Enables NPC assignment to home, sleep and work areas as well as max range (see below) teleport
Max Range from assigned areas - NPCs walking away more than this will be teleported back. 4096 = whole cell


    Crafting enabled - Enables NPCs creating resource materials when using related furniture
Progress update interval - How often progress is made
Updates to complete production - How many progress-steps to produce something

    Example: Progress interval 10s * Cooking 6 ticks = NPC has to spend 6*10, 60 seconds to produce a food item


    Custom dialogue enabled - Shows the Abduction specific dialogue options
Custom packages enabled - Enables the home, sleep and work packages for the home system as well as the teleport feature to make sure NPCs are in where they should
NPC settings applicator enabled - Activates the functions to apply NPC name, voice, combat style, max relationship, the home system factions and outfit on maintenance. If you have other mods changing any of the mentioned things disable this to only apply the name
Clone player - Test feature. Not intended for gameplay use. Result may have wrong voice or other issues. Appearance will always update to match the player.
TestNPCs - Test feature. Not intended for gameplay use. Clones the same NPCs the Bijin mod modifies. If you don't want all of them the cancel option will allow you to select just one


DEFAULT MENU (no NPC targeted)
Unbag/Summon all - First selection will release any unbagged NPCs. Second, or first if no bagged NPCs, will summon all clones to your position
Summon One - Select one clone from list to bring to your positoin
Location - Allows you to set the current location as a home and give it an uniqe name
TpHome - Teleports you back to a marked home location
TpBack - Teleports you back to where you were. Option gets hidden if you leave home area "manually"
    EditOutfit - When active records everything you equip, both armor and weapons. REMEMBER TO TURN THIS OFF WHEN DONE
ApplyOutfit - Toggles between NPC defaul outfit, a blank one or the custom created


NPC MENU (with cloned NPC targeted)
Bag/Unbag - As it says. Useful for clone transportation.
Tie Up - If selected a clone be immedietly availible for SexLab Defeat functionality in a tied up state.
Assign - Assigns areas for home, work or sleep
Vendorize - Turns NPC into a vendor. Same system as spouses can use. May take a while or a save/reload for dialogue to show
    Rename - As it says
Copy equipment - Copy everything equipped to the NPC. If outfit mode is set to default or custom the items will be replaced so remember to turn that off
Reclone - Creates a new copy of the same NPC
Release - Removes a NPC from the mod. Home/work/sleep settings are deleted and the NPC set to sandbox in current location.



  • Mods modifying or extending the spawn system may break cloning compatibility. Symptoms can be NPCs vanishing, changing race or CTDs. There is no alternative method to create an identical copy so this cannot be fixed, either stop using the mod in question or this one.
  • The outfit setting, default or custom, is not applied to clones active as followers to prevent items you've given them being unequipped
  • If you use the outfit option make sure all the registered NPCs can actually wear it to avoid problems
  • The custom, or any, dialogue may not work for recently cloned non-humanoids. Save-reload will fix it.
  • If the work, sleep and home areas are in different cells the NPCs will not walk between them but be teleported once out of sight instead. This is due limitations in the package system.
  • Cloning a NPCs will copy their name, combat style, spells and traits making them fight pretty much as good/bad as the original
  • Clones are levelled to the player
  • The dialogue options are the default for that voicetype. Custom lines added by quests, aliases or other methods will not be copied.
  • Clones managed by SexLab Defeat will have most of their custom functionality disabled for the duration
  • SkyUILib is required to show the in game menus (previous description incorrectly listed UIExtensions)
  • SexLab Defeat is required for the knockout-on-cloning and tie-up options. Remember to download all its requirements and delete the dummy "defeatconfig.pex" in this mod.

What's New in Version 0.10.1


BUGFIX: Included dummy "defeatconfig.pex" script, the MCM menu should now properly load. Remember to delete it if you install SexLab Defeat

BUGFIX: Fixed unbag counter, the unbag option should now properly trigger


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