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About This File



A fast and immersive Defeat alternative. With bondage, whipping and expressions. And alot of moaning.

Huge Update on 3.0 - now as dedicated SE download


Important Note

- this port ONLY changed all the meshes and animations via Cathedral. 

- the ESP is form 43 not 44. 
- the mod is reported to work on SE without any known issues to this point



- Install as any other mod.

- Let it overwrite Zap Animation Pack (it comes with some Animation Replacements for the hogtie places)

- Activate Mod in MCM (System)


- Install EXTRA downloads as you please 

--> 2k or 4k versions of textures (1k versions included)
--> Bodyslide files for FuckingBelts (UNP standard included) only required if you do NOT have "The Amazing World of Bikini Armor" installed

--> DDe Outfits if you want DD support via DDequip mod
--> Golden Showers Mini SLAL if you like ... golden showers ^^


Hard Requirements


Zaz Animation Pack 8+ (older versions might have issues when the furniture is placed that is not supported - will work still, tho. report any issues you might have please - BETA testers wanted)

Sexlab Aroused (any version will do, including SLAX)

Dragonborn DLC

Dawnguard DLC


Soft Requirements

Simple Slavery --------- for Simple Slavery outcome of Defeat obviously

Devious Devices Equip --------- required for "Captivity DDe Chance" to equip Devious Devices

My DDe Custom Outfits from the Download Section

The Amazing World of Bikini Armor (must overwrite Naked Defeat) -> for Fuckbelts) -> if you dont want this mod you can use Naked Defeats internal version, bodyslide for UUNP is in downloads)


For whip marks and slow fading out of the same:

Slave Tattoos

Rape Tattoos 

Fade Tattoos 

Rape Tattoos Tweak by Monoman 

My Rape Hands from the Download Section

My Whipmarks from the Download Section

Important note for Rapehands (and possibly also WhipMarks😞

to make them work you need to go into RapeTats MCM, search RapeHands and WhipMarks entries and check if they are (Excluded)

If they are excluded (and only then), change it to (Unassigned) instead.


Highly recommended Mods for more naked fun!

Spank that Ass --------- by the inglorious monoman1 perfect for getting slapped while in the furniture (you can set the "furniture spank chance" in the MCM) -> small problem with followers tho

ZAP - No Collision Furnitures --------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough

ZAP - Faster in and out of furnitures --------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough


Incompatible mods

Sexlab Defeat - does the same thing (I m working on a compatibility bridge mod tho)

Sexlab Submit - does the same thing
Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life - does the same thing -> might work if you play around with the settings - will add a guide later (a user had some ideas!)
Peril -  does the same thing

Dragonborn in Distress - does the same thing


Problematic mods

Sexlab Survival -> only problem is with Naked Defeats Guard Punishment (deactivate Guard Punishment in Naked Defeat MCM -> problem solved- working on compatibility)

Public Whore -> same thing as above
Cursed Loot -> probably same thing as above

Cursed Loot -> disable combat defeat feature - most likely it is not compatible with mine. 
Ultimate Combat -> breaks Whipping for all mods. I suggest using Active Combat or other mods instead - no workaround or solution possible 

Interactive BDSM -> locks the PC in furniture on its own way. I did not test it but it seems to lead to some... problems. I can only advise for now not to use the mod alongside Naked Defeat. 


Problematic MCM Settings

Zap Animation Pack (any version) -> disable "Overwrite Bound Animations" in its MCM (Sexlab or PlayerControl Center) -> might lead to problems with Shout like a Virgin

Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus -> disable Zaz Animation filter 

Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus-> if you have strange trouble with furnitures, look here and in doubt tweak or disable SLU+ furniture options (might be 100% compatible tho, please share your experiences)


Guides worth looking at

Conglomerate 01 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your stuff

Conglomerate 02 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your kinky stuff

