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  1. No need to replace the vanilla riekling meshes, your greengoblin mesh is different and its good for additional riekling diverse, i name them skinny riekling if i add the vanilla riekling texture, yeah the only prblem for that meshes in on the head, yup you need to add em hair, helmets, hats, so its not really recognized, anyway great job for making some of your own creature mods, the only thing need to be done is the Beyond Bruma Ogre, seriously that fat belly need to be reduce like ogroid xD
  2. Yeah i have the same problem for the green goblin too, the texture seems not smooth, for the Ogre it has not been implemented for aroused meshes yet, soon @Thor2000 might update the meshes and the dong, anyway there's Baddog Beyond Skyrim bruma patches for the creature dong, but its obsolete, not compatible with ABC skeleton bone, so lets just wait for it
  3. For drowner, i guess my version is different meshes from yours lol, my version was from witcher creatures resources Yeah you need to manually rename it beaked dino from my mihail beaked saurod, because mostly in demonic are not yet to get a dong patches, the daedroth is from Vicn Vigilant mod the new version of Daedroth meshes, i extracted the bsa and its different from yours, i remembered that daedroth was from older version, anyway thanks for the explanation for my meshes, indeed its just replace not some setup for json to erected meshes, but for now i just made it for just a replacer only, if you can implement the json thing and update the pack that's gonna be great
  4. you can replace the beaked dinosaur from meshes/newcreatures/RB/beaked_dinosaur there are plenty meshes there that you can replace, and also you need the original mod for the texture, that beaked saurods using Elk skeleton bone
  5. You are welcome, anyway is there any chance to make ogre Beyond skyrim belly to be reduced just like ogroid? or its really hard like Bolgan problems?
  6. Basically if you have ABC from Bakafactory installed and your vagina support ABC, yes it would be collisions with it
  7. Here's some of additional patches that i did like Minotaur(it has Troll alike dong), different Drowner i guess, Clannfear that using Degonian dong and mixed with your version you can find the texture in degonian MNC compatibility, Little Shoggoth by Vicn, Beaked Sauroids from Mihail, and new update Daedroth of Vigilant by Vicn minotaur01.nif DrownerHard.nif Clannfearhard_1.rar LittleShoggothHard.nif mihailPsittacosaurHard.nif daedrothhard.nif
  8. Well Baddog version for Ogre need to be update, because the dong not yet ABC support, so its just a meshes without doing anything actually 🤣 even first i asked Baka to make Baddog dong support the ABC but he instead made his own dong for Ice Frost Giant, yup i aware for Ogre on Bruma is half the size of normal giant, but we can adjust em for SL creature animation, the same with Minotaur, anyway i have the ABC support for minotaur, and some of you haven't made the patches, can i share it with you in here? if you dont mind If Vicn himself not accept this, well too bad though, because i have some of these Glenmoril creatures with ABC support, and still using it for personal own use
  9. Yeah that's something for your work, and i adored your ogrim edited meshes, also for the ogroid you edited the belly, the same method by Baka with ice giant, so for Bolgan you need to rigging it from the scratch ? its such a shame not all of Mihail mod can be added the dongs, because of clipping problem, btw i have several creatures that not yet have the MNC patches like beyond Skyrim bruma minotaur, some of Vigilant mod by Vicn, and some of jackgas creature mod, but well its still have the same dongs from vanilla creature that i implemented for em, or maybe i will share the mod and merge it with your mod if its ok with you 😋
  10. Congrats for your mods, now its been released at last yey, and you did it for some of the creatures that impossible to be implemented such as goblins Mihail, Ogroid belly now not that fat, i think you can do that too for the Bolgan and Ice titan, im speechless for this coming out of nowhere, anyway thanks again for this awesome patch, i cant even doing this, in the future i hope i can learn how to edit the meshes with 3dmax, blender. Cheers for your mod
  11. Minotaur was using giant race and now is just a human, Capra Demon, elemental triad, ice tribes, automated dwarven armor, threkreen warrior they are using human, katakan vampire was using spriggan, now is human base too, clannfear was using boar, now its using gargoyle, bulvore from necrophages once used a troll, now is frost atronach, Land dreugh was using dwarven spider, now is mudcrab (thats boring), also if you haven't add flame turmoils, new nix hound, you can add flame turmoils as storm atronach and nix hound is wolf, not sure for the yiffy age of skyrim, i haven't look at it.
  12. Yeah i know, you changed it on version 12.5, also i'm still using the same old shit method for every creature mods if you can make the patches and fix it, i would be appreciated, especially for the horse
  13. Here's the SC horses from Witcher by Annie Lenine, you need the original mod https://www.mediafire.com/file/2sjlicbyb165xg0/11_horses.rar/file just put it on your data/meshes/SC/4_ports/11_horses you need ABC too, mine using PE
  14. Im currently working for it, already tested though, its great mod by Annie Lenine, high quality horse mod
  15. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/105579 any chances for CBBE bodyslide?
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