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  1. It's a matter of individual taste, of what the end-user wants his/her Skyrim playthrough to be; some want the realism to satisfy their idea of immersion, others want to play the game mostly for the screenshots. For the "immersionists", there's something like Mature Skins and SG Textures to add some imperfections, and if grime is needed, no problem because a mod also fills that -- it's called Dirt and Blood.
  2. The following are a bunch of clothing mods I found in a certain image gallery and I need to identify, because as far as I'm concerned I can't locate them in known clothing/armor databases. If these turn out to be some private mods, that's fine. But if they're publicly available somewhere, drop me a line.
  3. I did just that. It's kind of sad and infuriating that installing that race mod is a convoluted process, and I had to run some installations on FOMM within MO2, and FOMM would break down in the middle of activation, screeching about a "memory corruption" error. Until that OMOD plugin for MO2 arrives, those mods should be repacked into a proper FOMOD installer.
  4. Am trying my hand modding Oblivion... and, oh boy, does this thing really needs to be updated for modern mod managers like MO2 completely so as to make installation much less of a chore.
  5. Because it's hot and my character must have something. It would be great if anyone could make much of their inventory.
  6. Watching this lass do her wonderful thing and wonder about the wonders of cosmetic surgery on a porn idol surviving enough penetrations and still looking so glowy. 😁
  7. Damn, she died a month ago. https://www.therialtoreport.com/2020/05/03/samantha-fox-2/
  8. Hahaha. Reddit seems saner compared to Facebook. See /r/insanepeoplefacebook. I like my adult content there, but the bots fucking freak me out.
  9. I like it when AV actresses do actual exercising with a Switch. What a turn-on.
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