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  1. May I request a conversion of any of these 2 outfits? -UNPB Lsj Devc v2 -Nuova Donna Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you for your help, gregathit. And yes, I was aware that the number of images and data allowed was the cause of the slowing down of the thread editing, to the point it would meet an Error 504 without fail, so I had been trying to erase all the images and instead provide them as links, as well as updating all the broken 9dm links, but everytime I would try to change anything and save the changes, Error 504 would faceplant my efforts. So in the end, I had opted to instead go for a seemingly more efficient route and establish the archive in MEGA, and provide the link in the front page. Of course, without actually being able to edit the thread, well..........I might just take you on your offer to PM and hopefully reach a conclusion to this issue.
  3. May I request a conversion of either of these outfits, if at all possible? - UNPB 佬司机绅士系列第 23 弹 (Which is, I believe, an Afternoon Dress retexture) - UNPB 佬司机绅士系列第 22 弹 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Nevermind, I'm an idiot and forgot to check the rest of the thread. Already done, also the mods don't contain the retextures, so I guess I either dig deep into the 9DM community to get them (if possible and/or even available) or make the retextures myself.
  4. Thank you for your response, and I apologize for the late reply. Been rather busy with other projects. It unfortunately doesn't appear to solve my issue that when I try to update the thread, I get Error 504 without fail, and once there, if I open another window and log out of LL, while leaving the window with the update on the thread open, and then log back in, if I refresh the thread update window, it nulls any changes I made, once again, making updating the thread impossible......../sigh. Anyway, I have decided, since it is clear the LL servers aren't going to be in the least helpful, to start a new archive somewhere else and simply link the dang thing in the thread. Though it is going to take a bit of time to fully update everything......yet again.
  5. Does anyone know of any BS conversions done for any of these 2 outfit packs? -Poser Sweet Dreams -Galoneal Dress
  6. Has anyone had any luck in resolving 500 and derivative errors? I have been trying to update the thread I created for some time now, and it just won't let me. Everytime I update the thread, Error 504: Gateway time-out nulls any changes I have made, effectively making any updates and changes impossible. Over, and over, and over, and over, Error 504.........
  7. Hi!! I was wondering if you still had a copy of the EDI+Playermodel.rar stored in order to import full body mesh characters. The mediafire link provided in your pdf tutorial is dead, and I am trying to keep as close as possible to it so as to not screw anything up.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Outfits and Armors -Chinese New Year 2017 -CH Bunny -[GFB] Mai Shiranui Goddess SMP -19219 Outfit -Heroes Regina -UNPB Qad -[Dint] Nier Automata 1.5 -DF T21 -Succubus Queen Attire UUNP BS -FFX Sex Lulu -Feather Bikini
  9. Presets -RM Preset -DRM preset and texture pack Animations -七邪邪 Animation Pack V1.2.7 Custom Race/Race Overhaul and NPC Replacers -Marie Rose Race HDT Body -KZ Style Race Overhaul -[NPC美化] NPC头模替换1.0.1 -【9DM龙裔MOD组】Woo Maven Beautification -女孩天际GirlSkyrim Patch -HDT Mem Patch - Physical PetalPE BodySlidepatch 2.81 ENB -Tkeee ENB ReShade v6 (ENB核心 v0.363 / ReShade 核心 v4.0.2) Town Texture Replacers -9DM Oriental Environmental Beautification
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