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Modern Skyrim: Every modern mod I know about

Guest sirrinriss

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Guest sirrinriss







So I love playing Skyrim casually and using the engine with modern/ futuristic themed mods.


Not a-one of these mods are lore friendly! (Unless you role-play a time traveler or something then it is).


What I found difficult was having to search through a billion websites to find the mods I liked so I made this list which will be a work-in-progress.


I intend to make it as organised as I can so it's easy to search by body type and such.


This is just a list of mods that are publicly available so none of these mods were made by me! 






 None of these pictures were taken by me! If you like the image or the character in the image you can find the original through the link.




There are SO many armor and clothing mods that have a modern tinge to them that it makes your head spin! I'm looking to find a way to list them with some relevance to realism so at the moment I've rated them like this:


s = pretty normal, stuff you might see people wearing

ss = normal but slightly over the top

sss = unrealistic

ssss = very unrealistic

sssss = insane!








Main sites used: 

Halo's Mods: http://mod.dysintropi.me/

Eihei Spot: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/

Skyrim Modtype: http://modtype.doorblog.jp/

Mod games: http://modgames.net/

DragonPorn: http://dragonporn.ldblog.jp




Locations/ houses:


 Aether Suite: - Halofarm

(The biggest modern mod that exists, there's a whole city to explore, hotels, apartments, nightclubs, a boxing ring, offices, a whole school, a whole photostudio...)



Lorebane Manor: - Mergatroid Skittle

(A really cool modern location in the same style of Aether Suite)




https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1704-lorebane-manor/ This mod requires Aether Suite




Japanese School Studio: - @Higayoshi360

You don't need this mod as it is part of the Aether Suite!

(I've just listed it because it exists separately if needed)



Kankaraya: - KANRAx2 (full credits on mod page)

(A beautiful modern oriental house set in Skyrim)



Q World: Author unknown to me at the moment

(A nice modern location near Whiterun)



Highland Park Innovation: - DarkVetal

(A posh, modern home with it's own worldspace)




Above the Clouds: - DarkVetal

(A posh, modern home set in the mountains of Skyrim)



Ocean View Villa: - DarkVetal

(Another sick, posh home set in Skyrim from DarkVetal)



LinnHome: - gamesse9 - Full credits in the mod description

(A contemporary looking home set in Skyrim near Riverwood)



Goma Pero Land V2: - GomaPeroPero

(A beautiful mod for screenshots, highly recommended!)



Skyrim Sea World: - Cliential

(My favourite beach mod ever, perfect for screenshotting and it's still a WIP!)



HouseCube: - DarkVetal

(A cool little modern cube house near Riverwood)




Fazenda "Pine Forest": - DarkVetal

(A large woodland mansion, it only really looks modern from the outside with pools on the roof)





Nausicaa Photo Studio: - nausicaa36

(A set of nice locations specifically for photo-shoots with modern props)





Osare Diorama: - anano

(More nice locations for photo-shoots)




KurooNeko Photo Studio: - KurooNeko

(Great location for taking screenshots)




Terra Nova: - by veltvolk

(A port of an interior from Dead Space 3, really cool!)



Normandy from Mass Effect crash site: - can't find mod author

(Not an interior but the Normandy has crashed next to Whiterun, great if you're playing a cross universe game)



N.A.T.K.S.S: - OC-121-The_Dragonson

(An awesome futuristic spaceship and space station, with retextured armors)


Tardis - Regenerated: - TheShatteredSteel

(The tardis from Dr. Who, great for time travel roleplay!)




Female Clothing/ Armor:




Hepsy's Basic Wears:

(Contemporary clothing, jeans, short jeans and T-shirts)




(Nice contemporary clothing)








Nezzar's Sexy Outfit Collection:

(Swimwear and Lingerie)


Luxury Collection:

(A large collection of clothing, mostly sexy)





(cool bikini sets)





PUBG Costume:

(Modern shirt and leather trousers)






Temcho 50th Anniversary DLC:

(Various types, modern shirts and shorts, sexy clothing)


CBBE: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1074.html Part 1

CBBE: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1075.html Part 2



High Society:

(Dead or Alive, antique dress and long socks)


UUNP/ UNPB: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1097.html


Honoka Maid Outfit:

(Dead or Alive, sexy maid clothing)


UNP/ CBBE Bodyslide: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1091.html


Honoka Cheerleader:

(Cheerleader clothing)

