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  1. I don't think I understand. Is there something wrong with this? https://gfycat.com/cautiouswarmheartedankole
  2. As it was mentioned, this happened a year ago, and I had to adapt with assistance from Patreon staff, so they wouldn't have to end up banning me. And as DarkAudit said, this is about payment processors being problematic, Patreon in fact helped creators stay on the platform. From my experience, most of the mishaps with Patreon come from their poor choice in legal expertise that ends up failing for the type of a business they are.
  3. I'm slightly confused why you're concerned about homeless Sims, but that can totally be an option, if you think it will make difference. Additionally, I made tweaks regarding attractiveness scoring to look at player-made Sims differently, as they would most likely be a lot more detailed than anything generated by the game. Money ain't looks, and Attractiveness is all about looks. The system does recognize how expensive an outfit looks, by checking what it is made out of, but that's a very minor element. And because it seems to me like a lot of players aren't keen on spending time selecting all preferences, the generators have been slightly expanded and Sims come with "half-preferences" based on the few things you select to further focus their preferences. This will be explained more after release.
  4. I would prefer to find a solution that doesn't add more complexity, which is easier said than done. Introducing more levels of recognition only adds complexity, as your particular issue could be solved by making recognition be ignored for mixed-gender sex, either by default or as a setting. There are a lot more issues related to same-sex interactions, which needs something a lot more flexible, and your suggestion would only solve the mixed-sex side, and not completely. Thanks for the idea though, I was thinking of something like it for solving same-sex interactions breaking, but there would still be cases where it doesn't work. So far I think adding more individual Sims personalization, even on animation-to-animation level, would work the best, but requires the most effort from the player to make it work.
  5. The Taking Off Condom functionality only passes the Sim that has the condom and I would need to pass other Sims into it just for translation text which I'm not sure is worth doing. This is an interesting idea, but if there aren't many more cases of writing text like this, where other sex participants are needed, I don't think I would get into it.
  6. Hey. Only specific strings can reference more than one Sim, as each and every string has to be manually configured to do so. Is there anything specific you're trying to change?
  7. You might see something like it sooner than you think.
  8. It looks like counting towards Climax being available is done using sim-minutes, but the counter is calculated for real-time seconds. This creates a desync that will eventually prevent Climax from being unlocked, which could be the source of the explained issue. I will have this adjusted for an update later today. Thanks for noticing it.
  9. NPC Sims will not continue to Climax until their sex timer is near the end, only then they are allowed to run a Climax animation. Stages don't matter, it matters when they will be finishing the sex interaction, only then they will be allowed to play a Climax animation. For majority of the sex interaction they are not capable of selecting a Climax animation.
  10. Your world is populated with both, but who shows up depends on who is currently at home. Your Sims preference determines who shows up, so for example, if you have mostly heterosexual males at home, Tina should show up.
  11. Hey. Because sex autonomy usually involves multiple Sims, having it only altered for one Sim wouldn't work. The autonomy implementation isn't designed like that. It can technically be done though, by introducing something that would overall lower probability for all Sims to be picked, and then allow to modify it for individuals. Perhaps it's worth doing, although I haven't had this suggested a lot before. Nudity autonomy would be easier to handle, as it is focused on individuals. It could be a nice evolution to the current system.
  12. Well, if anybody is willing to provide actual examples to look at, I will be glad to investigate. I'm working on Attractiveness right now, but its core mechanics are not going to change. It sounds to me like you're complaining about randomly generated preferences liking randomly generated Sims. I guess it fits, so not much else to expect from randomness being random and randomly liking the random results. Either random or everything is mostly the same. There's no winning here unless you put care into deciding what Sims like yourself. I will be glad to see examples of how your Sim likes fit other Sims that do not actually match the preferences you defined. Without examples I cannot say anything. It's very easy for an individual to idealize one look and only that one look, so if anything isn't it or similar, it seems like your fantasy of Sims liking what you think is beauty doesn't work. Attractiveness isn't based on any real world standards, it's based on your game world. If your game world is filled with random ugly Sims, then that's the standard, and that can be a very good thing. Any Sim that stands out from that random ugly Sim standard, and any Sim that likes these standing out features will very easily connect. If you neither populate the world with Sims you think are attractive or define your Sims preferences, the system is still going to work, it's just not going to be able to know what you actually think is right. The Sims you play are do not define the beauty of the world, the world does it.
  13. Thank you for the detailed explanation, that allowed me to test this. With all of what you shared, the issue for me isn't that "he declines and i get the message that they are in a relationship", since I enabled Open Relationships, which I thought that's what you meant with "WW relationship is set for having more than 1 lover". My issue is that the relationship between the brothers, even when at 100% friendship, isn't enough for them to agree to be in a sexual interaction together. It's difficult to determine what the focus of the sex interaction is. You know that the two brothers aren't meant to have sex with each other, but instead only have sex with the girl. I still have to check the relationship between the brothers just in case that isn't the case, which introduces the issue. I'm not sure how can this be solved without making the brothers romantic partners, which is not the intent. It's one of these cases were context of the relationship is complex enough that I cannot provide any simple solution, or at least the solution is not obvious to me. I'm considering one option, and that is ignoring other participants if a high-relationship romantic participant is present. That would allow for this kind of interaction to happen.
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