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  1. So this has been happening for a while now. I use BHUNP 3BBB atm, but this also occurred with CBBE 3BBB, wherein, during an animated pose or sex position, the female actors would basically have their uterus floating in place, outside of their body, with a deformed mesh tethering from its location to their nether regions, where the vagina/uterus should be (but isn't). Does anyone know what could be causing this? I have all the requirements for the body and its anatomy physics to work correctly.
  2. Thx for the megathread, Judge! As for Enderal SE, can we implement 'skimpified' armor replacers like we would with Skyrim SE?
  3. When I go to kill someone in their sleep, after the very brutal animation is over, I end up dying and ragdolling. 'You can't continue fighting' appears at the top left. i"ve noticed this also used to happen when I would 'hug' a follower through the 'I'm Glad You're Here' mod, though now it's stopped. I don't know if this is an internal glitch but I suspect it's probably a compatibility issue, to be expected. If anyone has any clue what may be causing this, or would like to see my load order, feel free to drop a post!! Other relevant mods I have loaded are Death Alternative, I'm Glad You're Here, OSA/OSex/OStim, Immersive First Person Camera, Enhanced Camera, SmoothCam, et al.
  4. So, I have this problem as well (surprise), and am wondering if the method above will work. Thing is, I'm 1) using Vortex, and 2) already have Nemesis installed, and ain't sure about messing around with both it and FNIS in conjunction mid-game. Still, if it'll work, then I am all in!
  5. Nardy

    Dreadout 2

    Great looking work guys. May all your nu Fatal Fram--er, I mean, DreadOut, efforts see success!
  6. Honestly, I'm mainly waiting on a 3rd-person camera proper. Though if this is as far as we get, then hey, so be it, it's not an easy endeavor. Last time I checked was like over a week ago, though. >_<
  7. Situations revolving around a celebrity's likeness/brand will always carry legal implications. Potential for bad PR is high and that's the last thing CDPR needs right now. Usage of celebrity likenesses/fictionalizations in pornography and erotica, or other sexually explicit material, is highly sensitive ground. Whether it's legal or not doesn't really make much of a difference if it stirs up the pot.
  8. CDPR talked about modding tools but if they've always been using NVIDIA tech and other resources that aren't in-house and could cause proprietary conflicts, then there was never a chance at them to begin with. CDPR is already comfortable without modding toolsets because it's expensive and time-consuming to release for a game and they probably won't bother trying to work around legalities or technical setbacks to cultivate a large modding scene because it's just not worth the sweat. No, they'll release it. At least, I don't see how they couldn't unless Microsoft or something or other definitively re-organizes the structural philosophy of their dev process. It's always been about single player focused games that are wide open, sandboxy, choice-driven and highly modular, built from the ground up as such. Changing one of those will mean the Bethesda we know is no more and if that does happen, well... it would be a sad day for the industry. It's more likely they'll just try to find more ways to increase Creation Club's profile and encourage modders to take advantage of its benefits. Now whether this ends up catastrophically, time will tell. There's a high chance it does, and in that case, after Starfield, at least, who knows what the moddability of BGS games will look like movin' forward. But Starfield will be the litmus test.
  9. They are never going to release modding tools. Why? No dev ever does. None except for Bethesda these days. If it's not an investment they consider worth putting time into from the get go, studios will likely never take the time to set one up later. Now if CDPR really wanted to inject some vitality into their game, they might be keen to weigh the potential net value of following in Beth's footsteps, since there is plenty of particular demand for proper mod tools from the playerbase, which is quite extensive, and could be one avenue to course correcting the game's trying launch. But they already have a lotta shit to do. Which is a shame. Would be nice. >_<
  10. Johnny is one of the only things that keeps the game from turning into a snooze-a-thon. Night City is great but lifeless, Johnny and the rest of the cast, but especially him, actually give the crap its personality. Keanu nailed Silverhand in all his douchiness. That said, rumors paint the picture that CDPR funneled their funds and effort into Keanu because he was a 'celebrity'. I wouldn't be surprised if they cut a lot of story elements and other gameplay mechanics to help accommodate the 'Johnny Silverhand show'. They basically make him the protagonist and I don't think that was how the game was supposed to be originally. Shame.
  11. Nardy

