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A fast and immersive Defeat alternative (but for NPC vs. Player only!). With bondage, whipping and expressions. And alot of moaning.

Version 4.71 Highlights:  improved crawling, new BETA features (drown when swimming in armor, kinky loot system with saved outfits etc.)



Please consider supporting me if you like my mods. each patreon will increase the development speed.
Plus I will work on features I personally do not need in Naked Defeat based on the level of support.


Patreon features already implemented (and also constantly beeing worked at):

- Outcame: "Wake up at an Inn"

- better follower handling 


Currently working on:
- better DD integration via Devious Devices Equip


The next new feature will get a vote soon on my patreon

❤️ https://www.patreon.com/nymra ❤️


Future Plans:



- local slavery (somewhere between Peril and SD+)

- simple slavery integration with SD cages to be randomly sold to bandits all over skyrim

- fucked to death outcome
- executions (possibly with Pamas Interactive Furnitures connection)

- voiced comments and/or narrator

- interaction with the aggressors via a new "Interaction hotkey"

- post death scenarios that bring you into short afterlife quests where you have to escape from and get back to life

- and many more...


Important Note for SE/AE users


-  The mod works on AE and SE as it is

-  Using a From 43 ESP on SE can lead to corrupted saves WHEN uninstalling. Want to be sure? make an isolated profile (a copy) on your mod organizer and try installing/updating and uninstalling Naked Defeat before using it on an important savegame. This is harmless when you want to keep the mod. 

- in case uninstalling Naked Defeat leads to corrupted saves: just do NOT uninstall the mod and just disable it, it will be 100% off and not run any scripts anymore. Just wasted an ESP slot (sorry ^^)

- this port ONLY changed all the meshes and animations via Cathedral. 

- the ESP is form 43 not 44. 
- the mod is reported to work on SE without any known issues to this point


Hard Requirements                                                                                    


/!\ NOTE /!\

This is an advanced mod that uses complex chain of events to make things look nice. It assumes that you have a working Load Order, know your way around mod using and debugging 

AND that your game has NO Stack Dumps (see FAQ too). Its also required that Sexlab and all its supporting mods are installed correctly and working.



SLAL packs like Billys/Anubs/FunnyBiz to have a set of animations to choose from. I personally have ALL SLAL packs available

Zaz Animation Pack 8+ (older versions will not show some of the furnitures. I cannot advise to use ANY old version of ZAP with this mod at the moment)

Sexlab Aroused (any version or replacer will do -> SLAX)

Dragonborn DLC

Dawnguard DLC


Soft Requirements                                                                                    


Simple Slavery (SE version in downloads) --------- for Simple Slavery outcome of Defeat obviously

Devious Devices Equip (SE version in downloads) --------- required for "Captivity DDe Chance" to equip Devious Devices

My DDe Custom Outfits from the Download Section

The Amazing World of Bikini Armor (must overwrite Naked Defeat) -> for Fuckbelts) -> if you dont want this mod you can use Naked Defeats internal version, bodyslide for UUNP is in downloads)


For whip marks and slow fading out of the same:

Slave Tattoos (SE version in downloads)

Rape Tattoos (should work on SE as it is)

Fade Tattoos (should work on SE as it is)

Rape Tattoos Tweak by Monoman (not necessary but nice to have. should work on SE as it is)

My Rape Hands from the Download Section

My Whipmarks from the Download Section

Important note for Rapehands (and possibly also WhipMarks?

to make them work you need to go into RapeTats MCM, search RapeHands and WhipMarks entries and check if they are (Excluded)

If they are excluded (and only then), change it to (Unassigned) instead.





- Install as any other mod.

- Activate Mod in MCM / System / Mod Enabled [x]


- Install EXTRA downloads as you please (they are independent of the mod version)

--> 2k or 4k versions of textures (1k versions are included)
--> Bodyslide files for FuckingBelts (UNP standard included) only required if you do NOT have "The Amazing World of Bikini Armor" installed

--> DDe Outfits if you want DD support via DDequip mod
--> Golden Showers Mini SLAL if you like ... golden showers ^^





I try to make Naked Defeat new versions as update friendly as possible. That means that they should not require a new game AND not require a clean save either.

If a new game or clean save is required I will give that info in big red lines in the changelog.


Updating from Full Version to new Full Version:

- remove all old patches and old version (no need to start the game at this point or clean the save!!!)
- install new version / new patch

- load your savegame

- go into Naked Defeat MCM / System ---> untick: Mod Enabled [ ], exit MCM

- enter MCM and enable: Mod Enabled [x]
- save and reload 

- have fun :P 



I usually give a hint in the changelog if running FNIS is required or not.