Conglomerate 03 - by donttouchmethere -> how to merge your stuff

Skyrim LE Stability Guide - by mrsrt -> how to not blow your stuff up


Overview of Mod Content

- if you reach 0 HP you enter bleedout

- you will have some seconds (5-7) to move to a flat spot (this is service for you so you have better sex animation experience and do not have to move the scene later via SexLab Hotkeys)

- 1-3 rape scenes will start

- after that you are bound to a ZAP furniture, robbed or sold to Simple Slavery

- if bound to Zap furniture you will be whipped hard

- then you can press "wiggle" hotkey to try to escape. dont spam it, it is locked for 10+ seconds while your character tries to break free (or be punished for trying). Mod will tell you when you can press again.

- when you loosen the binds, stay in the furniture until no enemy is close. then press wiggle again to immediatly break free and flee.

- enemies will attack you again (you can configure an escape alarm timer in the MCM to make escape easier).




1. "StartCapture(False, -1) ? ERROR: quest(s) already running"
-> captivity event not starting?

-> go into MCM/System

-> on "capture quest" there should be a 20 or 21.

-> should be a 1000. click on it and it is fixed

-> can be prevented by not using debug key to fast in whipping game (will fix this in future updates)


2. I dont see animations but it says "you are fucked"
-> check if you have ZAZ animation filters ON in Zap or Sexlab

-> make sure you have suitable SLAL animations installed and tagged as aggressive (or change the tags used by Naked Defeat in its MCM)


3. Mod is not initializing
-> install latest version, should fix it


4. I go into bleedout or press surrender key but I m in god mode only
-> install latest version, should fix it


5. I m invulnerable 
-> open console, type TGM (likely connected to 4.)


6. Nobody attacks me
-> check if your PC is in "DefeatFaction" and if so, remove the PC from the DefeatFaction (likely connected to 4.)


7. Guard Punishment not working
-> disable it. cant be fixed

-> will be improved in future updates


8. FillherUp deflation breaks furniture idle
-> FHU does not respect DHLP suspend events, so its basically that mods fault :P

-> I will upload a modified version of FHU soon. 


9. I am attacked while in Defeat!
-> if NOT in a SexScene, Naked Defeat should end itself (Run!)

-> if IN a SexScene: use Sexlab EndScene hotkey and then Naked Defeat should end iself  (Run!)


10. Another rape scene starts but not from this mod
-> that is that mods problem. The mod author should update it to respect DHLP suspend event (DHLP suspend prevents Sex from starting, I have it as umbrella from start to end on all scenes of this mod!)


11. Do I need DD for this mod?
-> NO - its only a soft dependency, so you DON'T need it


-> because there are enough ppl without DD in their LO. 

Will this change?

-> No. But I m working on best possible integration of DDs without making it a hard dependency


12. I get into bleedout and stand up again but nothing happens!
-> see spoiler "For Debugging". Sorry. I could not reproduce this yet, so I could not fix the problem. Please report to me when you have it!


13. My PC turns blue
-> too many Racemenu Overlays. Open RaceMenu and remove some. Or wash yourself :P



For debugging:



Helpful mods for Debugging:


Sexlab Disparity
Go to "debug" and look for a thing called "mutex". The mutex should be Locked (1) when Naked Defeat starts and OK (0) when it stops.

The mutex tracks dhlp suspend/resume events and "protects" scenes from other mods that start sex. 

So if you are bound to a furniture, civilian rape mods like Sexlab Adventures should NOT trigger. 


Skyrim Utiliry Mod (SUM) by inte
Go to MCM "Factions" tab. When Naked Defeat starts you should become member of the "Harmless Faction" (True) - appears at the bottom for me of the MCM page.

If Naked Defeat is over, you should no longer be in that faction.

Harmless Faction is friends with all and everything (except for the typical skyrim oddities and mods that I did not track yet) and prevents NPC from attacking you.

