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  1. 'Sexlab Utility Plus' and 'Sexlab Utility Mod' make my head spin.... @_@ ones for PoP and ones for SL fixing, must remind myself. lol
  2. Sexist Guards has theme features. All characters in view file are 18+.. >.>
  3. When I get infected with a Facehugger, the Magic Effect shows in Active Effects as "Damage Reputation - <Missing Name>"
  4. This sometimes happens to me as well.. I think it's because the custom race is not setup in RaceMorphsCBBE, or you're using COSIO?
  5. Dojo_dude

    Over the Edge

    If you could get it down to 2 Gb's that'd be great XD!
  6. 2020 sucked, and I lost over $7000.. but damn 27X you're a treasure! lol :)
  7. Oh, I merge regularly Isn't DD LE 5.0 a combination of the previous DD mods? It's 2.0gbs, haven;t downloaded yet.
  8. Newer Creature Framework provided by MnC might be the trouble, older CF was slower but worked better... apparently.
  9. Well, guess I'll be deleting DD Asset,s Integration and Expansion for this new merged version that hopefully takes up less space.
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