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  1. I think I found a fix for this. Should I PM you?
  2. Can you sleep at all? Can you sleep several times in a row? Can you do Through A Nightmare, Darkly? This may be a longshot: Check for a 'User'\AppData\Local\Oblivion\Plugins.txt If it exists, it may be your 'real' plugins list, and your mod manager of choice doesn't update it. Check it against your load order. If nothing works, you might work around the problem with a mod that allows you to level up without sleeping. Kobu's Character Advancement System does this, for example (although it also does a bunch of other stuff you may not want).
  3. Some suggestions: Engine Bug Fixes Fix Container Disappear Bug (I'm not sure if it's needed with Engine Bug Fixes. They may fix different bugs.) Water FPS Boost Oblivion Character Overhaul (May or may not play nice with mods that add NPCs. Depends on the mod.) Enhanced Hotkeys (Up to 40 hotkeys and 4 wheels.) Quick Clothes and Spells (Can create sets of Clothing/Armor/Weapons that can be switched to instantly. Easy Exploring/Dungeoneering/Town sets for RP purposes. Also includes an infinite storage bag which you can ignore.) Kyoma's Spell Renamer (Adds prefixes to all spells to sort them by school and level in your spellbook. Also allows renaming spells.) Conduit Magic (Allows you to make enchantments that drain your Magicka instead of the weapon's internal charge.) Enhanced Mercantile Progress (Changes Mercantile XP gain to be based on item value instead of a flat amount/transaction. XP gain is configurable.) Custom Spell Icons (Allows you to assign icons to specific spells, making differentiating between Scripted spells much easier. Has support for Midas Magic, Supreme Magicka, LAME and RBP, whatever that is, by default.) Supreme Magicka (Magic overhaul. Makes premade spells closer to the maximum effectiveness for their level. Adds several new spells like Mark/Recall, Teleport, Levitate, Rapidfire.) Midas Magic (Adds a bunch of fun spells. Entering the Plane of Fire is bugged. There's a script fix available on the Internet. For details, Google, my recent thread contains the fix.) Enchantment Mastery (Enchant Arrows, multiple Enchantments on one item, constant effects on Weapons.) Mages Gloves Integrated or Jovs Mages Gloves (The only hand slot clothing in the game is the Wrist Irons you start the game with.) Kobus Character Advancement System (Has several alternate stat increase systems. Eliminates the need to strictly control what skills you use on which levels. Has 'Kobus Cure for Fatigue' as an optional plug-in, which changes 'Fatigue' for 'Stamina' since mechanic is backwards if it represents Fatigue.) Universal Show Hide Amulet (If you have mods that add things like capes or backpacks in the Amulet slot, this will allow you to toggle the 'hide amulet' checkbox on armor/clothing so you can see them. You can also permanently make Amulets visible with a Bashed Patch tweak.) Toggleable Crosshair At Home Alchemy (No need to have Alchemy equipment in your inventory to use it. Can now activate freestanding Alchemy equipment to make potions/poisons.) Update My Statue (If your Statue after closing the Great Gate at Bruma ends up with a weird combination of equipment, you can use this to change it.) Ayleid Wells Revamped (Grants a permanent increase to Maximum Magicka with each well activated. Up to 200 more Maximum Magicka. If you're using Kobus Character Advancement, you do have to tell it how much bonus Magicka you have with 'Custom Birthsign' for it to calculate correctly.) Landmarks with Wells (Adds a bunch of markers to your map, including Ayleid wells. Good for keeping track of which ones you've found.) Bigger Investments (Increase Merchant gold by 2500 instead of 500. Doesn't seem to work properly for the Shivering Isles smiths, for some reason.) Mages Guild Teleporter (There are a number of mods that allow teleporting between Mages Guild Halls. This one seems to be based on the one I used before I installed Universitas Arcanorum. Unfortunately, UA is hidden 'for update', with no indication of when that will be finished.) Immersive Weapons (Adds a huge amount of weapons. Greatly increases variety.) Local Guards Features (Makes town Guard armor more unique.) RefScope (You may not want this active all the time, but it's extremely useful for diagnosing conflicts and bugs.) NifSkope (Even if you don't intend to create mods, this is a valuable tool. In particular, if you have NPCs with missing/invisible equipment, or a mesh with a bright purple/pink appearance, this is often the result of a bad Mesh (.nif) file that can be corrected with NifSkope. Find the offending mesh with RefScope, then open it with NifSkope. Spells->Sanitize->Reorder Blocks.)