Updating with Patches:

Patches require a previous full version usually (they will not work on their own)

- just overwrite the matching full version with the patch (make sure its not the other way round)


Not recommended:

It is usually NOT required to make a clean save for any update (full or patch)



Other mods & guides                                                                                   




Spank that Ass (SE port) --------- by the inglorious monoman1 perfect for getting slapped while in the furniture (you can set the "furniture spank chance" in the MCM) -> small problem with followers tho

ZAP - No Collision Furnitures (SE version in downloads) --------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough

ZAP - Faster in and out of furnitures (SE version in downloads)--------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough



Sexlab Submit - does the same thing - no known method of compatibility (tell me if you found one)
Peril -  does the same thing - no known method of compatibility (tell me if you found one)

Dragonborn in Distress - does the same thing - no known method of compatibility (tell me if you found one)

Ultimate Combat -> breaks Whipping for all mods. I suggest using Active Combat or other mods instead - no workaround or solution possible 

Interactive BDSM -> locks the PC in furniture on its own way. I did not test it but it seems to lead to some... problems. I can only advise for now not to use the mod alongside Naked Defeat. 


Problematic (need correct settings)

Other Defeat Mods:
I dont not suggest using different combat defeat mods alongside each other, except for "Player fucks NPC" or "NPC fucks NPC" purpose.

----> alternativly you can adjust Naked Defeat to only trigger on either SURRENDER KEY, BLEEDOUT or COMBAT STRIP to make it work with those


Sexlab Defeat 

----> disable NPC fucks Player (you can still use "NPC fucks NPC" and "Player fucks NPC" without problems

----> alternativly you can adjust Naked Defeat to only trigger on either SURRENDER KEY, BLEEDOUT or COMBAT STRIP.

----> this way you can achieve compatibility with other combat defeat mods



as far as I can see BattleFuck triggers only on hits, so if you reduce the "Defeat (on Bleedout)" chance in Naked Defeat or set it to 0% you should be fairly save

If both mods still trigger at the same time... well... you might need to reload. I m not planning to add anything to make these mods compatible since I dont see a way to do it.


Cursed Loot -> disable combat defeat feature - most likely it is not compatible with mine ---> can also lead to stuck "DHLP suspend" events

---> I still suggest not to use it or at least at your own risk. 
---> if Naked Defeat stops working with Cursed Loot installed, check in Naked Defeat MCM/System for DHLP (external). If it is true, disable and reenable Naked Defeat.


Problematic MCM Settings (should be no more issue in NADE 3.2 and later)

Zap Animation Pack (any version) -> disable "Overwrite Bound Animations" in its MCM (Sexlab or PlayerControl Center) -> might lead to problems with Shout like a Virgin

Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus -> disable Zaz Animation filter 

Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus-> if you have strange trouble with furnitures, look here and in doubt tweak or disable SLU+ furniture options (might be 100% compatible tho, please share your experiences)


Guides worth looking at (LE guides, sorry. but might be useful for SE to some extent)

Conglomerate 01 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your stuff

Conglomerate 02 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your kinky stuff

Conglomerate 03 - by donttouchmethere -> how to merge your stuff




Mod Content                                                                                       


Combat Defeat (MAIN Feature)

Defeat in Combat (NPC defeats Player) is the main content of Naked Defeat.

It can happen either via Bleedout (reaching 0 hp), Surrender (pressing Action Key) or Combat Strip (beeing stripped of an armor piece).



Chapter 1: 3 Ways (?) to Defeat


1. Bleedout Defeat:

Triggers on 0 HP.

You can set in "MCM > Naked Defeat > Defeat > Kill Player on Bleedout to basically disable this (but well,... you will die instead (and be forced to reload).


2. Critical Defeat:

This can be set in

MCM > Naked Defeat > Extras > Combat Strip

Basically it adds a chance to every hit you receive to knock you down and start the Defeat Scenario, no matter how much HP you have left.

---> if hit on Naked Skin you can adjust an Extra Defeat Chance now to punish nakedness. 


3. Surrender:

This stops combat and makes you willingly start the Defeat Scenario via Hotkey ("K").

---> you can set a chance for a shorter defeat when you surrender in time. Enemies are not as rough then (as bonus for quick assessment of situations :D)


Chapter 2: Forced Bathing

When you are dirty enough there is a chance that human enemies will force you to bath (they will of course watch you).
You can set a chance for the bathing to be a golden shower instead. 

