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  1. For one thing, does Knights - Revelation have Knights as a Master? Have you sorted your load order with BOSS?
  2. Elemental Fists (enchantable Hand-To-Hand) Supreme Magicka has a spell that allows you to cast spells when punching Better Hand to Hand Martial Arts Animation Replacer
  3. As the title: It generally doesn't happen if I interact shortly after loading the game, but if I wait too long, it's all but guaranteed to freeze. But only with my full load order(s), on two different characters. It doesn't happen with a new game with minimal mods installed (Alternate Start, Unofficial Patch). It doesn't happen with just the mods I'd thought most likely to be responsible (iActivate, FNIS). Validating the game files didn't work, obviously.
  4. You're going to have to give more detail than that for us to give actually useful advice. What Mod Manager are you using? Do you use Wrye Bash? Did you install manually? Which mods did you install? It sounds like you got all the dependencies, at least, since the game loaded.
  5. Haven't done this. Haven't done this, either. What I mean is it goes to a random group (i.e. uses Rough sex, instead) after accepting the lower offer. It's like the chosen position isn't remembered for the generic dialogue. It's possible the minor changes I've done to personalize it have introduced a bug, but I'm not sure how. Anyway, if you're sure the official version works correctly, that 's probably good enough.
  6. After offering a BJ, if the client cannot pay 20 gold, and you agree to 10, the following scene does not respect the fact that the offer was for a BJ.
  7. It's from the main LAPF archive. Probably. You have been looking here, right?
  8. That's what Clothes\as and \asboners5 are. Oblivion hard-codes Humanoid\NPC body meshes (Meshes\Characters\_Male). If you replaced Lowerbody with the erect mesh, all males would be erect all the time. Lovers works around it by having a flaccid mesh in the body location and equipping something that is technically clothing during sex. Most vanilla files are in .BSA archives. Scripts are saved in .esp or .esm files, not in a separate Script folder, unlike Skyrim. In fact, looking at my clean install (that I keep around for emergencies), the only Texture is \Effects\TerrainNoise.dds and there are no Meshes. Just Music, Shaders and Video.
  9. You could try manually installing the meshes. Just install over the Meshes folder and everything should be added properly. Also, are the mod .esps in you Data folder? I have no idea how Nexus Mod Manager works. That may or may not be normal. Doing a bit of research, it seems NMM was discontinued in favor of Vortex (which I also don't use and so cannot offer advice on). Personally, I install everything manually and use Wrye Bash to manage my profiles.
  10. It's a folder path. Do you know where Oblivion's Data folder is? Data\Meshes\Clothes Actually, I don't use Nexus Mod Manager. Is it one of the managers that use a virtual file structure? That changes things. That's why I suggested installing RefScope. It might help us diagnose what Oblivion is doing, so we can figure out what the problem is.
  11. What happens when you take off your clothes manually? Lovers stores it's erections in a different folder than the main body. Make sure Clothes\as, Clothes\asbonersv5 and Clothes\lovers exist. You might consider installing RefScope.
  12. OBSE provides official support for: Oblivion & Shivering Isles build This is the latest official build of Oblivion. It provides fixes for the FormID problems and supports Shivering Isles. All users will need to update to this build in order to use OBSE v0017 and later. It would seem that while CSE might not require the last Official Patch, OBSE does.
  13. Some thoughts, in no particular order: I assume you're using the latest (v10). I usually launch the CS with a shortcut. My Games\Oblivion\obse_loader.exe" -editor It's possible it actually requires the SI version of Oblivion. Doesn't say so, but it might anyway. There are apparently checks for certain things. Emphasis mine. Also, in the Comments, there's code for a .bat that disables the CSE .dlls when starting Oblivion, supposedly making the game much faster.
  14. CSE works for me. Can you give more details on what happened? And any error messages you get.
  15. Not yet, no. I'm not sure I see the point, the PC isn't eating anything, right?
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