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[Sims 4] Breast bones unlocked for animation - UPDATED 2017-11-07

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I have no idea how in the holy world could you do that, but I think that every single person on this forum have to thank you for a such unvelieble work. Dude, you deserved a place in heaven! 

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Currently movement of the breasts seem to be limited to what is possible in CAS, hopefully someone will figure out how to remove these constraints.


The mod edits the following resources found in SimulationFullBuild0.package:



*8EAF13DE_00000000_192F5C47F5D28A72 (Removed as it messed up Toddler animations)





I have not had time to identify what all those rigs are used for so I edited them all, just in case.


Please note this is not a breast physics mod like you may know from games like Fallout or Skyrim, installing this mod and watching Bella Goth go jogging or workout on the treadmill will not show anything new, you will need animation clips that contain breast animations like the ones from Amra72 and some of the clips may not work due to the current movement constraints.


To install, unzip the package and put it in your mods folder.


Stand Behind (2) by Amra72.







That is some Damn fine work Sir. <bows> i am humbled by you're modding skills. if i could give you a thousand rep for this, i would

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