So if you are attacked while in Naked Defeat -> check SUM MCM for harmless faction

Also if Enemies dont attack you afterwards -> check SUM MCM for harmless faction



DEBUG: When you enter bleedout and the quest does not start (you just stand up again), I m sorry but you need to do this:
- load an earlier save (if its not too long ago) and check if its working there (best method. In modded Skyrim you are advised to save often in all cases).


OR follow these exact steps: 
1 - deactivate Naked Defeat in MCM/System
2 - save game A and exit
3 - uninstall Naked Defeat
4 - load the game A
5 - save game A and exit
6 - use save cleaner (ReSaver, Fallrim Tools, whatever) to clean the saved game A
7 - save the cleaned save A as a new save B
8 - reinstall Naked Defeat
9 - load save B 
10 - enable Defeat
11 - for me the first defeat was broken again, but then the quest started


some ppl suggest waiting for 48 hours or longer after uninstalling a mod (in step 4, before step 5), but I skipped it and it worked for me.


How to avoid such things:

if Naked Defeat shows unexpected behaviour, immediatly load an earlier save.

Things like this:

- no rape starts while clearly there are enemies in the area.

- mod starts twice (messages doubled, can happen when you surrender and THEN get into bleedout (working on it...)

- sex scenes start but look broken (actors missing etc.)


EDIT: I also wanted to experiment with removing Essentiality from PC while NADE is disabled and then see, but I had not time to test that. 


DEBUG: When whippers are stuck or dont show up
- wait 1 ingame hour (via hotkey) or press debug key to skip whipping







Special Feature: Funny Rape Party Event

If you enter bleedout (0 hp) or press surrender key you will attract ALL eligible NPC in the loaded Area (up to 15 are checked)

In Exterior Cells this can lead to "Funny Rape Party Event (TM)" -> "FRAPE" since soldies will join bandits in the fun and even wolves will get their share of pussy.

I added checks to prevent combat between them. If it still happens, please report.

They should behave until you are free again.  

I m working on a toggle to prevent this, tho. 


How to use this alongside Sexlab Defeat (currently untested with the latest Naked Defeat version)



Requires SM Essential Player from Nexus. 

- Go to MCM 

- Set "Essential Death" only (important!) 

Now when you are at 0 health you will enter "Bleedout". Neither Naked Dungeons/Naked Defeat nor Sexlab Defeat will trigger. 
You can fight as long as you want (you can get Injuries from SM Essential Player which makes it harder each time). 
When chances for escape are low or nile, just surrender to the mod you like ("K" surrender for Naked Defeat or whatever key you set. Use the SL Defeat Surrender hotkey to trigger Defeat)
This can work with all mods that have a surrender function. Havent tested with Dragonborn in Distress or Peril (and will not do so. But you can tell me how it goes down). 


I have a roleplay rule that I do not have to surrender when the enemy is "busy" (meaning still fighting followers or other NPC).
I also allow myself to be downed one time "for free" and then have to surrender at the second time.

Hint: activate godmode when you are in bleedout (I use Toggle Options from Nexus for that) and move to a place that is convenient for Sex before surrendering. 
Its a roleplay thing but it spares us from using "Relocate Scene" in Sexlab later. 




- make creature 3P, 4P and 5P work -DONE-

- Devious Devices Outcome (instead of furniture you can get a yoke and run :D) - will require Devious Devices Equip  -DONE-

- debug hotkeys - DONE -

- Ragdoll effect - DONE -

- Toggle female aggressors - DONE -

- sex tag selection in MCM - DONE -

- integration of Corsecs awesome fixes (for improved harmless function) - NO LONGER REQUIRED

- different punishment spells (fire/ice etc. instead of just shock) - partially done

- more little details (orgasm on whipping, more punishments, pee and squirt) -partially done

- add well placed devices all over skyrim (towns, hideouts, etc.) to get more interesting "bondage" locations

- follower support

- general improvement of scene and actor selection

- Toggle Creatures


Guard Punishment:

- remove dialog start for guard punishment

- add forced bathing events

- add "Running" and "Dirty" as punishment reasons



Furniture Game (Captivity Furniture):

- explore possibility to add my own furnitures

- add equip event (gag, fucking belt, gag)

- add supershock event (50% pee chance) - DONE -

- add pee event - DONE -

- add whip again event - DONE -

- add rape again event - DONE -



Defeat & Surrender:

- add option to not be defeated on first bleedout (1-3 "chances" before you are defeated 100%).

