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  1. WickedWhims is actually HQ compatible except for the skin tones. I've upscaled all other textures to be compatible, but skin tones remain in the original scale because upscaling them introduces horrible graphical artifacts. I don't believe you need to go through this process, all you need is a separate mod that overrides default skin tones to be upscaled and that's all.
  2. Can't say soon, the next one is major enough that it's taking twice as long to finish and then there probably will be plenty more to add to it. Once I'm done with it I will come back to regular updates. I would like to come back to some older features that are still awaiting improvements.
  3. Most likely caused by a secondary mod that modifies WickedWhims. You can clear these kind of Sims by running the 'ww.fix' command.
  4. Strip Clubs are still in works, not everything is set in stone, and the initial concept changed quite a bit already. Once I actually have everything shaped in a way I find playable, there will be a post that covers all the information about it.
  5. Every other problem reported here is because of "Wicked Whims Kinky" or "Wicked Whims Pets". These mods are not associated with WickedWhims. I recommend removing them and reporting the issues to the actual creator of these mods. Thanks.
  6. Nothing was removed, it was just an issue with the release missing some relationship content. Just download the v145b release and everything will be like usual. v145b Fixed missing relationship content
  7. WickedWhims and Wicked Perversions work together, they don't conflict. Having one of the outdated will cause errors.
  8. You can disable Impressions in the Relationship Settings.
  9. Glad to see someone confirm it. As for a sitting animation, not really, not without a bunch of problems. Because Sim can sit on anything (chair, recliner, couch, bar stool, bed), having the animation fit all of these objects is too much.
  10. Hey! Switching back to the default hard penis will be fixed in the upcoming update, thanks!
  11. I've identified issues related to the menstrual cycle not working correctly and I will be pushing out a fix in the coming days.
  12. Hey! When the number of actual bug reports is low enough where I can be somewhat confident it's worth releasing. So probably soon enough.
  13. The Sexually Alluring trait doesn't override gender preference limits or family relation limits, and it is not a 100% success. Sims can still reject when the relationship/circumstances are so low that the trait doesn't improve it that much. Still, the upcoming release should have it being a little more powerful.
  14. Hey! The functionality of watching sex is autonomous only for Cuckold Sims. Other Sims are able to watch if not asked to leave. The masturbation triggered from watching should look for a safe spot on the floor and not end up inside furniture, I haven't encountered that before. I haven't tested that feature in a while though, so it might not work as intended anymore. I will check it out, thanks.
  15. I wish there was a better way to list animations, but I'm bound by what is available in the game itself. Most of the rendering code, and especially the UI, is one the client side that is no modifiable by the usual means. I've attempted introducing new interface to deal with the long lists of animations, but haven't found anything that would work better.
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