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Carnalitas Arousal Framework

Version 0.7.1




Adds Arousal as a player-only game resource similar to stress. Just as stress, arousal goes from 0 to 400 and has 4 levels. The current arousal state is shown in a widget next to the stress bar.


Carnalitas Arousal Framework offers a basic gameplay loop around finding sufficient sexual partners, and then sexing the shit out of them. The most important features in a partner are physical attraction (at start of a relationship), a matching personality (at later stages of a relationship), and being on good terms with your partner (always). But if you can't find this qualities in your designated mate, you can always take a lover that is better suited to satisfy your desires...


Oh, and why bother? Because high arousal can give you debuffs (see below), or fire events analogous to stress events when reaching a new arousal level (supported, but not included - but see Carnal Consequences).


Default settings should be good to go, but everything can be tweaked or turned off if required. Using the "Make Love" action from Carnalitas is highly recommended. Without it, you probably won't have enough possibilities to have sex and consequently your arousal will run rampant.


Note: Carnalitas has a game rule called "Arousal causes Stress". This has nothing to do with Arousal as a game resource as introduced by this mod.





Arousal Difficulty

  • The game rule "Arousal Difficulty" lets you fine-tune arousal gain and loss from all sources, to make managing arousal more or less challenging. If you have a lot of sex mods installed you might want to offset that by ramping up the difficulty. Conversely, if you do not play with the "lay with" action you should reduce difficulty. It all depends on your mod loadout, experiment.

Arousal Gain

  • Player gains arousal over time based on partner opinion, sexuality, traits, stress, health and illnesses, life circumstances, and age:

Asexual: No arousal gain.


Stress: -20% per level


Offscreen-sex. Only for partners that are adult, of your preferred gender, healthy and available:

All sexual partners: Each partner grants up to -32% depending on opinion. Unhappy partners grant no reduction. The more partners you have, the more difficult is it to satisfy everyone (happiness threshold increases). Maximum -50% reduction in total.

Secret partners: Additional -10% per secret partner (lover)

No partners at all: -50% if Carnalitas "make love" is enabled, because not being able to "make love" is already quite punishing.


Note: This is simplified. According to wikipedia, peak for females should realistically be at ~32 and for males at ~16, with woman having slightly lower libido overall.

Age: -0,5% per year after 22


Lustful: +20%

Rakish: +20%

Deviant: +10%

Temperate: -10%

Chaste: -20%

Eunuch: -80%

Celibate: -90%


Note: I didn't do a lot of research on these, they are mostly mirrored by the fertility modifiers these trait grant.
Ill: -20%

Blind: -20%

Cancer: -20%

Great Pox: -20%

Typhus: -20%

Infertile: -25%

Sickly: -25%

Severely Injured: -25%

Smallpox: -25%

Infirm: -30%

Impotent: -50%

Depressed: -50%

Pneumonic: -50%

Bubonic Plague: -50%

Brutally Mauled: -75%

Leper: -95%

Incapable: No arousal gain.


Very healthy: Up to +15%

Poor health: -40%

Dying: -80%


Commanding Army: -10%

Imprisoned: -50%

Recently Raped: -50%

  • The "simple" setting disregards all these modifiers and just adds a constant value. I don't use or test this setting anymore since it completely bypasses the whole "take more lovers to combat arousal" gameplay, but you do you.


Sex Effects

  • Whenever a sex event is fired by any mod that uses Carnalitas ("Male Love", for example) the quality of sex is determined by a multitude of factors, such as attraction, personality, what they think of you, how aroused you are, matching kinks and some randomness. Most of these apply differently for consensual and non-consensual scenes.

The numbers are the difference in "sex quality categories" the property makes. Not all modifiers apply to nonconsensual or anonymous scenes.


