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Lovers Love Juice Vilja Edition
Arranged by: DogOnPorch and Mrs DogOnPorch

~Those two big moons in such low orbits are bound to have some tidal effect on the breasts of the nation.~
*This mod does contain some elements that some may find offensive...sex can be messy. The best usually is!*

This is Lover Love Juice adapted to fit Vilja. Particularly Vilja in a girl-girl relationship. We find it quite practical now as opposed to being unsure of what the heck was going-on. Oblivion's Vilja self-describes herself in some dialogue as a clumsy giant with love handles and big bosoms. A big girl. Not to mention, Vilja loves nothing more than to be messy & sweaty and covered in goodness knows what after adventuring.

Perfect for the job...

My wife has Vilja as a constant companion and wanted a version she could understand (Japanese before) and wasn't too crude (Vilja rarely swears...she's a good girl after-all)...thus this version was made and the dialogue is generally her creation. Cutesy, as is Viljas style...

What it does:

Targets certain female NPCs and Companions (like Vilja, usually) and makes them have bouts of lactation where they must stop to milk their breasts. You can also ask if the NPC needs to "milk her big boobies" and she might comply depending upon a floating disposition number. If she likes you at the moment or her boobs aren't empty already...no problem. Squirt, squirt... The breast milk produced is a powerful potion...thus milking a bosomy young lady like Vilja can be quite worthwhile. Dialogue is based on milking ONLY Vilja for the most part (thanks to my wife's dialogue efforts)...but you can ask any female. Sometimes they make a little...sometimes they make a LOT. Animations are simple but the correct ones. Perhaps there will be better ones some day. I believe the animation uses a standard Lovers or Oblivion sound (slight gasping) so I didn't include any files for that.

During sex, sperm (female and male discharge = sperm in this case) is deposited...noisily at times...onto the PC and NPCs. It's a useful potion in numerous varieties but does have some drawbacks if taken. The PC can also be literally filled with sperm and other fluids as it does have some weight. Sperm can be combined to make other sperm potions and cut down on that extra weight. Unlike previous versions of Lovers Love Juice, the number of potions created is far lower and doesn't bloat saves too badly at all.

Some sperm and breast milk potions have SOME value...0, 1 or 2 gold...so you can sell it but you won't get rich doing it. Some effects values might seem a bit high but they are for countering some mods that attack your stats like Player Slave Encounters (Willpower). Generally, the idea is that you end-up with so much of it that you eventually either sell it...trash it...or ewww...drink it all. Or try to you naughty thing...

Drinking sperm has lingering drawbacks...some are minor while others can add-up if lots are taken over a period. Think of it as a sex hangover...lol. No worries. You can always cure it with MORE sperm...heh. NPCs are affected just like the PC in this regard, obviously.

Breast milk is all good. Makes you big and strong. 

This sperm is not related to any sperm found in pregnancy mods. You can't get pregnant from this... All sperm and breast milk types have their own variously coloured meshes. 

Sperm and Breast Milk are food for NPC game purposes...Vilja often drinks her own breast milk for example. You might want to remove sperm from Vilja on a regular basis so she doesn't drink too much herself...naughty girl. Too much and Vilja might become quite bitchy.

"That's it! I'm going to the pub until you've un-bitched."

There are no poisons in this version...and other silly things dealing with virginity (Vilja a virgin? Hah...right.) and bloodbombs are likely non-functional because of that...not that they were ever that practically functional. Occasionally, a sperm will appear in the Misc section of the PC's inventory. Dropping it to the ground might produce an effect...haven't tried yet.

You can ask to help clean people-up...they'll hand over their sperm and breast milk if they have any. You can combine sperm by touch on NPCs beforehand if you wish. A spell is also added that can remove sperm/milk (Lick It Up) from an NPC...acts as a charm.

Dialogue with Rohssan and Claudette Perrick wasn't translated or rewritten...we're not sure what they say...lol. But they seem to be able to combine potions better than you can. Breast milk doesn't seem to combine the same way as sperm.

Sound: the "pick up potion" sound has been changed to a wet sloppy sound...the endless potion 'clinks' were driving us nuts! This is a global change so anytime you pick up a potion...~squish~. Disabling the mod will revert the sound to normal. Two alternate sloppier farty sounds are included....just swap sound files...for if your PC lass is particularly loosey-goosey or spends too much time at the stable with the horses. So if you like your girls queefing up a storm during sex...choose one of those. Also...mind your ears next time you pick-up a bottle of wine. A no sound change ESP is also included. It's located in the Oblivion-->Data-->Sound-->fx-->WetSloppy folder after install.

The old Sexlivion HVirus scripts were kept on certain sperm types just to keep that functionality intact...though I imagine few if any still use either Sexlivion or the Hvirus mod...too deadly on the population!

Icons: All sperm & breast milk potions have their own menu icons. All are prefixed the same...Sperm or Breast Milk so they group together.

Version: This was made with Lovers Rev94 or so...the one before LAPF. I doubt it will have any effect...but just a heads-up. There are more female-female animations for the girls in that version...but I included all the animations needed for this mod. No worries.


If you'd prefer your girls to be more the Max Hardcore, GGG water-sports types, use this esp + icons...I hope they're thirsty. Install the main package, first.




-The original creator of Lovers Love Juice.
-fejeena for just generally mentoring me.
-The lovely BBW, Nadine Jansen...who looks a little Vilja-ish in my wife's eyes. She's the breast milk icon girl.
-Numerous unnamed porn stars...thanks ladies.
-Emma, of course, for making Vilja.


-Numerous other members of the Oblivion community (resources)

Since this mod emphasizes the whole 'Vija being a VERY big breasted lass' scenario...you'll probably do well to install the SPD Curvaceous Body Modified (and Set Body) so that Vija can match Ms Nadine figure-wise. It also has optional squirting milk upper body which was included with this mod in mind. An ideal companion to this mod is TDA's KHS Pi mod which deals with Vilja's weak bladder and her need to "go behind a bush". Fully animated...and very naughty...as Vilja might say.


Optional files...body has the milk...clothes have the false nude top if needed.





Dog & Mrs Dog

What's New in Version 1.0.1


Added missing sound folder.

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