Integration with Bathing in Skyrim to really clean the PC. 


Chapter 3: Defeat Sex

Your PC and up to two Followers (currently) will be fucked 1-3 times by humans and creatures with all available anims (support for 2P, 3P, 4P and 5P for all races).


IMPORTANT: Scenarios (one of the KEY Features of Naked Defeat)

There are also scenarios which can trigger which change the course of the Defeat Sex to center around a certain topic like a piece of bondage (yoke, cuffs) or some special action (rodeo -> PC is whipped while playing cowgirl and standing animations),

Current Scenarios:

- Yoke
- Bound
- Rodeo 

- Forced Masturbation
- Bukkake


Chapter 4: Aftermath

After the sex alot of things can happen, based on your settings.

Most will lead to other mods (Slavery Chance ->SD+ or SS++), to a nearby Inn (Rescue Chance), leave you robbed of your possesions (with a chance to get them back from your captor).

Or they will simply let you go, soaked in cum and broken.

But the central part of Naked Defeat is the Local Captivity Event that will add another outcome after the sex which is currently unique among loverslab:


Chapter 5: Escape Game

This is basically an Aftermath, but a special one and another KEY Feature.

For the Escape game your PC is tied to a ZAP furnture or with a chain (based on the scenario types from the Defeat Rape).

There is a chance to be whipped into submission (just because they like to see you struggle) and then you get the chance to escape.

All you have to do for this is pressing the escape hotkey (space by default) to start the "struggle mini game".

This has some random outcomes based on your difficulty settings (escape chance) and on the punishment types you want (see MCM -> Library)

It can lead to more whipping, to another round of Rape, equipping of devices, a unique fucking belt and I will continously add more punishments too.


There is a random difficulty to the escape game. I recommend setting the base difficulty to as low as 1%. 
If your captors not suck you can raise this chance up to 15-20%.

In addition to that, each time you struggle it becomes easier to escape, so when you struggled 5 times in painfully tight restraints you have a 6% chance to escape on the next try.


If you break free, your captors will turn aggressive again and try to chase you, so be quick to run away.

Hint: when you broke loose you can wait "in furniture" pretending to still be bound. Your captors will not see that and you can wait for a good moment to make your escape.


Naked Swimming 

When wearing heavy armor items on the main slots

or any kind of shoes/boots while swimming you will drown (die).


Poisoned Potions

Consuming Potions during combat can trigger the Defeat Scenario (you were poisoned).


Hair Shaving

Captors can decide to change your hairstyle. (you can set the forced styles in MCM Library)
You can reset the hairstyle by pressing Action Key after leaving combat.
You can also change between your saved Custom Hairstyles randomly via the Action Key.


Naked Bathing

Shift + ActionKey starts the new Naked Bathing animation Set which will clean the PC and also look very nice. Check it out :)



Naked Slavery (SS++ Integration)

Version Simple Slavery++  6.3.15 and later allows you to be sold to civilian or hostile locations where you are fucked, bound and fucked again until you manage to escape.


Action Key ("K")                                                                                 


This is the main hotkey of Naked Defeat and offers different functionality based on the situation, queststage and other things.

I want to keep the number of required hotkeys as low as possible, hence this "workaround".




1. Surrender (when in Combat)


You can use this hotkey to surrender to your enemies while in combat.

This works only when already in active combat stage.

Currently it is no difference if you surrender or get downed or otherwise defeated.

In the future I want to add a toggle that makes surrendering worthwhile, i.e. reducing the number of scenes, making escape easier or reducing the chance of a lengthy aftermath alltogether.


2. Hair Change (when not in Combat)

This works only when NOT in combat and when you NEITHER sneak NOR have a weapon drawn.

If that is all true, your character will play a short animation and change the current hairstyle to one of the 11 "original hairstyles" that you can set up in the 
MCM / Naked Defeat / Library / lower right side.
I suggest filling all 11 slots with hairstyles for the moment (they can also be identical), I will improve this function in the future for your convenience.
It is primarily meant to restore to your original hairstyle after sex, but can also be used to change the current hairstyle to a random different one.


3A. Follower Registration (when weapon drawn & not in combat - NOTHING in Crosshair)

This is currently the only way to make Naked Defeat recognize your followers. You have to do this every time you hire or release a follower, but only then.

Draw your weapon (or unarmed or spell) and then press the Action Key.

