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About This File

Makes it possible to edit the bodyshape of NPCs without having to use bodyslide, unique body mods or esp overrides. As a bonus feature it can also automatically randomise the bodies of NPCs to give a little more variety in your game.


TLDR: Expanded stand-alone version of the option in Lazy Tools


How to use

Just put the crosshair on an NPC and open the menu. If you open it without a target the mod will allow editing of the player body instead.





  • The extended breast and butt tweak options requires a skeleton with the CME nodes. It's included in XP32 version 4.20 as well as the variant included in Enhanced Character Edit. 
  • A maximum of 128 NPCs can be managed.
  • Disabled or dead NPCs are automatically unregistered from the system.
  • Since nothing besides weight is stored in your save the changes aren't permanent. The mod will re-apply them however so they'll "stick" for as long as it's installed.
  • The mod will apply the custom bodies on several triggers like game or cell load as well as changing location. Besides that you can also activate the bodyrefresh to do it on a timer, useful (required) if you're using the randomise option and want to make sure it's continuously run to catch any new NPCs entering the area. A value less than 10 means the refresh is disabled entirely.
  • Randomised NPC data isn't stored in the mod. If you find someone with an appearance you like you have to use the Edit menu to register them in the system. Otherwise they'll have a new random look the next time the game loads them.
  • NPCs with custom bodies/skeletons may not be editable fully or at all.
  • Levelled/randomly spawned NPCs like bandits may ignore body weight changes.
  • NPCs detected as managed in Lazy Inflation will not have their belly, breast and butt maintained or allow these to be edited for the duration of the inflation to prevent conflicting changes . Either wait until they're deflated or unregister them from Lazy Inflation to remove this block.


Please note that this mod and its requirements are in testing so don't use it in that super important save you have no backups of!

What's New in Version 0.10.3


BUGFIX: Added block to rescale function to prevent it triggering bouncing horse bug

BUGFIX: Fixed randomized scrotum and genital bodyparts getting incorrect values

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