- add moneyloss/wounds or something similar as punishment for beeing defeated but not raped

- change debug key to modify the "chances left" 

- improve timing on Surrender hotkey

- make Surrender and Debug Key the same (2 keys not needed)



Special Thanks to

- galahad_69 for making Naked Dungeons (without this mod I would ve quit Skyrim by now I think) on which this mod is based on
- donttouchmethere for naked testing and feedback 

- orgs1n for helping out with scripting and basically kickstarting all this by making me look into the scripts for the first time

- Hawk for refining and improving my code (sad to see you go) 

- tenri for helping with my annoying coding questions

- Nazzzgul666 for testing and feedback


Changelog History


Naked Defeat - 2.6 (critical update for non-DD users)



- fixed a critical bug that prevented the mod from initializing or working correctly on Load Orders that did NOT have DD Framework installed (has nothing to do with DDe)


Defeat Abort on DebugKey

- this features is not working as intended in my playtesting. I already have a new solution for this in development, but could not introduce it in 2.6 because of the bug above.


Furniture Punishment

- if you fail to escape you can be raped again now. Will spawn a new furniture also. Chance is roughly 17% for it to happen on each wiggle attempt.


IMPORANT for Hotkeys

You can put Debug Key and Surrender key on the same hotkey... (K for example)... no need to have both on different ones.
I will remove the double hotkey in the full release for that reason. Conditions are really nice to have hehe!

(basically 1 hotkey is enough for both funcionalities)


Naked Defeat - 2.5



Defeat Abort on DebugKey

- Now, after bleedout you can press Debugkey to stop the mod from starting. you will leave bleedout and nothing will happen (I suggest you run, tho).

- will add an option that this costs you 1000 gold (make Debug key "not easy") to suceed. so you can buy yourself out of rapes :P 

- for now its only to prevent oddities and prevent you from beeing forced to load earlier saves.

- report any issues you have with this please


Defeat Abort When PC is in Combat

- added checks to detect if the PC is in combat during the defeat scenario. If combat is detected, the whole scenario will shutdown (run!)

- this does NOT terminate running sex scenes (yet?) so if you are attacked while in sex: use hotkey to end the Sex Scene (Sexlab hotkey) and THEN Naked Defeat should shut down itself.


Godmode for Victims :P

- this is a experimental feature and will maybe get a toggle. But for now it seems to solve alot of problems:

- the PC has godmode on for the whole duration of the defeat scenario from Bleedout till "Run!" 

- prevents oddities and improves the surrender function of the mod.



- added some sound effects (female only for now)

for male PC: delete "sound" folder for now. I will add full gender compatibility in the next version.

plus more sound effects!



- DDe Event was bugged when Whipping was 0% - should work now with all possible scenarios


Known issues: 

- when you use Debug Key during "Whip Scene" the CaptureQuest might break

- go into MCM/System and see fore CaptureQuest. If it is at 20 or 21, click on it to solve this.

- will add an automated fix for that later


Have fun :P


Naked Defeat - 2.4 


NEW FEATURE: Custom Animation Tags

- in MCM/Outfits and Tags 

- works only for humans

- 4 slots that have equal weight, so each has 25% chance of playing

- slot 5 is for suppressed tags (always applied)

- NOTE1: fill in your own tags. I have for example: 

------> Tags  01: Aggressive

------> Tags  02: Aggressive, Bound

------> Tags  03: Aggressive, Furniture

------> Tags  04: Aggressive, Doggystyle

------> Suppressed Tags: Femdom, Leadin (latter so I dont see my own "Forced Foreplay" animations in regular scenes. They still work as regular foreplay)


NOTE2: if for example Tags 02 is chosen, it will play on all 3 sex scenes (chain rape) at the moment. I m working on it -.- (but might be possible only for version 3.0....)