A number of messages will appear in the upper left corner, listing the names of the followers found.
You can also check the registered followers in the MCM / Naked Defeat / System on the lower left side.

I will add more ways to add followers and better automation in the future, no worries.


3B. Manual Follower Registration (when weapon drawn & not in combat - aiming at the Follower with Crosshair)

This way you can manually add Followers that are not recognized in Step 3A. 

- draw weapon

- aim at follower in question

- press K ----> (will say "ADDED as Naked Follower "Name")
Then repeat step 3A. 
You can remove the follower again by repeating this (will say "REMOVED as Naked Follower "Name").

You can add all kinds of NPC with this, for example NPC that travel with you for quests but are no regular followers.

This is also meant for Custom Followers that are incompatible with Follower Frameworks.


4. Toggle Public Punishment on/off (when sneaking & not in combat)

This quickly disables the Public Punishment feature for your convenicence, since it is impossible to adjust it for all possible situations automatically.

This is meant for debugging, questing or whatever else might happen where Naked Defeat can get in the way.

Does NOT affect the Combat Defeat in any way!


5. Spawn Floor (when defeated and after the message "Find a good spot for the things to come")

This is a WIP feature that allows you to spawn a random floor tile (currently hay or stone) that improves the quality of sex scenes on rough, uneven or outright crooked surfaces.

The Floor can only be spawned until the Player goes into the surrender pose, so you have rougly a 10 seconds window. 

Also the floor piece will despawn automatically.


6. Break Free from furniture (after "try to wiggle free" message)

This is meant primarily for debugging, but also in case something looks weird or is about to break.

It instantly releases the PC from the furniture.

You can toggle that this action will lead to simple slavery directly. 
in the future it will be also possible to "wake up at an inn" instead of slavery.


7.Skip whipping scene (currently disabled)

- WIP -


So, there are 6 different ways to use this one key, just be aware when you want to do what and do NOT use this key in other mods (except for sexlab hotkeys, they will be unaffected, I use it for actor selection in scenes for example).


8 .Shift + ActionKey

Starts the new Naked Bathing animation Set which will clean the PC and also look very nice. Check it out :)



BETA Features                                                                                     


These features can be activated by ticking MCM / System / Nymra's BETA Features [x]

They are not quite ready yet but already useable so I invite you to try them out and report back how you like them





Features include:


Naked Loot:

This feature is designed for my own desires of making looting interesting for me again. I love to play with certain outfits and do not like to use stuff found in the wild when I lose those outfits.
Basically I always want to control how my PC looks. With this system I can loot ANYTHING and then transform it into the saved outfits. This comes at a cost and for me looting corpses can trigger tentacle attacks (modified Devious Chests) and this feature will also make it into Naked Defeat of course.

This is the first corner stone of my attempt to make looting, trading and travelling more... kinky too.


you can save your outfits to Naked Defeats MCM now (System, below the profiles)
when equipping a bodypart armor piece (bodyslot) it will be destroyed and with a certain chance will be replaced by one of your saved outfits (including weapons)
---> this also costs some money to represent material cost for fitting the looted armor to you
the equipped outfit will match the armor type of the looted armor, so make sure you have at least one light, one heavy and one clothing type outfit (but no more than two with one type)
---> armor type of an outfit is determined by the body parts armor type
when in PLAYER HOMES the whole function is disabled, you can do with all armor what you want
when in a STORE the chance that you equip an outfit is 100% (the vendor item still will be destroyed) tho
when you successfully equip an outfit, a cooldown starts (5 minutes currently) before you can try to do this again
you can also alternativly equip boots only. this increases the chance of a matching pair, but will only equip suitable boots from your outfits
you can freely swap items that are part of a saved outfit, since they already "fit" 
non-clothing/armor items and jewelry are not affected (yet :D)
this feature is recommended to use with "destroy stripped" items options in Naked Defeat

Bathing removes Blood splatters
This equips/unequips invisible armor lightning fast to remove decals (blood splatters) during washing events
this will affect all bathing scenes AND the golden showers from Naked Defeat
See Exposure Value updates
Shows the current exposure value (the higher the more likely is public punishment) while the mod is active 




/!\ do not reinstall the mod without beeing told so /!\

Reinstalling usually does not fix anything (the number of things fixed by it are zero), so save yourself some trouble.

Clean save is not required for updating. 


/!\  before  making Support Requests /!\

BEFORE making a Support Request try to disable and reenable the mod (then save and reload) and see if its fixed.
Also see if a problem happens more than once. One time problem is no problem :)

MAKE A DEBUG LOG (see above).