CBBE: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1019.html


Honoka Officer Suit:

(Sexy police uniform)


CBBE/ UUNP: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-993.html


Honoka DOA 5

(Casual sports clothes, sexy)


CBBE: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-984.html


Li Honoka

(Casual tops and a miniskirt)


CBBE/ CBBE Bodyslide: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-977.html


Honoka Casual:

(Casual jacket, sexy clothing)


UNPB: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-971.html


Honoka Costume:

(School clothing, sexy) 


CBBE: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-967.html


Mila Racer:

(Racing clothes, sexy)


CBBE: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-966.html


Dem Linen:

(Contemporary dresses and leg wraps)


UUNP/ UNP: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1092.html




Rodeo Costumes:

(Sexy cowgirl clothing)


UNPB: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1030.html


Mai Shiranui Cheerleader:

(Cheerleader clothing)


CBBE: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1020.html


Leifang Hot Summer:

(Beach clothing, bikini with a light top)


CBBE: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1008.html



Osare clothing

(Modern items under Osare)




Osare Panty:

(Modern style panties)

CHSBHC https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26467


Osare knee socks:

(Modern socks)

CBBE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/63150


Osare school uniform + remixed:

(Variant school uniforms)

UNP (original): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/23772

UNP (remixed): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69191


Osare muffler:

(Nice warm scarves)




Men's clothing/ armor


Blue Jeans Plus Vol3:

(Nice contemporary clothing for men)




Unisex Clothing

RayBan-like sunglasses:

(Sunglasses that are RayBan like)




Items, weapons and misc


Osare food:

(Cool modern food items, Japanese style)



Resident Evil Characters:

(I haven't tested this mod but it looks like a clever port of the RE heads into Skyrim, clothing available somewhere too!)



Human Race Mod:

(A human race from the future lands in Skyrim)



Craftable Guns:

(Antique style guns for Skyrim)




Portal Gun Skyrim Alpha V1

(A functional gun from Portal, a bit buggy but works)


Gary's mod PhysicsGun:

(The physics gun from gmod, I don't know if it works!)



Terminator/ android/ robot mods:




T2 Gun with Sound Fx:

(Terminator gun... with sound effects!)



Terminator Race:

(Bring the Terminators into Skyrim!)




Android Armor MKIII:

(Incredible custom armor to turn anybody who wears it into an android)




Pacific Rim - Gypsy Danger: Balanced Edition

(A "robotic thing" from Pacific rim, a race mod I think)




Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1

(The annoying robot from Portal, an official mod)







Flintlock Pistol:

(Antique Flintlocks = cool)



Rifles-Guns-OH MY:

(Rifles and guns!)



Team Fortess Weapons:

(Weapons from TF2)



NFL Wild West Colt:

(A nice revolver!)


Car mod:

(Changes the already buggy Skyrim horse into a car! Fun to be had here!)



Dawnguard Gunmod Reuploaded:

(A whole bunch of awesome guns for Skyrim)



 More listings:

(Most modern mods from Skyrim Modtype)






http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45529207.html - assault 
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45149422.html - ghost
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45025173.html - knives
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44184116.html - revolver
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44152686.html - plasma
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43971914.html - rifles
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/34919289.html - turrets
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/31053416.html - dead space police 
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/30282266.html - modern
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/27990249.html - DS plasma
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/27074735.html - box crysis



Clothing/ armour:


http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45957625.html - Pop SS 
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45946022.html - puff S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45275396.html - raider S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45195302.html - BD white dress S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44963566.html - army gear mens S 
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44879062.html - army 2 S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44922541.html - modern heels S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44167178.html - school SS
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43862262.html - casual mens vie S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43853805.html - japanese gym S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43732969.html - swim mens S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43634058.html - jackga S
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43563161.html - hentai casual SS
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43586861.html - rogue SS
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43541356.html - dorothy SS
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43494614.html - teacher SSS
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43436654.html - Aki ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43266026.html - modern set ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42745399.html - tropical pack ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42615054.html - winter sweaters ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42341730.html - cap s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42267247.html - cop sss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42161501.html - dress s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42028603.html - cop 1 ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42000136.html - paichan s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/41999997.html - black temptation ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/41927948.html - magic lady ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/41674055.html - alice s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/41673841.html - halloween backpacks s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/41135425.html - simple knit ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/40397225.html - mafia suit
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/40421727.html - dirty clothing mens s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/40392599.html - enslaved - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/12236889.html - rin tosaka - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/40240292.html - towel ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/40234705.html - worker mens - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/39347262.html - avgn office clothes - s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/34980542.html - studffed bunny's awesome stuff - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/31871542.html - street fighter school
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/31395108.html - qbschool - sss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/26235234.html - chain and weapon ssss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/26064917.html - fasion clothes ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/25271542.html - tekken lily ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/24592144.html - costume package - s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/24177147.html - office ladies - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/23867902.html - DMC mens - s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/23337521.html - makisi kosoru - ss 
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/20508724.html - simple knit 1 - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/19693305.html - DMC nero - sss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/19054860.html - DOA suit - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/18461174.html - female soldier - s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/18119771.html - prewar - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/16064360.html - summer time dress - s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/13436461.html - jill - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/12932413.html - mirrors edge - s
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/11722017.html - peppermin casual - sss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/10946792.html - transucubus mashup - sss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/10732240.html - casual clothes - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/10326886.html - casual vest - ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/9377203.html - arngrim evening - sss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/7868694.html - sweetie bear - sss
https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75024/? - pygama - s
https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78752/? - fur armors - s
https://haishao.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/pajamas.html - pajamas - s - missing mod



rude clothes:


http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45513648.html - strip 
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45404572.html - honey
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44951722.html - jellyfish





http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/45222737.html - chinons 
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44589410.html - miku
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44320859.html - diva
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44076607.html - haruaki
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/43158557.html - cosplay robot
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42335097.html - miku
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42250697.html - juri ss
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/30121467.html - dead space n7
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/28987283.html - DS elite 3 
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/27990309.html - DS security
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/27352354.html - halo
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/27176576.html - RF online
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/26569443.html - RF 2
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/19164684.html - cyrsis suit
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/17885720.html - masked raider shadow moon
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/16833921.html - heller prototype - 




monsters and others:



http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/36925532.html - JG monsters, so cool!
http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/21967483.html - gomdori
https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70907/? - haunted mask - 
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=433140265 - hide man suit
https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66544/? - draugr mask 
https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73061/? - pizza!




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Guest sirrinriss
46 minutes ago, myuhinny said:

There already is this thread here that can be updated with new stuff if they are new this thread lists many of the skyrim sites out there.




Modtype halofarm dragonporn are already listed there in the main page.

Oh thanks that will definitely help, but this list only lists the modern mods so I have only listed the sites that I've found modern mods on (still getting everything organised). Thanks though !

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Guest sirrinriss
On 1/30/2018 at 7:36 PM, nipcat said:

Damn, made me curious about Q world but link seems down T_T


if anyone have a back up or a working link ^^



nice list by the way : )


Ah yeah some of the direct links have gone down lol, here is an alternative although you have to wait a while to download it! (60 seconds) 

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Guest sirrinriss
20 hours ago, GordonS100 said:

Good list, defo some stuff in there I'm gonna look at.

Aether Suite would be perfect if it had quests and NPCs.  I'm assuming no such version exists?

Not that I know of. It never really bothered me too much as I make my own screen-shot storyboards so I just use it for role play. Apparently, there was a whole quest line that was supposed to go with this but it was cancelled, I think because it would be a lot of work. I'd be interested in seeing some quests though, perhaps like an assassin story or a police story would be great.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 1 year later...

Is anyone else having issues with the Weltvolk.de site? It is making it a bit difficult to get the Terra Nova mod, as well as the [Unitology- Kapelle aus Dead Space 2] mod.....


If the site is down, would someone be kind enough to provide a copy of either the Terra Nova or the Unitology Chapel mod? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Nevermind. It works now.

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  • 3 months later...

Here's an entire city someone made in Skyrim


I had an issue importing it, so I had to open the .rar, copy the file to desktop then recompress as a zip and that worked. Pretty fun, feels a bit like a WIP, but there's definitely some nice areas to check out.

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On 2/22/2018 at 6:52 AM, Dojo_dude said:

Awesome list, some nice gems in there for a modern total conversion! AKA Why is Aether Suite not its own game!? XD

Because it's meant to be primarily for screenshooting, and Halo wanted to keep it that way.

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  • 1 year later...

Is there's any update for this type of mods ??

I've seen a screenshot on Nexus that he took from Japanese Train...
And AFAIK I can't find or seen anywhere...

So perhaps someone know the Japanese Train Map mods, and maybe can share other mods to us...

Don't let this Thread SINKING...

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