NOTE 3: you can fill in any tags you want, even remove "Aggressive". Just make sure you have commas in between!!!!! ----> Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag,... NOT: Tag Tag Tag...


Furniture Game

- removed stamina damage for now (will return with a toggle in the full 2-4) -> stamina damage is nice for wetfunction (afaik) 

- added pussy drops during shocks


NEW FEATURE: Punishment Events while in Furniture

------> each time you press wiggle you have a 70% chance of getting a PunishmentEvent at the end.

------> Events are: ChainShocking, Peeing, Whipping

------> ChainShockng is just.... nice :) it has the highest chance to occur

------> Pee and Whipping both have equal chances. Whipping will also reduce all counters to 0.



- Wiggle Counter: +1% escape chance per Wiggle attempt. Whipping will reduce to 0

- Punish Counter: +5% chance per Wiggle attempt for a punishment event. Whipping will reduce to 0



- added a double check for "IsWeaponDrawn" (still needs some work, darn), is only for Ragdoll compatibility tho


Combat Stripping:

- added a toggle for "DropItem": this will drop the item on the ground instead of just unequipping. For higher difficulty :P) as suggested by @NicoleDragoness

- added a toggle for "Slippery": when you have at leaste one cum layer on you, the chance to unequip/drop an item is doubled (recommended :D) 


I wonder if I should extend the function to also drop weapons :P



- more attempts to improve overall timing





Naked Defeat - 2.3



- some minor fixes



- add Ragdoll at Defeat and Furniture free event (with a toggle) - set escape timer at 5 seconds or more or escape will be hard.

- use Ragdoll together with my ZAP Faster in and out of Furnitures (dunno how ragdoll plays together with furniture exit animations)

DDe support (soft dependency)
- 5 outfits under "Outfits and Tags"
- 5 DDe custom outfits in seperate download (save your own custome outfits or add mine manually in the JSON or use your own outfits completly

- my outfits are 100% immersive. if you want different stuff use the DDe internal outfits or build your own.

- DDe only triggers when captive scenario triggers. if set to 100% you will always have DDe and never a Zaz Furniture

- DDe if you want to be on par with furniture, set Captivity 100% and DDe to 50% 

- you can insert your own DDe Outfits on MCM page 4.

Nymras Strip Service:

- Can be toggled on in the MCM. strips body armor when in bleedout and arm and leg armor before captive game. Might break DD boots and gloves, so use on your own risk.



IF you receive the error "StartCapture(False, -1) ? ERROR: quest(s) already running"
Wait for the mod to end (Your enemies will hunt you now. Run!) and then open console and type "setstage nade_capturequest 1000". this should fix it.
Will add questdebug options in the Systemtab in the future. 


Naked Defeat - 2.2



- a new order in the MCM. Just some elements renamed and reorganized

- includes all fixes from 2.1 of course (more elaborate stripping system might follow later)


Tattoo Improvements
- fading will now cause alot less stutter (just the normal small stutter when slavetats is at work -> optimized the script thx to @xj47

- added a framework to include my own rape tattoo version for more variety and control of rapey tattoos

- all whip scenes should now apply canemarks tattoos (if not, please report back. could not test alot) 


New Feature: Rape Hands
- toggle in "MCM/Extras/Tattoo Manager

- after every Rape Scene of Naked Defeat you will have handprints applied 

- requires seperate download of Rape Hands mod for slavetats (in downloadssection - inspired by SLUTS tattoos but with different textures)

- feature is in BETA and meant as a demonstrator:

----> later every handprint will be its own tattoo for more variety and slower progression