MAKE A PAPYURS LOG (see above). Without a log I can only use black magic to help you and you REALLY dont want that.
Also check the log for "Stack Dumps" (in txt editor via search) for the word "dump"

Stack dumps can destroy everything and are a problem in your game that should be fixed first before anything else. 

https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/368 --> make sure you modify the correct ini files when you use a mod organizer




Does this support Player fucks NPC?
-> No and most likely never will.

You can use SL Defeat for that by disabling its "NPC fucks player" feature, that way making it compatible with Naked Defeat


I m teleported to the middle of the map
One of the more typical Sexlab Bugs, >>>> Report to Sexlab Support thread. 


Weird things happen during Sex
99% chance its a Sexlab Setting (MCM/Animation Settings) or a Sexlab Bug. >>>> Report to Sexlab Support thread. 


Is this compatible with Battle Fuck?
Should be, but better set "MCM / Naked Defeat / Extras / Bleedout (on Strip) to 0% 


I'm stuck with player controls disabled

Naked Defeat could not terminate correctly
Make sure you dont have stack dumps in your papyrus.log (see "Stuff takes forever!!!!")

Load an earlier save :(


I dont see animations but it says "you are fucked"
-> check if you have ZAZ animation filters ON in Zap or Sexlab

-> make sure you have suitable SLAL animations installed and tagged as aggressive (or change the tags used by Naked Defeat in its MCM)


Mod is not initializing
-> install latest version, should fix it


I m invulnerable 

Turn the mod Off and On again, this should fix it


Nobody attacks me
Turn the mod Off and On again, this should fix it


FillherUp deflation breaks furniture idle
-> FHU does not respect DHLP suspend events, so its basically that mods fault :P

-> I will upload a modified version of FHU soon. 


I am attacked while in Defeat!
upload a papyrus.log please


Stuff takes forever!!!!
Check your papyrus.log for spam (lots of entries from the same mod in a long list, usually indicated by a big txt file (the log should not be several MB big...)
Check your papyrus.log for stack dumps (search for "dump") 

I am constantly working on speeding stuff up, too, but I can only do it while I learn new tricks. Also some functions cannot be sped up because Naked Defeat has to sort alot of shit that the game throws at it (like for example the 10000 possible scenarios that can happen :D) 


Another rape scene starts but not from this mod
-> that is that mods problem. The mod author should update it to respect DHLP suspend event (DHLP suspend prevents Sex from starting, I have it as umbrella from start to end on all scenes of this mod!)


Do I need DD for this mod?
-> NO - its only a soft dependency, so you DON'T need it


-> because there are enough ppl without DD in their LO. 

Will this change?

-> No. But I m working on best possible integration of DDs without making it a hard dependency


My PC turns blue
-> too many Racemenu Overlays. Open RaceMenu and remove some. Or wash yourself :P



Special Thanks to

- galahad_69 for making Naked Dungeons (without this mod I would ve quit Skyrim by now I think) on which this mod is based on
- donttouchmethere for naked testing and feedback 

- orgs1n for helping out with scripting and basically kickstarting all this by making me look into the scripts for the first time

- Hawk for refining and improving my code (sad to see you go) 

- tenri for helping with my annoying coding questions

- Nazzzgul666 for testing and feedback

- GunSlicer for his awesome pose mod (you see 3 of his idles as human surrender poses)

- the various creators of SLAL packs, all this would not be possible without you (Billyy, Anubs, Proxy, Milky, NCK30, Leito, etc. etc.)

- zaz for creating zap framework which is one of the key resources for me in skyrim because of the awesome and plenty furniture, struggle and bound animations



Old Changelogs



Naked Defeat - 4.41 - patch FIXED



Sorry, I messed ONE line of code up accidently which prevented the MCM from loading.

Redownload Naked Defeat 4-41 - Patch FIXED (LE+SE)

Should fix it.



- install version 4.40 - FULL

- install this patch and let it overwrite everything (ESP and scripts)

- FNIS re-run NOT required

- IMPORTANT: disable the mod after the update in MCM/Naked Defeat/System/Enable Mod [ ], save, reload and then reenable the mod!



- hopefully fixed a bug where the PC could remain at negative health after defeat ends 

- fixed a bug where soft dependencies were not recognized (this was a change to speed up the scripts, but I forgot a small detail, duh) --> hence the enable/disable mod requirement


New Feature: "Nymras Spawn Service":

- toggle in MCM - System: "Nymras Spawn Service". 

