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  1. She is my best milf, and she's love to be fuck by Scamp
  2. Its a meshes, and wearable accessories, try look Kziitd stuff
  3. Hmm Chiba Tetsutarou ? i see you are man of culture, love his Mushi Asobi, To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers, but lately his doujin become boring, and no more giant bug to mate the girls
  4. Try update your MNC and creature features patch, so the mihail monster mod custom race will be added to SL creature, i think Madmanguns already update all of these custom race lists
  5. There's tongue mod try this https://www.loverslab.com/topic/38334-equipable-tongues-retexture/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=cde1a18ee22893abe67f4ac88bf34a8f05def5de-1619101390-0-AVVYc_ll4q7Z97dqqzW76GdO5at7heT__RPn4zdKMsk9Ey-cA2eGEmZrLpTYKjB1wZ_uhjWsaBfWbheOJi_Wsx16Aemig_TzmQxEWf8pNFaO5SzJJYvVrJLfI4XFqcqHkjm2QIu4X0KkRId7Q2eKUbuXmSFMQEeZZ4ySzpEbtfMH1B1osMSZfwr4wXLd3Mv5zZpF-FaxSTHJeC-WX1NSbEpFkVbxrDe5-Xsvz9opoqiPacQw0DgFWvmFKQ1o0C9xHR9zUbNajiw8Kvp0okxCtXsNywy0zOw0AuKvH0Uh-ea9cMWUzG4yWzjWv_iTbskE6HYaJhQEzW3S3i15xfuLfznWJrVw673YvIls-PqUaA3nYVds8w9ElghKIdrcjQZg4KkxQxgXcF9l6VytYOjFMNlrR0hXkItBdSH0oDFcZlsO
  6. Hey there's new minotaur by 4thunknown https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/107460?tab=posts&BH=0 There are 2 types of these models, the first one are using human body (meh) and the brute one is using gargoyle, but damn shame the pp of it is too small, it needs bigger dong 😂
  7. Dont worry i change all of these dinosaurs with something else i like, i mean these creatures are not really lore friendly in Skyrim, i changed Gallimimus with some custom wolf, beaked dinosaur with some of Mihail elk and deers mod, the triceratops is the one i hate most tbh lol
  8. Its a custom facial animations edited by myself, im afraid you cant find it even on Loverslab
  9. For me these bears are fucking great to replace the vanilla bears, just like True Wolf of Skyrim replace our current vanilla wolf, but if you wanna make em as stand alone creature, go ahead to add em on the list, only clipping from its ABC tongue
  10. Its been a long time im not posting in here, there are some good quality creature mod, the new Bears replacer (for testing purpose only, just drop it to your meshes/morenastycritters/Bear https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/107110 And 4thunknown has been released location mod with new spell, creature, weapon https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/106987 The creature is Ascended Sleeper, its using seeker skeleton bone For testing purpose put it with the skeleton into your data/meshes/sixthhouse Bear.rar As
  11. Hello everyone, my account has been blocked because of scam, it seems like i got hacked by someone who using my account to did that, (rukisama#9378), if someone got DM from my account dont open it, heres my new account name Hizusama69#4509.

    Stay safe

  12. I just wanna make sure this file is safe and its just false alarm from Windows defender, then its ok
  13. hmm https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/556858314219323412/817421110165110814/Post_4198398_Beastlyjoe_Cyberpunk_2077_Judy_Alvarez_animate.webm🤣 Hey when i downloaded the replacer skeever 1.3 why my windows defender detect your rar to be a trojan, just to be sure this data is safe
  14. This is hilarious lol, my childhood game Spyro now been added to Skyrim, thats kinda shocking yet so funny, maybe he can bang female dragonwhore for this 🤣
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