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  1. Hey! You can add support for custom body parts in the Body Selector using this tutorial: https://turbodriver.itch.io/wickedwhims/devlog/137359/support-for-custom-cas-parts The "Create Body CAS Parts" section explains what to input in the template. If you're unsure how to set this up, let me know and consider including your package file with your progress so I can see what's wrong.
  2. Hey! In your XML file, you need to set "animation_clip_name" to be the ClipName of your animation which is "AmourPsyche:PosePack_202108011925323057_set_1". Change "<T n="animation_clip_name">AmourPsyche_test_male</T>" to "<T n="animation_clip_name">AmourPsyche:PosePack_202108011925323057_set_1</T>".
  3. "ClipName", it's the name of the variable inside of your animation. You click on the animation either in Sims4Studio or S4PE and read the variable named "ClipName". I will include a note on that in the instructions.
  4. "<T n="animation_clip_name">Nelson Male</T>" should be "<T n="animation_clip_name">Canzandridas:PosePack_202110141900031414_set_1</T>" and "<T n="animation_clip_name">Nelson Female</T>" should be "<T n="animation_clip_name">Canzandridas:PosePack_202110141900031414_set_2</T>". "animation_clip_name" is where you put the ClipName.
  5. Send your package file that you're trying to load into the game, it should be easy to spot what's wrong.
  6. This is good information. I wasn't aware that WW sex breaks when you don't install any animations. Thanks, I will have that fixed soon enough.
  7. Could you send your WickedWhimsInfoLog file located in /Documents/The Sims 4?
  8. What are your graphical settings set to? I don't remember exactly which ones need to be high, but reflective surfaces don't appear when certain graphical settings are too low.
  9. Hey. In the package file there's string table files, open one and find the name of the animation there. Once you found the name, it will be associated with the "hex number". That's what you need to identify the animation.
  10. Hey! Although I'm not 100% sure about this issue, if the classes are interrupted due to nudity, it makes sense to me to prevent reaction to nudity for yoga class participants. I will try to have that adjusted for the next update and you can let me know how that works.
  11. Here's a simple thing you can do to help solve this if you believe it's an actual issue. Share your save file, even if it's a new save file. Setup a situation in which you want to start a sex interaction but it fails, save it and send it here. Make sure to tell me where and which Sims should do, what to click exactly to get this message to happen. I will have a look at it to see this for myself. Including the WickedWhimsInfoLog file would be very useful as well. You can find instructions on how to share your save file easily here: https://wickedwhimsmod.com/exception/#shareinfo
  12. I will reiterate. This isn't an issue, it informs you that there are no Sims nearby that qualify to participate in sex. Nobody is providing enough information that would be relevant to this, so let me help you understand it. Why would a Sim not qualify? I will specifically cover the reasons for the "start_sex_sims_picker_dialog" type of message. There are no Sims within the 16 units radius or no Sims on the lot your Sim is on. A unit is the width of one tile. With the selected location and sex category, there are no animations that match your Sim gender + any male gender. With the selected location and sex category, there are no animations that match your Sim gender + any female gender. The age of your Sim doesn't allow to match with other Sims. Teen only matches Teen, Adult+ only matches other Adult+. Your Sim or all nearby Sims is currently going to have sex/watch porn. If they aren't, they could have stuck data that can be fixed by running the "ww.fix" command but that indicates some other issue. Your Sim or all nearby Sims are unavailable (sleeping, rabbit hole, possessed, dying, in labor, window peeping, or leaving) All nearby Sims are event/vendor NPC Sims. Your Sim or all nearby Sims are currently in their mermaid form. Your Sim and all nearby Sims create an incestuous relationship. If any of these match your situation, then that would most likely be the reason for the message you see to pop up. Perhaps this message could be improved and expanded, to include more precision information, but I'm not aware of any particular reason from this list to be a common enough case to introduce that.
  13. Bug Warning! As mentioned above by @hughraphael, Sims didn't receive their Nudity Enthusiast trait when they were supposed to after updating the mod. This error has been corrected and any new person that downloads the v166 release won't encounter this problem. For anybody else who already updated to v166a and saved their game, download the v166a release again and use the ww.assign_all_sims_nudity_enthusiast command. This will give Sims the Nudity Enthusiast trait, but only Sims that have at least level 2 of Naturism and don't have the Exhibitionist/Fears Nudity trait will receive it! If you don't want to give Sims the Nudity Enthusiast trait, you don't have to do anything!
  14. The linked tutorials show you the most essential basics to start. If you get stuck on anything, you can always ask about it and if you provide your current files with the progress you made it can be easier to point out what's wrong!
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