---> this toggles ghosts and other creatures on or off. They spawn when no actors are found on bleedout or when there are ONLY human actors found


Manual Follower Detection:

- when the Follower Detection does not work for you, you can now add individual NPC as followers via Naked Defeat.

- 1 - draw weapon

- 2 - aim at the NPC/follower
- 3 - press "K" (by default)

---> should read "Name" ADDED as Naked Follower
- 4 - repeat for all NPC/Followers you want
- 5 - aim at the sky or ground (do not have a NPC in crosshair)

- 6 - press "K" (by default)

---> should now list all followers by name that you wanted

---> you can double check in MCM - System - lower left


All recognized actors will have sexy times and play idles.

This can be used to also add temporary NPC that are not regular followers.

To remove an actor repeat step 1-3 (will say "Name REMOVED as Naked Follower)


Note: this is no substitute for a follower framework. Naked Defeat will do NOTHING with Followers outside of a Defeat Scenario.



Naked Defeat - 4.40 - FULL 



- remove all previous versions and patches

- run FNIS!!!


NEW: Improved Follower Support (thx to the patreon supporters!)

Important: How to start!

1. make sure your followers are close to you (same room/cell)

2. draw a weapon 
3. press "K" (debug key by default)
4. see how your followers are getting registered
5. you can check in the upper left corner for the names or in the MCM

- tested only with Vanilla Follower and with Nethers Follower Framework

- please report how this works with EFF and other frameworks

- some custom followers (with bad programming) will not work (missing factions)

- I will add a custom follower detection later (via spell or whatnot, I will see what will work best)


- Supports 2 Follower Sex Scenes now (might add more) with full creature and 5P support on each

- player will now wait for all Follower Scenes to finish before starting the next rape round or aftermath instead of terminating all sex scenes

- fixed a bug that showed pee pose on Followers while bound

- followers now have surrender and idle scenes

- 2 followers will have furniture idles (only crux and "on a stick" right now)

- 5 followers supported. 3 of those will only get unbound idles


---> this feature is WIP, I will add a ton of updates for this but it will take time. In the end I want 5 fuck scenes and full 5 Follower Furniture and even whipping support.

---> support me on patreon to speed this up and add even more features


NEW: Last Hit Detection and no more funny sex party mixes

restricted actor selection for sex (No more funny sex party events (frape))
----> mod will now check for actors who last hit you 
----> mod will only allow certain creature types based on the actors that hit you last
----> for example if falmer hit you last, only falmers and all kinds of chaurus creatures are allowed
----> humans hit you last will allow dogs, goats, horses and armored trolls
----> Giants hit you last will allow mammoth and giants#

etc. etc. 
----> will be more refined in the future when I have more feedabck


NEW: Scenario added "Forced Masturbation"

- forced masturbation scenario (with whipping like in rodeo)

- will play masturbation scene while an enemy is whipping


General Fixes & Improvements

- improved the way the mod locks the Player in place (pushing arround should be alot less now if any)
- improved restoration of the original spot you chose. meaning less chance that the scene looks fucked up
----> this will also fix situations where you fall through the floor after sex. naked defeat will rescue you!
- improved transition from sex to the post sex idle

- improved group detection (added the stupid mirror tags FMMMM MMMMF...)
- fixed: replaced "free camera toggle" for the fucking belt with a ninode update that does the job better

- fixed forced bathing scene sometimes fucking up the first rape round because of a bug with the tags beeing reset

- bathing now removes decals too

- fixed a bug with the MCM not loading some settings correctly

- improved over all start up timing and follow ups

- fixed: Robbery should no longer breaks furniture game

- Robbery can now be toggled to only rob gold not items

- Plus a TON of stuff I forgot to write down... mostly cosmetic stuff and things probably nobody will notice


New KEY function: Fast toggle of public punishment

-  when you sneak and press debug key you can now toggle public punishemnt on and off (only outside of combat and when not already fucked)


New KEY function: Spawn Floor
- press DefeatKey when "look for a good spot" to spawn a random flat piece of land beneath you


New MCM Option: Spawn Creatures
- enable Creatures and "NymStripping" in the MCM

----> when defeated by humans and there are NO Creatures around, the mod will spawn horses, goats, dogs or goats at random to join the fuck fest.


New MCM Option: Idle Time between sex
Allows to increase or decrease the time it takes for the PC to be idle between sex scenes.


- POP Prison Overhaul suspend -> Naked Defeat will not start or do any of its scans or scripts during POP quest (this time it should work...)

----> untested. I just had no time sorry. Might require a clean save install to work.

