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Sex Changes During Dialogue [DON'T USE W/ SEXOUT] v1 (5/29/14)

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Play a male character and feel like you're missing out on the fun quest mods that female characters get?

Play a female character and want to...something kinda like that?


Congratulations! Now, at no price to you*, I present you with a quick, easy, painless insta-sex change option!


* - Except bandwidth and one more hit to your mod limit.


How It Works


Under Aid in you pip-boy, there's a book called :Sex Change. Equip it, and use the menu.


Keep Sex Change ON while in 1st Person Camera and Not in Combat: Enabled by default


If you don't enable the retain sex change in 1st person camera option, when you initiate a conversation or an NPC initiates a conversation, your sex will temporarily be changed. Since you're in 1st person, you won't see the change. What you will see are the dialogue options that would only be available to characters of the opposite sex.

If you enable the retain sex change while you're in 1st person cam option, NPCs that would normally only approach the opposite sex to initiate dialogue will approach you as that the sex change will be held over. When switching to 3rd person, you're auto-switched back to your starting sex. On entering combat, you are forced back into your starting sex so that the appropriate sex-based perks apply for damage. Of course, you'll get the opposite sex's NPC dialogue in passing (guys referred to as "lady," etc.), and taking damage outside of combat will result in the opposite sex's "ouch" sounds.


Perk Conversions: Enabled by default.


What is a perk conversion?

When enabled, your perks convert to the equivalent perk of the other sex. This allows you to access the additional dialogue options. Your original perk is temporarily removed and then added back after you leave conversation.

  • Black Widow <--Converts to--> Confirmed Bachelor
  • Lady Killer <--Converts to--> Cherchez La Femme

What It Doesn't Do

If you always use 3rd person or choose not to use the retain sex change in 1st person option, NPC approaches that check the character's sex BEFORE approaching will not work since the check is performed before the switch can occur after initiating dialogue. Want that part to work? Create your own race. xwink.png.pagespeed.ic.EQjgXw8CzK.png


Come with a guarantee. Only perfunctory testing was performed.

What's New in Version v1 (5/29/14)


  • Initial Release

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