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ODefeat - Defeat Reborn 1.1.0

About This File


The much anticipated next generation defeat mod has arrived.
This is not a port of SL Defeat. Rather, it's a new and modern take on it built from the ground up with new features.


- Assault NPCs, or get assaulted yourself when losing a battle
- A new dynamic minigame, OStruggle, with a new mechanic
- Special animations
- Full OStim integration. Controls optionally lock up when your character is being assaulted.
- Full follower and multi-scene support 
- Special first person animations if using the OStim first person improved cam setup
- Can break out of OStim scenes where you are being assaulted
- Advanced system for dropping the player in a safe spot after a victim scene ends
- Heavy design emphasis on reliablity, and smoothness
- Modular post-defeat-scene system similar to Death Alternative
- Built in tutorial

OStruggle - a new mid-combat minigame

Seamless and modular post-defeat event system



Scene initiation
Pressing the G key by default on an npc will cause you to throw them to the ground and initiate a OStruggle minigame. If you win, the NPC will enter Knockout. The will recover from this when you leave the area or about 15 minutes passes. In the meantime, pressing G on them again will start a OStim scene with them

You can also have scenes initiated on you by other NPCs. When you run out of health in combat, a nearby enemy may grab you and start an OStruggle game on you. If you lose, your character and your followers will all be assaulted, and then either killed or dropped somewhere nearby.

OStruggle - a new minigame
Instead of using health thresholds, bashes, and random numbers to determine when an ODefeat sex scene should start, a new mechanic called OStruggle is added. When you press G on an NPC in combat, or you run out of health and are assaulted, the OStruggle minigame begins. You and the NPC are tossed to the ground in a special animation, and a bar appears on screen. You must alternate between mashing two buttons to either make the bar fill up (player attacker) or drain the bar (player victim). The NPC you are battling against will fight back as well, trying to push the bar in the opposite direction. How hard they fight back is determined by a special algorithm. The following factors change the difficulty of the npc:

- Their level relative to yours
- Their health
- Whether or not you caught them by suprise
- more, including bonuses for catching a sleeping npc or an npc in bleedout

Playing ODefeat as an attacker is a bit like pokemon. You will likely be able to win against random low level bandits without even harming them first, but boss enemies will need their health reduced before you start an OStruggle attack against them for you to have a fighting chance. Alternatively you can use stealth and catch them by suprise. When you defeat an NPC in a struggle, they enter Knockout. More on that below.

When your player is attacked upon running out of health, it is much the same, except you are tring to reduce the bar to 0 to escape. If you escape, you regain some health and have another chance to fight.

Keep in mind winning struggles while below level 5 is extremely difficult

More OStruggle mechanics
ODefeat integrates with OCrime. With OCrime installed, doing an OStruggle attack on an NPC is a serious crime in most holds. Additionally, the resulting OStim scene is considered illegal and will draw the attention of guards that will give you an extra large fine and try to attack you outright. Without OCrime installed, OStruggle attacks will just make the NPC attack you back when they recover.

When you are attacking an NPC, their clothes are stripped off as the bar gets filled. Additionally, during both player attacker and player victim games, you will deal small damage to each other depending on who is winning the struggle.

When you are being assaulted after losing all of your health, combat is temporarily stopped with a new and reliable SKSE technique so you aren't killed. Combat is NOT stopped when YOU are attacking an NPC with a struggle, so make sure the area is somewhat safe when trying to attack an NPC (unless you have some good armor or something)

After you beat an NPC at an OStruggle game as an attacker, they enter Knockout and play a special animation. They cannot get up until about 15 minutes passes or you leave the area. You can then press G on that NPC to actually start the OStim scene with them. With this system, you can Knockout multiple enemies during a battle, then have sex with all of them afterwards.

Being defeated, and waking up afterwards
ODefeat uses a reliable Deferred Kill method to track the player during combat. When you die in combat, if your enemies have no morality, one of them will come over to you and start an OStruggle battle with you. When you lose, an OStim scene starts involving you and your followers. Afterwards, you will either be killed, or you will wake up outside of the camp, or wherever. You can also choose to have belongings over a certain threshold stolen and placed in that NPC's inventory.

