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About This File

For TES4 Oblivion

By fejeena and DogOnPorch


This a simple continuation of Lovers Power for the Player Character. Although Lovers Power is not needed to run Lovers Penalty, it is highly recommended. Otherwise, it's all bad news...lol. Lovers Penalty is aimed primarily at high-risk players...prostitutes and the like. Lovers Hooker, Lovers Prostitute, Lovers Stalker, etc.


There is a male version included which is aimed more at the John (end-user) rather than a male prostitute. It is *not* for making sweet, sweet love to your most cherished companion. Unlike Lovers Power, Lovers Penalty only affects the player. Not NPCs, as well.


The original Lovers Power is included for convenience. 


Version 1.03 (minor fixes)

Version 1.04 (reversed disease fixed)

Version 1.05 (ditto)



What's New in Version 1.0.5


Ver 1.0.3 Hardcore Mode code = player.additem xx000800 1 (where xx = load order of Lovers Penalty)

Sorry about the confusion...

Ver 1.0.4 One of the male-female diseases was reversed. Fixed. One was missing...added.

Ver 1.0.5 Another disease was reversed...hardcore/non-hardcore...fixed.


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