- Submissive Lola suspend: Naked Defeat will now stop SubLola from doing anything during the Scenario

- Devious Followers: Naked Defeat will now stop Devious Followers from doing anything during the Scenario


Naked Defeat - 4.33 - Patch




- Update to 4.31 Full (in case you have older version)

- Install this patch (4.33) overwriting 4.31

- 4.32 is not required, this patch replaces it

- no FNIS rerun required



- fixed a number of bugs with the AllegianceQuest:

-----> fixed quest would be turned of immediatly after defeat, turning actors hostile again too early

-----> fixed quest would be spammed repeatedly without having effect

-----> fixed quest would not uncalm all actors after Defeat, some remained calm

-----> when you meet calm actors that should be hostile, turn on "Show Debug Messages" in MCM and hit "


- added a small time window with godmode after beeing hit, hopefully preventing multiple downs from critical hits or from other mods defeat effects (battle fuck and similar)

- added a "IsWeaponDrawn" Check for EscapeTimer -> when EscapeTime runs (for example you set it to 20 or 30 seconds) and you draw a weapon, your enemies will immediatly become hostile


Known Bugs:
- Currently the Debug Key is not working on Whipping Scenes (cannot interrupt them by pressing "K").



Naked Defeat - 4.32 - Patch



- Install 4.30 Full or 4.31 Full

- Install this patch (4.32)

- no FNIS required when updating from 4.30 or 4.31



 Fixed my Critical Stupidity of repeating an old error in the Actor Selection... This prevented the Quest from finding enough actors (and sometimes even NONE) even when they were quite close.

-> this lead to the quest thinking you are alone and then spawned the ghosts to "help" :)


- fixed a bug where there was never a whipping scene when only 1 aggressor was around

- fixed a bug that prevented humanoid creatures from whipping (draugr, trolls... they all can whip lol). Will further filter that list, I think trolls and spriggans "whip" with their claws... killing the bound PC

- improved calming of enemies (for example when enemies appear during the rape and get hostile this will now be detected and calmed)

- fixed a bug that left enemies calm when the quest was done (they thought they were your allies). 


Known Bug:

- somehow after whipping the furniture idle is broken. I could not find the reason for this and it drives me crazy. But the above bug was serious enough to skill bring this patch.

-> fixing it when it happens to you: when you notice this, please remove "whip" from the Punishment List in the library and replace it with "Pain" or "Rape" for now :( 


Naked Defeat - 4.31 - Full


For those who installed 4.30: Sorry, there was a critical oversight from my side breaking the rape start (lets just say the ghosts went wild) 

This is fixed in 4.31, just install this instead, its the same version just with this bug fixed.



This is a full version.

all hotfixes, patches and previous versions can be deleted, they are all included





1. General improvement & fixes

- further restructurization of quests and general improvements. I could not test all the possibilities and circumstances so expect bugs as always :(
- added 2 additional surrender poses (thx to gunslicer for his awesome stuff)

- hopefully fixed some bugs that prevented capturequest from starting

- added new Scenario (Rodeo - whipping during sex, using vanilla all kinds of scenes with cowgirl, standing and holding tags)

- added a check for zbfslavefaction to prevent beeing enslaved/robbed/rescued during SD+/Submissie Lola enslavement. (I hope those mods use the slave faction...)

- golden showers will now finally remove blood splatters (decals) correctly

- improved the transition from surrender/bleedout to the start of the quest ("find a good spot") with suitable idles (will be further improved in the future).

- added animation for "hair change" (press "K" when not in combat to change your hair style to one of your 10 selected ones)

2. Sex
- added an option to choose if female actors should be treated as males by the animation filter

- improved animation filter in general (as always a massive WIP since tags on SLAL packs are all wrong...)

3. New Feature "Rescued" (via Patreon vote)

- see in MCM - Defeat - Aftermath - Rescue Chance -> careful if you set this to 100% you will never see any other outcome

- teleporting followers (up to 4) is untested and some followers might be unrecognized. I m working on it


4. Escape game & whipping

- increased the chance to escape from poorly made knots in escape game (when it says your captors knot suck and similar)
- improved selection of whippers, hopefully increasing the chance to be whipped drastically (before it could be that even at 100% whipping did not always start)
- added a "invisible scene protector" during whipping in rodeo scenario and while in furniture. this can cause some minor issues with camera movement. I suggest to just use free camera in that case.
- added the invisible scene protector also to furniture whipping scenes for the same effect (more distance from whipper to PC).
-----> will add a toggle that allows use of the protectors for normal rape scenes too if you have NPC standing on the sex scene too often (especially in cities)

