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  1. This is pretty confusing. Every time you talk with a Sim, the Sim Profile attempts to be updated with the information on what the played Sim thinks of the other Sim. Based on the picture, the only cases that I can think of where that wouldn't happen is if that Sim gender doesn't fit your Sim gender preference, they are family, or one of the Sims is Attractiveness Ambivalent. There are other things like age or if they are a robot, but I assume this won't apply here. Scoping follows the same rules. Something makes their pair invalid, but there are only these few basic checks. I've ne
  2. Thank you for your investigation into this. I will see what can be done to make these interactions more consistent.
  3. For the invitation to work, Sim has to be successfully invited inside and find a proper sex location (behind the scenes, you don't do it), if any of these two things fails to happen due to technical issues, the result is the peeping Sim running away. You didn't do anything wrong, you were just unlucky.
  4. Today's update features the changes I talked about, so you can try it now, assuming you only use the LL releases.
  5. I agree with the idea, yes, peeping Sims shouldn't be looking through windows with curtains or blinds, but I'm not convinced this is worth adding. Besides added performance impact looking for curtains/blinds near windows, I cannot ever be sure that the curtains/blinds do in fact cover windows, so all windows with any decorative elements would end up excluded. Both this, and the general idea that windows can be excluded, lessens the value of the feature. Sure, realism and all, but it's counter productive to the feature existence and development, by actively introducing things that l
  6. The reason you experience this is because you're using an animation that's intended for a MALE+FEMALE pair. What happens is, because both Sims are FEMALE, the Sim that gets assigned a position first is the TOP and they get assigned the proper FEMALE spot, then the second Sim, the BOTTOM, gets assigned, and the only left spot is MALE. This results in them flipping the roles, gender wins over role. With MALE+MALE it's flipped/correct due to the same logic of what I just explained. What you can do is change one of the FEMALE Sims Gender Recognition to be MALE and TOP, which would reso
  7. My best guess is that wild_guy overrides are now non-functional due to being outdated after WW updating its override textures to the new image format. Wild_guy will have to update his textures as well.
  8. Although this mechanic does its best to figure out what to do, how and where, it can fail if particular animations are configured in a unique or strange way. Did you test using the same animations? If so, and one and the same animation has different results when using a MM pair vs a FF pair, could you provide the name of the animations, author and where to use it?
  9. I believe what you're experiencing is your world growing, and as it grows, new Sims with their random bodies and outfits introduce new variables to the world view. As the world view changes, Sims perceive certain things differently due to popular things losing on value when used by masses and niche things gaining on value due to being unique. You're existing in an ever changing world, where what's attractive changes as the world progresses. It's easy to see where the problem is of course, you expect that everything you established stays like that. Once someone is attractive there i
  10. Although the word "lag" is used, I believe this is all about unstable and low rendering framerate. As far as I can tell, random rendering framerate drops are common with the game, but I do not know what causes them. I tend to get them when switching between Live Mode and Build Mode, even when not having any mods installed. Sometimes it gets bad enough that restarting the game is necessary. Still, I'm not claiming WickedWhims has nothing to do with it, there simply isn't any clear indication for me that WickedWhims is in fact involved in contributing to this issue. I cannot have thi
  11. You can either play as that Sim and just use the option to turn back into human or add the family, turn them back, and then remove them.
  12. That behavior will be changed in future releases to make Sims respond appropriately instead. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. As that was an issue in the past, I ran a test, and the tongue is not visible in first person, everything is working as expected. I suspect you might have installed an external tongue mod that replaces it with one that isn't configured to be hidden in first person view. Otherwise, please provide an example animation (name, author, location) so I can test it because the few animations I tried were fine.
  14. The Private Pictures / SimHub feature is not out yet because it just sucks, so I didn't want to release it. It needs a lot more work, a revamp really, then I will have it available for all.
  15. Hey! Send the PACKAGE file here, I can take a look at it and let you know what's wrong.
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