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Lovers Penalty Hardcore For TES4 Oblivion 

July 7th, 2020 ver 1.01

Requires Lovers...any version should do.


If you've already downloaded, you can use this patch if you like.



By Fejeena and DogOnPorch

Resources- Various members of the Oblivion community...

Read carefully...

Run only one version of Lovers Penalty at a time. A fresh save is recommended before engaging hardcore mode...you could get killed...incapacitated. Some effects might make it easy for you to get picked up as a slave if using PSE...be careful.

Some elements in this mod might not be to your liking...feel free to use the previous version which handles things differently.


-This a simple continuation of Lovers Power for the Player Character. Although Lovers Power is not needed to run Lovers Penalty, it is highly recommended. Otherwise it's all bad news...lol. This is aimed primarily at high-risk Players...prostitutes, strippers, being in bandit caves and the like. Lovers Hooker, Lovers Prostitute, etc. This is a female only version! No men, sorry. Generally, you engage in high-risk sex in order to gain boosts to things like Magicka & such. There are no diseases in this version...only the dirty, rotten & often violent things that happen to the poor working girl or unfortunate Viking raid victim.


Install: Drop everything into your data folder and activate using the Mod Manager.It can be high in the load order or grouped with your Lovers mods...no matter. It does add chests to some vendor locations...but they're unique. So conflicts are very unlikely.
Uninstall: Wait for all effects to end (get cured if diseased)...then simply turn off and make a fresh save.


-Lovers Penalty Hardcore has two modes: Normal and Hardcore.


Normal Mode: Easy...good for companions. Go ahead...boink Vilja, that cute guy, the dog, a Bravil lamp post, Sheogorath (try)...you'll be fine.


Hardcore Mode: You'll be treated like the dirty whore you are...seriously. You could be beaten, covered in urine & filth and smelling to high heaven. Your fellow townsfolk might find you so disagreeable as to attack you! Run out of town! You could also be a very lucky whore and get off with just a few minor effects. This will test your ability to boost your Personality in order to get the selective good effects of being such a dirty girl. Lovers Love Juice (Vilja Edition) for example adds such potions...as does this mod in the form of 'make-up' potions. Certain vendors in cities have them...plus certain containers. They all have slutty make-up icons... A no container version is included if you suspect it will conflict with something.

It's important to remember that Lovers Penalty treats all sex the same way...so only toggle hardcore mode if you feel you're in one of THOSE situations. Hooking, etc... Fejeena and I discussed a version where the token would be auto-added for rape and low morality type NPCs...but decided against for now. It's that hardcore....

Normal Mode is default. In order to get to Hardcore Mode, you'll need to open the console (the ~ key), click on your character and type the following...


player.additem xx000800 1

...you should see the Hardcore Token get added confirming it's engaged.

To go back to normal mode, type...

player.removeitem xx000800 1

xx = the hexadecimal position in the load order of Lovers Penalty. Your Mod Manager will show it if you hold the mouse over the entry: A5 for example. Load Order shouldn't mater but you can group it with your other Lovers mods.


Some effects take a while to wear-off. At x10 game speed...about a day....or more...beware.


You can add or remove the token at anytime...effects are applied after sex/rape.


A few versions of ZAZ's Whipped Skin modified by myself are included in this mod. Simply used for a bit of cos-play. Bodysuits with the textures...good for Nords, Bretons, Imperials, High Elves, etc...white chicks. If you're good enough with NifSkope, you could easily swap out any for your favorite body or use the skin in combination with Set Body to make unique beat-up versions of your favorite bodies. The key is all in material names...remember that. If the particular mesh's material is named 'skin'...Oblivion will ALWAYS look in the standard place for the texture. Data--->Textures--->Characters--->Imperial--->Female in this case. So you need to name it something else to use another texture. 'Beaten.01' as used in this mod, for example. Then you can aim the texture path wherever. Drawback...no skin filter...so only white chicks...as mentioned. Darker skinned ones preferably...no pale ghosts.

In the regular version, three banished whipped & beaten Mage girls wander Cyrodiil...starting near Aleswell. They're all good MCS Companions with Free AI. They'll look for food, read, sweep, etc...


Bugs: Sometimes, you get hit with so many effects at once that you'll need to go to F3 effects to see exactly wtf happened to your poor PC.
More a feature...you can boost your Personality well above 100. Think of below 100 as trouble ahead...

That's about it.


Lovers Penalty goes great with other mods that lean towards the prostitute type character...Lovers Aphrodesia...Lovers Sperm Splash...the Bathing Mod...The Loo...etc. The trick is knowing when to turn hardcore mode off...lol. You could be knocked-out or killed in hardcore mode...so beware again.




A new version of Lovers Power is included. It, of course, adds positive buffs post sex. Unlike Lovers Penalty, Lovers Power affects NPCs and the PC alike.

It installs/uninstalls the same way. Get rid of all effects...fresh save.

CBScrying is also included...no longer available from Nexus. It uses Mysticism...which often gets boosted by this mod. But I'm sure you can think of a few others this might go well with. Unconscious is included for the proper treatment of essential NPCs...pick one...time = game seconds (real). We use 600...10 minutes.







What's New in Version 1.0.1


Fixes texture paths on make-up nif.


Patch to upgrade 1.00 to 1.01


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