- added a whipping timer (for furniture punishment whipping "whip")

- setting "whip chance" to 0% disables all whipping content except punishment types (you have to remove "whip" from there manually in the library)


5. Combat Strip

- added Combat Strip Feature "StripAttack" with this on Dogs, Wolves, Trolls, Skeevers, Spriggans and PowerAttacks in general will increase the strip chance


Mod Fixes and Patches: 
- added a patch for "Specator Crowds Ultra" to work with new Rodeo Scenario (Patch is only tested on LE. Test on SE with caution) 
- added mod event to suspend Submissive Lola during the Defeat Scenario
- added checks to scan for zbfslavefaction to prevent naked defeat from enslaving slaves or run its outcomes (enslavement, robbery, resuce) during SD+, Lola and other enslavement mods

---> Submissive Lola MCM -> Do not use ZazSlaveControl has to be OFF for both mods to be compatible (otherwise it can lead to double enslavement with SD+ and other mods)
- when you use bathing in skyrim, naked defeat will now register that and remove blood splatters(decals)


Known Bugs:
- still some rare occasions where the whipper is not working, I see if I can fix this too at some point

- I noticed sometimes enemies will not be uncalmed when the quest ends. this seems to be related to some unknown behaviour of the "Allegiance Faction" I removed that faction now and hope for the best, sorry. 

----> this is one of my main construction sites atm anyway



Please consider supporting me if you like my mods. each patreon will increase the development speed.
Plus I will work on features I personally do not need in Naked Defeat based on the level of support.


First patreon feature that is implemented:

- Outcame: "Wake up at an Inn"

The next new feature will get a vote soon on my patreon

❤️ https://www.patreon.com/nymra ❤️




Edited by Nymra
updated description

What's New in Version 4.81


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< VERSION 4.81 (Patch) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- install 4.80 (FULL) if you dont have it already
- install 4.81 (Patch) 
- remove all other Full, Patch or Hotfix (keep Extras)
- run FNIS!!!!
- start Skyrim and load game
- disable Naked Defeat in the MCM
- re-enable Naked Defeat in the MCM
- save and reload
Note: Includes all previous Hotfixes so you can delete them.
  • player monitor looping too fast under some conditions
  • added additional check for bukkake masturbation scenes to end. the controls will also auto enable after 120 seconds just in case.
  • fixed SE detection (or rather changed. please report back if it works now)
  • duplicate animation event warning in FNIS (was harmless)
  • placement of Followers 1 and 2 for Sex and Bondage
  • follower scenes should be less likely to hover above the ground (changed from player height to followers heigth)
Added: Male Player Support improved
  • if the PC is male it will no longer equip the fucking belt or the ZAZ bondage items that are meant for females
    • please report more stuff that is not compatible with males when you find some
Added: Toggle for Crawl Animations (MCM/System)
While feedback says that Crawl animations usually work, even when only running Nemesis (without FNIS) I added a toggle to disable crawl animation switch for ppl who still have problems.
Added: Slider for Naked Hit Defeat Chance (MCM/Extras/Combat Stripping)
when you use combat strip you can now set the chance of beeing defeated when hit on naked skin individualy. before, a naked hit just doubled the chance.
this is meant for compatibility with naked playthroughs or personal preferences. If you do not know what to do with it I recommend to just set it to an equal value of your Defeat (on Strip) chance.
Added: New SS++ Locations (hostile)
Added 13 locations with hostile NPC (bandits, necors, forsworn) that you can be sold to via SS++
If a location is cleared already, Naked Defeat will spawn a group of bandits or necromancers depending on the location type.
New Feature (from BETA): Naked Drowning
Can be enabled in MCM/Extras
When swimming  in heavy armor on either Head, Body or Hands or when wearing anything at the feet slot you will drown rather quickly
better undresse before jumping into water.
Will  later add a toggle that will:
check Bikini Armor Keyword and then also LightArmor and Clothing might lead to drowning. I did not add the keyword because I did not patch my bikini armors yet😄
New Feature (from BETA): Naked Bathing
When you have Bathing in Skyrim installed you can now play Naked Defeats nice customized bathing animations by pressing:
Shift + ActionKey (K by default)
  • will remove all dirt and cum and also blood splatters
  • has no water detection (yet)
  • has no soap (yet)
  • but looks nice!
  • is planned to later include bound washing (if I find suitable animations)

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