    Dreadout 2

    Thx for the update! EDIT: Retracted earlier words on potential Nexus posting.
  12. Nardy

    Dreadout 2

    Easier to do than one would think or not, never would I have expected to see the day where DreadOut got some proper attention like this. Hats off to you, my man!! And maybe this will kickstart even more spice into the pot, wink nudge. Sure for @skengu this is quite a nice way to start the year. 😛 At this point I'm just grasping for straws, but a modular Linda where she can alternatively be just topless, just bottomless, or just barefoot would be glorious. Still, not expecting anything like RE2 Remake on here, but either way, great to see our Southeast Asian friends get some luuhv... (something, keep in mind, I'd been on the lookout for on the side since the original).
  13. "As long as there are boobs - there is hope." - LoversLab, 2021
  14. They already are being sued because they 'deceived' shareholders regarding the state of the game on previous-gen hardware. Bad move on their end, and dumb, however necessary it seemed at the time. Honestly though? I forgive CDPR for the game's shortcomings because of what they've put out here. Yes, they've cut corners that were previously promised to be implemented. But what they came out with is fun and huge, sometimes lifeless, but so is every damn open world title this past decade except probably Red Dead. So I don't really give enough of a shit about the game's problems to want to see them sink. Why? Because I bet no one else is going to want to make a game like this on such a major scale. A story driven roleplaying open world in a giant sci-fi metropolitan cityscape where you could sufficiently shoot, drive, talk, and repeat, and oh, bonus, character models that are actually pleasing to the eye with fully modeled (albeit cruddily textured) genitalia, in base game. Yeah, not even Rockstar's went there (as far as integrating it into the player character model outside of cutscenes goes). This was a rocky start to a hopefully better future. If CDPR could stay the course, a Cyberpunk sequel or a game inheriting its spirit would, if all the right lessons are learned, be even more incredible. Unfortunately don't know if that'll be happening at this rate anyway.
  15. One of the game's strongest areas is its cinematic storytelling. The thing goes all-in on the film-like freefall. It's a first person tour de force that takes you on a ride assaulted by a smorgasbord of audiovisual glitter and sinewy character and good 'ol-fashioned sociocultural commentary, true to the source material. Problem is, it's also touting to be an expansive, open-world, choice driven RPG. A genre that prioritizes consequential decisions and headcanon and making your own character builds, story beats, characterizations. Again, for all its achievements, CP2077 sits at an awkward impasse between wanting to be a focused adventure and a freewheeling sandbox. First person story-driven games like BioShock, RAGE, etc., for instance, make no secret out of the fact that they're compact and linear -- you shoot, you loot, you uncover tidbits of story. Cyberpunk shares a lot of that vibe at times, and in that sense, would be one of the best of them all. But when viewing it in the same cloth as something like Mass Effect or Tyranny or even Fable, some of the roleplaying elements aren't as up to par, even if they shine in other contexts. If this were billed and designed solely as a first person action adventure shooter in the vein of BioShock Infinite, V would be a compelling protag comparative to Booker DeWitt; as it is, we're left wondering how we could make them 'our' V and whether or not the game will allow us to do that or when it will all count. When it doesn't, it sort of dampers the party. And when it does, sure enough, it's a great time, and on the whole, the game is skilled in making your overall path of choice impactful on a raw level, the best I've seen in the AAA space since probably Dragon Quest XI. But because V is so distinctly V with a relatively fixed personality, and the story is a bit more restrained in relationship-progressing events a la Mass Effect (where you have a party of characters and can regularly interact with and advance your bonds with them), it's hard to see other playthroughs being able to keep that magic afloat without more variety. *shrug* I think that's one of the things the game ends up struggling because of, the fact that V largely works alone. Give us a party system with a cast of characters that we could bounce off of and you have something much more dynamic and replay-friendly, even for the kind of game that CP2077 is. I know CDPR is mostly following in the footsteps of their Witcher roots, but Cyberpunk is bigger and freer than any of the Witcher games, so hey the expectations ain't the same. Now that would be a sequel I'd buy.
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