Breaking out mid-scene
If you are being assaulted, during an OStim scene you can press G to try to escape. You must have full stamina to try. If your stamina is full, an OStruggle game starts. If you succeed, you will escape with some health back. Otherwise you will lose all of your stamina again.

Followers work too
When you lose a battle and get assaulted, your followers are also captured and assaulted nearby as well. This supports up to 10 active followers, and 10 active OStim scenes at once. 

OStim integration
OSA control is optionally locked during player-victim scenes. Additionally, scenes marked as aggressive are chosen by OStim if they exist. The automatic speed control algorithim is also slightly tweaked to be more aggressive, during ODefeat scenes. On average ODefeat scenes will be slightly shorter. 

First person & the camera
OStruggle scenes are made for OStim's improved camera setup. If you use third person or the vanilla camera, everything will still work fine.

Getting dumped outside of a bandit camp/fort has a special animation if in first person.

A focus on reliability 
One of the main goals of this mod was to be as reliable and jank-free as Skyrim will allow. A lot of testing and effort went into it working properly 100% of the time. A lot of extra work went into developing special SKSE plugin API calls for ODefeat to use.

Modular post-scene events
Mod authors can take advantage of a simple system involving .json files to add new events to ODefeat post-player-victim-scene.

Pressing G on a dead npc will unequip a part of their armor. You can also open a knocked down npc's inventory by pressing E on them.

Requirements and compatibility

    - OStim (latest) (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/40725
    - Po3's papyrus extender (make sure to update, it is frequently updated) (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22854)
    - Nemesis or FNIS (RUN AFTER INSTALL)
    - nl_mcm (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/49127)

Works with:
    - OCrime, adds crime and bounty support to ODefeat. Link @ nexus page

Player victim is not compatible with Death Alternative(and similar mods)'s deferred kill system due to both using deferred kill. You can use them at the same time but you have to choose between ODefeat's player victim and DA's deferred kill. 
Due to this system, once you enable player victim you cannot disable it or remove ODefeat. Victim is disabled by default so you can choose if you want this. Deferred kill was chosen as the main victim scene initiation method for its high reliablity. 

Default controls:
G - Start a struggle; Break out of a player victim scene; start a scene with a knocked-out npc; strip a dead npc;
E (activate key) - Rob a knocked-out npc

To win the struggle: Press left-shift, followed by right-shift alternating, as fast as you can
Press spacebar to give up

> Will there be NPC capturing and bagging for player-aggressor?
That was a fun system but it was very unbalanced in the orignal defeat. But it was a lot of fun so I want to reimplement that as an addon to this in the future.

> Will this support other frameworks in the future?


Event System (Info for Modders)


Modular post-defeat events are pulled from json files stored in Data/Meshes/ODefeatData/Events/*.json

They are formatted like so:

  "Simple Slavery Enslavement": {
    "Form": "__formData|SimpleSlavery.esp|0x00492E",
    "modEventName" : "SSLV Entry",
    "Weighting": 69,
    "Description" : "After a defeat, you wake up in the Simple Slavery auction house as the next item to be sold."


Breaking this down, you can see:

  • Event Name: At the top, this is what will be displayed in the MCM.
  • Form: A formid that can be used to check if the relative mod is installed. This can be whatever you want really.
  • modEventName: The name of the modevent this post-defeat event should fire.
  • Weighting: Default weighting for this event to be shown on the MCM.
  • Description: Describes the event to the user, shown in the info section at the bottom of the MCM when moused over.


(Yes btw, if you have simple slavery installed you can use that event.)

Authorship, thanks and credits
Concept, design, and original prototype - Sairion
Lots of work on the code and the entirety of the event system - OsmosisWrench 
Animation - Leito

Permission from me is required to modify or reupload this.

Edited by Project OStim
Added event system info.

What's New in Version 1.1.0


Minor fixes, don't bother updating if you're already using 1.0.0 as these won't really effect you.


 Minor Fixes:

  • Made keybinds no longer require a save load cycle.
  • NL_MCM version check improved.
  • Error Messageboxes clearly state the message is being sent by ODefeat.


  • Documenting Mod Events.
  • Added Github Readme.

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