  4. As you may be aware, Midas Magic has a bug that crashes Oblivion when using it's Astral Gate to go to the Plane of Fire. I'd found a script edit to fix it, which worked perfectly. However, when I installed Elsweyr Pelletine, the crash returned. I managed to narrow it down to TWMP_Elsweyr_Valenwood, which is required for Pelletine. Does anyone know why a completely unrelated mod would cause this behavior, and how to fix it? Changing load order didn't seem to solve the problem. Using a coc command to the Plane of Fire also causes a crash. All other Astral Gate locations seem to work. TESEdit doesn't detect a conflict between Plane of Fire and TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood, suggesting it's not a repurposed vanilla worldspace. For reference TWMP is a hightmap/worldspace overhaul/addon, intended to make other areas of Tamriel playable. The Plane of Fire is in a different (custom) worldspace. For those interested in the script fix:
  5. I'm trying to force Favor204 (Amren's Sword and Shahvee's Amulet) to go to specific locations. I've changed the LocationHasKeyword check from BanditCamp to a custom Favor204 keyword. This works, but it won't reset. If I do Amren's first, I can't seem to get Shahvee to give me her version of the quest later. I haven't yet tried Shahvee->Amren after noticing the reset problem. I just know both send me to the desired location when initiated. It doesn't seem to need to recompile any scripts, no warning messages about unsaved fragments. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. The Werewolf Skeleton is found in Data\Meshes\Actors\WerewolfBeast\Character Assets SoS includes a skeleton for player characters, but you likely need a replacer for Werewolves. Try looking for XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended.
  7. You can prevent SOS from giving Werewolves schlongs in the MCM, although you have to do it for each addon individually. You can also go to Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\SOS\*Subfolders* and look for any meshes that have werewolf in the name. If you don't have any, then you probably are missing werewolf meshes. You should have gotten some from SOS itself. One option would be Bad Dog's Hoodies. Doing some investigating, Sexlab Werewolves attaches the schlong directly to the werewolf model, and trying to use it with SOS would result in two dicks instead. Mighty Beasts does not have the dick directly attached. By the way, the link to Mighty Beasts in the SOS thread is dead. You'll have to get it from here
  8. That's... unfortunate. And a little weird, honestly. Hopefully it can be added in the future. Thanks for the response, though.
  9. Is there no way to initiate sex with a creature follower like the Dawngard Huskies, Vigilance or Judah? Or am I missing something?
  10. Will you release the multibreast meshes KrittaKitty was working on so someone can texture them? Or texture them yourselves? It was the thing I was looking forward to most. I know I asked this early in the thread, but I haven't heard anything in a long time. Edit: Spelling!
  11. OK, that's weird. When loading only SoS, SkyUI and LADL, it registers properly. All of the other SoS addons I have work. Something else seems to be blocking it, but only when SexLab isn't installed... Trying to diagnose what. Found! It was ZaZAnimationPack.esm, which had somehow been activated (it wasn't needed for any active mod). I can only guess what else it had been affecting, but I'd only noticed the effect on your mod. Disabling or loading it after BadDogSchlongCore.esm allows BDHoodieSchlong.esp to register properly. I apologize for the false alarm. Another Not A Bug: I used the CK to swap the Human Sheath from Feline to Canine. This caused a seam between the body and SoS mesh that wasn't present before. At first I thought it was due to something being wrong with the Canine meshes. The real problem was the Weight Slider not being properly enabled. This is easily fixed with TESEdit.
  12. 8.7 doesn't seem to register with SOS unless SexLab is also active. Since SexLab isn't listed as a hard dependency, I assume this is a bug.
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