----> will add a tattoo chance slider instead of just toggle

----> RapeHands will also be useable as standalone mod via Slavetats 


Naked Defeat - 2.1


- removed "UnequipAll" before Furniture game (it broke DD items)

- the mod will (for now) only use Sexlab Strip command AND remove the LeatherBinds it equips itself

- DD items will not be handled at all. so be warned that yokes, straightjackes and stuff like that might look weird in furniture (will adress DD item handling soon tho)

- WARNING! If you have ZAZ items (from Zaz Animation Pack --> collars, yokes, wrist or ankle binds) equiped from other mods BEFORE the rape starts it can happen that the keys WASD and E break the furniture animation. Will continue work on this issue in the future. 


Naked Defeat - 2.0


- over 120 hours in Scripts now for this mod alone, ouf. in 2 weeks...

- complete rewrite of most of the important parts of the code (thx tenri and others for scripting guidance - I learned alot!) 

- INDEPENDENT CODE BASE! Meaning this mod SHOULD be now compatible with Naked Dungeons (Naked Defeat should overwrite NDUN and NDUN has to turn of "Immortaility" and "Nudity" options completly)

- Combat Defeat now should reliably calm all enemies

- Requires a new game. Update from older versions might not work 100% 


- SE Patch added for all versions (install it and overwrite Naked Defeat. Replaces only 1 animation file)


- all scenes in defeat and whipping now add expressions, more moaning and open mouth

- this need some work still, had no time to refine that yet. but at least for me its already a big difference



- Combat Defeat with human 5P, 4P, 3P, 2P in up to three stages (biggest scene will play in stage 1, then 1 actor less each scene (5P, 4P, 3P. or 4P, 3P, 2P) 
- Creature support for 5P, 4P, 3P, 2P (not that only draugr, falmer and skeevers have 5P creature animations) 
- Zaz poses between scenes / different for human and animal attackers

- sneak to your "destination" (new, dunno if this works well for some playstyles. plz tell me your oppinion)

- whipping will almost always play now on all furnitures (a slider for whipping chance is in the making)

- humanoid creatures will whip! (oh yes!) including giants lol. plz make screenshots lol

- toggle for female rapers on/off

- toggle for "Debug Key" sending you to Simple Slavery while in bondage furniture (it is for cases when you cannot escape the enemies because they always catch you again. and for ppl who dont like to cheat their way out easy
- followers will go into bleedout. I m still working on rape scenes for them (future update, sorry)

- Wrist and Ankle Leather Binds equiped when Enemies are Humans or Humanoids

- complete stripping before entering furniture (will be more refined in later updates)

- Furniture game should be near unbreakable now. I could not manage to "break" the furniture animation anymore in my latest tests (only with debug key of course). WASD, jump and E (use) all did not break the PC out of the animation

- improved general timing of events



- Whip marks are now applied on whipping (MCM Extras)

- Whip Marks fade with Fade Tattoos mod (required) - duration settings in MCM

- some furnitures dont have whip keywords and will not apply whip marks (will be fixed in the future)

- reworked and better whip marks are in the making


Guard Punishment

- When you are covered in cum, guards will stop you (forcegreet) and whip you clean. thank me later :D

IMPORTANT: at the moment this feature is not working with mods like Sexlab Survival, Cursed Loot or Public Whore. I m working on compatibility

those have 5P for humans 


Note that only Draugr, Skeever and Falmer have a 5P animation each. 
I will try to make more group anims for creatures and humans in my future SLAL packs. 



Please report any bugs or issues you have.

