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  1. you're welcome, I didn't think this post would still be helping 3 years after I posted
  2. you should be fine. Some SL scenes use it as an animobject I think but I don't think perma-deleting the undies will be harmful
  3. most people play skyrim for the beautiful naked women
  4. Hey, quick question, can i go into TESVEdit and clean out some of the stuff in this mod and then reupload it as a Lite+++ version? Some people don't need the potions and bandits carrying eggs stuff.
  5. Playing as a female dragoness and I'm looking for a mod that allows for eggs. I am NOT looking for mods that have eggs as a second thought or mods with extra bullshit I don't want or need. I am simply looking for "Dragoness gets fucked and impreg, egg grows, and she lays egg". I'd imagine that someone would already have made this for argonians but Google didn't show me anything worthwhile. I also searched here and idk if search is fucked up or what but I didn't find what I was looking for.
  6. I have a local copy I made one a while ago, still have it for BT2
  7. I haven't done any SKyrim 3D CK work in years, but IIRC you can hold shift or alt and it will slow the movement down. You can also right click on the render window to change the movement steps
  8. This is the wrong place to look for help with mods. I don't mean to sound offensive, but I've been here a lot longer than you and made many more topics asking for help and none of them went answered. You can try the Nexus, Twitter, and Reddit, but mods usually only get the help they need from teams who are already good friends with each other. You can try asking the animators here like @Bad Dog and @Kimy, but they have personal lives and mods they're working on themselves. Don't be rude to senior members.
  9. image.png.47741e7b3b306619b37379ef57b9cf9a.png

    @Yuniwhatcha doin here? Hehe

    1. Yuni


      I get notifications for your status updates. xD I click on my notifications as it were. I forgot which mod I enabled that for, but I did it some time ago. I'm very absent minded these days.

    2. Prince Rurik of Novgorod

      Prince Rurik of Novgorod

      I've got some pretty severe memory issues of my own, so I understand. It was for the tiger Khajiit textures.

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