Basic modifiers:

Randomness: +-1

Partner opinion: +-1
Your current arousal: -0.7 to +1.3

Partner attraction: From +-1.5 at start of relationship, to +-0.3 after many years (up to 50 years without any kind of "active" sex action, about 25 years with yearly action)

Partner personality: From +-0.3 at start of relationship, to +-1.5 after many years

Partner finds us attractive: -0.7 to +0.7

Circumstancial modifiers:

Wrong gender: -2
Lovers: +0.3

Both sexually liberal: +0.3

Victim of nonconsensual scene: -2.7 except with being raped fetish

Victim of dubcon scene: -0.7 except with being raped fetish

Raped in the past: -0.7 except with being raped fetish


Rare modifiers:

Forcing partner, but is compassionate: -0.5

Forcing partner, and is sadist or has sadism fetish: +0.5

For most fetishes: +0.3 if you and your partner have them (or in case of sadism/masochism, dominance/submission, raping/being raped if they have the matching trait)

Anal, painful, bestiality, watersports, scat, gore, bondage, domination, submission, or rape scenes with corresponding fetish: +0.3 each (requires correct role for domination/submission)

Toy scene with both being sexually liberal: +0.3

Anal, dominance, submission scene without matching fetish: -0.3

Painful dom scene without sadism fetish: -0.3

Painful sub scene without masochism fetish: -1.3

Bondage scene without bondage fetish: -0.7

Bondage noncon scene without bondage fetish: -1.3

Bestiality, watersports, scat scene without matching fetish: -1.3

Gore scene without matching fetish: -2


  • Choose your spouse carefully: At the beginning of a relationship, attraction is most important. Later on, it's more about a matching personality.
  • Keep your partner happy: A partner that hates you is a surefire way to kill joy in the bedroom.
  • The result of each sex act is one of seven effects: Mind-blowing, amazing, satisfactory, ordinary, unsatisfactory, lousy or atrocious intercourse. Good sex reduces your arousal a lot, increases the opinion of your partner, and reduces stress. Bad sex still reduces arousal, but a lot less, reduces opinion, and adds stress. Average, ordinary sex only reduces arousal.
  • Overall, arousal reduction via sex effects is roughly balanced with sophisticated passive arousal gain setting and yearly "Lay with Lover" action, but it all depends on your mod loadout.


Arousal Effects

  • This game rule adds passive debuffs depending on your current arousal level.
  • Level 0: No modifiers
  • Level 1: -10% stress loss
  • Level 2: -30% stress loss, -10% hostile scheme resistance, +10% fertility
  • Level 3: -50% stress loss, -20% hostile scheme resistance, +20% fertility
  • "Hardcore mode" applies harsher debuffs and weaker buffs. This is recommended if you do not use a mod that provides arousal threshold events (e.g. Carnal Consequences).



For Modders





The most common way for modders is to call carn_add_arousal from within a character scope.

caf_add_arousal = { VALUE = -55 }

You can use your own arousal coping events like this:

#Arousal Threshold Event Tombolas
caf_arousal_threshold_level_1_event = {
	random_events = {
		# You can add events here! Weight * weight_multiplier should be 100 for a standard event that can always trigger, add more if the event is very specific or has many variations, less if it's supposed to be rare.
		100 = your_threshold_trigger_event.0001 # Generic catch-all event

Compared to stress coping events (mental breaks) you do not need to write any mandatory cleaning code at the start or end of your event. For examples, see Carnal Consequences.


You can also hook into arousal level changes:

caf_on_arousal_level_1 = {
    events = {


Checking arousal level or arousal directly:

caf_arousal_level = 2
caf_arousal > 150




would_like_to_have_sex_with_root_trigger answers the question "would the target agree to have sex with me?". It includes raw sex drive, how much they like you, but also how much they would have to lose/gain. There are almost no hard limits in the calculation, but many things give a penalty if they are dangerous or morally questionable to act upon in your culture (incest, sodomy, cheating etc.).






Recommended Mods



  • This mod overwrites hud.gui to display the arousal bar and conflicts with any mods that do the same.
    • Does work with "Better UI" and "Show More Traits", both of which are already included in Carnalitas.



  • Coding help for the hud by ErnieCollins
  • Arousal icons by Triskelia

What's New in Version 0.7.1


Version 0.7.1

  • "Arousal gain" support for immortal and long-living characters
  • Fixed arousal threshold event not triggering after 3 years when the character was still at arousal level 1 or above.


Version 0.7

  • Changed internal names. If you use Carnal Consequences, update it to 1.6 at the same time.
  • When arousal gain would increase the arousal level, a critical arousal icon is shown.
  • Update french localization by Triskelia

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