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  1. Inappropriate Unlock is universal, it never needs updating. No such thing as "bad-at-sex" exists, I guess you will have to wait for another opportunity to join, but not a bad idea.
  2. It depends what you're using for the generation, but Attractiveness doesn't usually take the lead with Gender Preference, instead it uses what the base game generated for the Sim. That's most often simply nothing, as the game prefers to generate blank slates, but heterosexuality has a higher probability. Still, I think adding a menu to adjust distribution percentages could be a useful option for Attractiveness to use instead so you can things happen how you like it.
  3. Did you keep the master switch on? Because it sounds to me like you disabled it, and with it disabled, Sims will ignore all of the other nudity-related settings. That's just how the game works, "privacy" is a base game concept and it doesn't prevent Sims from walking in on you. In fact, if they knew not to walk in on you, then that would ruin some of the embarrassing fun. They are meant to walk in and react, then go to their own stuff. There are ways to prevent Sims from doing so, and I am thinking about some changes, but it will probably just make routing even worse. Of course not, what do you think this is? Expecting people to convince you? Enjoy the free shit.
  4. You mean you can actually click the option to hire yourself? None of what you're saying sounds right. Only the owner of the business can manage it, not they employees. You need to be playing as a Sim from the household that purchased the strip club.
  5. No, certain attributes conflict with another when added to the Sim and selecting two or more that conflict with each other would require special handling that is just unnecessary.
  6. Just want to say, that I do agree, making Sims have sex is way too easy, but that's because I care to follow the game logic in how relationships work and progress. The game seems easy simply because it's made to be played fast, but of course that's not to everybody's taste. I am planning on continuing work with relationships content, allowing users to switch how that progression occurs, slowing things down and making relationship require a little more social investment. That's how I'm mostly playing, limiting relationships to a few Sims I care about, so having it changed is something I would like to see. It doesn't mean I'm completely confident how to achieve this without ruining the game but it is something I would like to do at some point.
  7. Anything that shows more skin than not - tank tops, lingerie, bikini, skirts, shorts. Simple as that.
  8. As of right now, there is no easy or clean way of doing it, but it's a really important feature to be added and be controllable outside and inside of the game. The best that's possible now is to manually override the tuning files which is not ideal in many ways.
  9. Thanks for the report, I will have that fixed in the next update.
  10. Archetypes are not part of Attractiveness so I will ignore that for now, especially since that part of WickedWhims needs an overhaul. Any Sim that's detected to not have Attractiveness Preferences generated will have them generated, otherwise you can generate it all simply by using the Generate option on any Sim and choose to select All Sims. Sims can like as many things as they want to, although it's better to have more specific likes than being very general and broad. They like both brown and blonde hair, simple as that. What you should extract from it is that the Sim asking probably didn't have either brown or blonde hair which is an indicator for a potential change, if you care for it, and you got multiple options to choose from. Everything is included, CC or not. Certain CC could be incorrectly tagged, which is a bummer, but it is something you can fix if you want to put extra effort into it. That's not Attractiveness, you tricked me. Colors are just for fun. Unless you're asking if the colors matter for Attractiveness? They technically do count, but in that particular situation it doesn't make a difference.
  11. This doesn't sound right, it shouldn't be possible for it to happen, at every point in WickedWhims age is verified to avoid this behavior. It sounds to me like something else might be causing this, have you tried testing it with just WickedWhims installed?


    Spot on explanation why Loiterers exist, if it was self aware it could be a satire post. On top of this, they leave trash around too. Their entire reason to exist is so they take up space and you need to ask them to leave. Isn't this genius? You don't need to answer that, I know it is. This is a part of running a business that needs active clients, some of them will be useless and need to be spotted and thrown out. Charming Dancers will do it automatically or you can do it yourself. Once asked to leave, their role is removed and the only thing Sim can do is to actually leave, as long as their autonomy kicks in. That can be improved to happen faster though, so I will take a look at it. Part of future updates to Strip Clubs will be setting up club rules and having an entry fee that will get rid of loiterers, but at cost of some legitimate clients too.
  13. I haven't heard of this issue, but I saw it happen in restaurants, where employees would place dirty dishes on half walls instead of cleaning them at the station. This seems like a base game issue that can happen anywhere. Something might be configured to prioritize half walls placeable slots over the proper functions... could be fixed by a mod if so.
  14. I'm not seeing anything in particular that would check if a Sim is playable or not, but it might be one of these quirks with SimFilters that I'm not 100% sure about and would need to investigate further. As for an employee showing up without an employee title - something prevented that Sim from starting their "job situation", which could be caused by another mod or there's a possibility it's something in the game. If you can, try sending that employee home and they should come back soon after. The only time assigning tasks is not possible is when a Sim is dancing. Otherwise it would be when a Sim isn't an employee that's currently working, which comes back to the thing I explained above. As for hiring household Sims, the game actually prevents you from hiring anybody that is currently present within the loaded zone. If you want to hire someone from your household, make sure to first send them home.
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