If your PC is "breaking animation" (is tied into furniture but somehow cant move but is also not animating the furniture pose) please tell me :)


Edited by Nymra

What's New in Version 3.01


Naked Defeat 3-01 rape loop hotfix


INSTALLATION: just download "Naked Defeat 3-01 rape loop hotfix.7z" and let it overwrite Naked Defeat 3.0 (includes only 2 scripts)


FIXED --- rape loop bug
- somewhat rare bug where beeing raped after the "your captors want more" message (while in furniture) could lead to a never ending rape loop 


FIXED --- stripping for golden shower without redressing

- before a golden shower the PC should now be fully stripped. after the scene PC should not redress

(background info: the GoldenShowers are not tagged as aggressive (PC is not victim) to prevend apropos2 gain, increase of dirt via Bathing in Skyrim or the application of Tats via RapeTats mod.... Really wish Sexlab would have more options....) 



Naked Defeat 3-0 full


- Includes Animations now. RUN FNIS!

- For Golden Showers to work: Install "NADE_Naked Defeat - EXTRA - GoldenShowers - 1-0 (LE)"
- MIGHT work without a clean save but I recommend doing a Clean Save nonetheless. Reportedly sometimes the first clean save might not work. In that case clean the save twice or use the STEP guide to clean save correctly
- I am beyond the point where I can test ALL changes and new features with all possible ways to play Naked Defeat. So I cannot guarantee that there are no bugs. 
- if you encounter anything I will try to fix it and bring a patch as soon as possible.

- RapeHands 1K and Whipmarks 1K now included. Downloads for 2K and 4K versions extra



CHANGED --- Actor Selection for Rape
- rewritten Code of the entire Selection Process
- this is not the end of the process yet, but already a milestone for me at least
- creatures should work flawless now and dont mix (no more Sexlab Thread fails)
- if many actors are present, each animation should feature a different group
- if humans and creatures are both present, sex acts will be like this: stage 1: human, stage 2: creature, stage 3: 50% chance human/creature
- if multiple creature types are present each group should get their fair share of pussy :)

This feature will be expanded alot still in the future, hopefully integrating followers even better (forced sex with follower/MFF group scenes etc.) 
and also a possible toggle for actors you dont want to see (creature types). This will be added bit by bit in the 3.X updateprocess.


CHANGED --- RapeHands Slider
Now have a chance slider instead of just a on/off switch 


CHANGED --- DefeatBinds (former Leatherbinds):
- mod will now randomly select one of four different Zap Cuff types instead of only leather binds


CHANGED --- Poses and Timing
- improved posing (should no longer be interrupted)
- improved transition time (shorter) between rapes 
- new animated surrender pose (50% chance to play old or new) thx to @Gunslicer much appreciated! 
CHANGED --- DDE Outfit Slots
- doubled Slots for DDe Outfits. YOu have to make your own ones this time, I will only provide the initial 5 (you can just leave it as is if you dont want more outfits, the additional slots are filled with copies of the 5 standard outfits)
CHANGED --- Furnitures
- sorted furnitures and added more
- added some replacers for Hogtie Places of ZAP Furnitures. Will be improved further. Might even add my own.
- RopeUp (rope to the sky) should no longer appear when OUTSIDE 
-> will add toggels for furniture types in the future
-> some monsters (trolls) will spawn their own furnitures (I think I forgot to activate this... maybe 3.1 then)


CHANGED --- Stuff you dont see
- I changed alot of the scripts to prepare for future updates in terms of new features, options and other functionality. hence the long waiting time since 2.6
NEW --- Scan Radius

- you can now set the radius for scan of actors
- this should prevent that actors from half the world away join your rapes (funny rape party events...)
- if this is too low rape might get cancelled
- I recommend 2500 at minimum to be sure.


NEW --- Creature Toggle
- you can now toggle Creatures as Rapers on/Off
- if OFF and no humans found nearby -> cancel defeat -> get back up with full health
- if OFF and humans around -> only humans will rape
-> will be more elaborate in the future to allow toggle of all creature types via Sexlab RaceKey 


NEW --- Guard Defeat
- if defeated by guards rape will NOT start now
- if your bleedout Counter isx 1x, 2x or 3x it can happen that guards just leave you alone after downing you (applying the normal 40 bounty)
- if bleedout counter is 0x the guards should also start the guard dialogue immediatly
-> will see further options possibly (like adding additional crimegold) but most likely this part will remain as is. 


