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  1. Maybe, but I'm pretty happy with my solution. 100% Resist Magic also makes the dog much stronger in general. And I have a mod installed that caps Resist Magic anyway. If I recall, only the Player can catch Diseases, making Resist Disease unnecessary as an NPC buff. A lot of mods give it out anyway.
  2. I actually found one: ModActorValue2. It can be used as a Restore Attribute effect (won't go over base + Fortified), and with the appropriate checks can be applied to only a damaged Attribute, avoiding the bug.
  3. Maybe I'm not explaining properly: Spider Daedra have this attack by default. If my dog fights them, eventually he has very low Speed (even 0). And it stays that way until I do something to fix it. I'd rather not have to open the Console after 2-3 fights. This is a problem for all persistent followers. Possibly one of the reasons Oblivion doesn't give you any for more than one Quest. It's sounding like LoversBitch has no built-in solution, so I'll have to keep working on my own.
  4. Some monsters have attacks that permanently decrease Attributes (and sometimes enemies have a Damage Attribute poison on their weapon). For example, Spider Daedra have an attack that damages Speed and Agility by 3 points. On the player, you'd use Chapel Altars or a Restore Attribute spell. Unfortunately, the Restore Attribute effect is bugged when used on NPCs and Creatures. If used on an Attribute that isn't damaged, it will fortify the Attribute until it's used a 2nd time. Disable -> Enable resets Attributes, but I've been having trouble getting that to work via Scripted spell.
  5. Does LoversBitch have any way to deal with damaged Attributes on the dogs? (Ex. Spider Daedra)
  6. Both Player and Horny Hellhound make the sound. It's intermittent, every second or so. They don't make it during sex. Edit: Copied a different dog, changed to Hellhound, replaced base form, problem seems to be gone. No, I don't know why that worked.
  7. My LoversBitch version is so customized, I doubt it really counts as 1.51a BB LC3 anymore. Load Order (for testing): Oblivion.esm Lovers with PK.esm LoversCreature.esm Lovers with PK.esp LoversBitch AlternativeBeginnings.esp LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp Not a lot that can go wrong, there. None of the other canines are making hurt sounds while idling.
  8. I don't think my load-order is relevant because it happens with just LoversBitch, requirements and Alternative Beginnings. I basically merged the LoversBitch development branches. And did a bunch of other stuff.
  9. Let me start by saying I'm using an extremely modified/customized version of LoversBitch. I've verified this doesn't happen in GoneWild, so it's not the fault of fejeena. The Hellhound constantly makes hurt sounds, both in the Kennel and when he's following me. At first, I thought it might be the Frost Weakness that's part of the Fire Resistance, but Hellhound in GoneWild has the same SpellList (AbAtronachFireResist, LpAtronachFireball). Using TAI stops the sounds while AI is Off.
  10. For one thing, does Knights - Revelation have Knights as a Master? Have you sorted your load order with BOSS?
  11. Elemental Fists (enchantable Hand-To-Hand) Supreme Magicka has a spell that allows you to cast spells when punching Better Hand to Hand Martial Arts Animation Replacer
  12. As the title: It generally doesn't happen if I interact shortly after loading the game, but if I wait too long, it's all but guaranteed to freeze. But only with my full load order(s), on two different characters. It doesn't happen with a new game with minimal mods installed (Alternate Start, Unofficial Patch). It doesn't happen with just the mods I'd thought most likely to be responsible (iActivate, FNIS). Validating the game files didn't work, obviously.
  13. You're going to have to give more detail than that for us to give actually useful advice. What Mod Manager are you using? Do you use Wrye Bash? Did you install manually? Which mods did you install? It sounds like you got all the dependencies, at least, since the game loaded.
  14. Haven't done this. Haven't done this, either. What I mean is it goes to a random group (i.e. uses Rough sex, instead) after accepting the lower offer. It's like the chosen position isn't remembered for the generic dialogue. It's possible the minor changes I've done to personalize it have introduced a bug, but I'm not sure how. Anyway, if you're sure the official version works correctly, that 's probably good enough.
  15. After offering a BJ, if the client cannot pay 20 gold, and you agree to 10, the following scene does not respect the fact that the offer was for a BJ.
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