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  1. If the game isn't starting then you are missing masterfiles.
  2. It's probably SexLab Aroused. SLA uses the cloak spell detection method, and when too many cloaks are active the game will usually crash. This is a known issue with cloak spell detection. Don't use ECE anymore, it's old and outdated. Use RaceMenu instead.
  3. well it's a beta so leave a comment there instead of making a new topic
  4. ThIs MoD Is DeAd ReEeEeEeEeE I've had a whopping 0 people offer to help.
  5. first of all, I'm a dude secondly, it is possible if you use Unique Player and you make your own futa body and make it some unholy combination of both EVB/BT2 gendered bodies. Thirdly, I have no plans on continuing work towards a futa fox mod.
  6. I don't see me or gary_s in the credits for the female genitals, unless you've replaced them with your own. Been a while since I checked this out.
  7. post this in the fallout 4 forum, not the fallout new vegas forum
  8. anyone want to provide a synopsis of the quest/story? Not gonna waste time downloading and installing if it's not something I'll play.
  9. Omnipotence is something worth striving for.

  10. did you follow the standard installation procedure and enable archive invalidation? Seems like bad textures to me.
  11. @DoctaSax Gonna need this thread either locked or monitored for the forseeable future.
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