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  1. Does anybody know how to make the Slave Pack porter mod use MnC I looked at the race, must be missing something. maybe I have to add the race to the /json?
  2. Any of these mods change anything, other than visuals? Guess I can dream...
  3. Finally, another set of armor for my Fat Bastard of Skyrim!
  4. This game got an update, it now has 4 levels, a new close combat attack for Julia and a dodge mechanic, plus critical hits on the zombies. It's getting there.
  5. I noticed the download is not for the FULL version, as there are no pantsu. Of course, as you mentioned, we got no zaps yet.
  6. Any tips? Looks like Ningheim race?
  7. Does your PC just bang right there, in front of everyone? No follow?
  8. Is that a follower or character preset? Thanks.
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