NEW --- Sound Effects
- sound effects play on equipping Cuffs and Furniture
- sound effects for golden shower and pee event#
- effects for fucking belt


NEW --- Follower Support
- 1 Follower will be raped and bound now, too
- DDe not yet working on followers
- stripping is very basic still
- known incompatibilities: Spank that ass will move the Follower around... might have to make a patch
- toggle for male and female follower rape (uncheck and your follower will only be bound).
- all followers should receive bound poses, will expand this feature in the future for more variety and possibly also furnitures

In my test sometimes the follower was chosen for whipping. I think I managed to prevent this.
Please report if its still happening.


NEW --- Multiple Downs lead to Defeat

- now you can be defeated (in bleedout) multiple times before defeat starts (4th bleedout starts Naked Defeat)
- debug key BEFORE the 4th knockdown will reset the counter. So in theory you can always press debug key after you are in bleedout and then will NEVER be defeated.
- there is a slider that allows you to adjust the number of downs before Defeat (0-4 times). 
- dont get caught in the midst of your enemies or you will be downed 4 times in a row quite fast.

surrender key when in bleedout to skip your remaining "bleedout attempts"

Why implement this?

- suggested counter is 1. so you can be in bleedout once before Defeatrape. this allows to circumvent Defeat triggering in unwanted situations
- I hope this increases compatibility with other mods
- also allows for a higher difficulty playthrough to still be playable without constant chainrape :D
- makes escape a BIT easier


NEW --- Defeat Pee/GoldenShower/Forced Bathing  Event:

Important 1: chance is on 0% by default. Set to 100% for testing or any amount u like for playing
- only works if human actors are around
- will play one Pee Scene after surrender (sexlab scene)
- requires Bathing in Skyrim (soft requirement) with the LATEST version of Monomans Bathing in Skyrim Tweak (IMPORTANT)
- will add more bathing scenes in the future that do NOT include peeing (and a trigger to disable pee but allow forced washing)

Important 2: requires to download the GoldenShowers Mini SLAL pack in the FilesSection (Run FNIS!)
Important 3: I suggest adding "GoldenShowers" to the "Excluded tags" in Naked Defeat MCM: this way you only see this animations in the Forced Bathing event not regular rape

NEW --- FuckBelts Punishment
- there is a 16% chance during punishment, that your captors will equip a punishing Fuck Belt on you.
- equips a belt + an animated dildo from tailed dildo mod (permission pending)
- IMPORTANT: after equipping (comes with a message), the mod will shortly switch ur free camera on and off (like the sexlab hotkey). Without this the belt and dildo would remain invisible (thx skyrim...)
- requires EITHER extra download of bodyslide files OR a full install of Amazing World of Bikini Armor (overwriting Naked Defeats files)


NEW --- Sanguine Debauchery+ Event Bridge

- added SD+ event bridge (requires Sanguine Debauchery+ as soft dependency)
- if Slavery Event happens after Rape, you can now set a chance to get SD+ instead of Simple Slavery

For testing:
- set Slavery Event chance to 100%
- set Slavery SD+ weight to 100%
now Naked Defeat should ALWAYS lead to you beeing localy enslaved by SD+.
Recommended settings are of course different.
For Slavery Event I suggest 1-5% 
SD+ weight is ofc entirely up to you.

the feature is untested and I will not test it either.
I am not using SD+ and never will use it again (I will possibly add my own local slavery scenario to Naked Defeat in the future)
Please test the feature and report to me if it works. thx :D

FIXED --- Tattoos (Rape Hands and Cane Marks -> now WhipMarks)
- Will no longer apply duplicates of themselves
-  Will no longer bug out from fading or beeing washed away
- Cane Markes will now apply the same overlay all the time from the seperate download (Whipmarks). THis is now required, CaneMarks no longer required.

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