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  1. Hi, I have a super small question need to ask ,what if I ACCIDENTALLY KILLED one of a junior assistant in basemental gangs mod ,how could I hire another one ?(opps )


  2. To all of the above. As specified in the original post, for support issues. Head over to the #support channel on my Discord Server.
  3. If you are getting a 404 not found page when trying to download: Hard refresh the Download page by clicking: Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R And when I say the Download page, I mean the actual Download page, not the page that gave you the 404 error to begin with. If you are still getting a cached version, try incognito mode or clear your cookies.
  4. That is one of the reasons the Drug Dealers you assign are meant to be NPC's. Whenever you buy something from them they won't actually gain any money, your Sim will be deducted money on the other hand. The same with you selling a brick of cocaine to someone if you play a Cocaine Dealer, you will gain the money from your client but the money won't actually be deducted from their household funds, neither will they actually get a brick of cocaine in their inventory, but rather a few lines of cocaine. So, there won't be any economic collapses or Sims not being played walking around with 2000 bricks of high quality cocaine on their person.
  5. You only need to eat at least 2. Wait until your Sim has come up properly on the first before you eat the second. However; if you ate shrooms the day before you won't be able to achieve this as your tolerance level will be skewed, as is the case with psilocybin mushrooms, and you'll only get a weak trip. Then you would have to wait at least a couple of days first.
  6. Will you be making a version for the Legacy edition?

  7. hey so id actually just want to know if there is a version of this mod for the legacy edition?



  8. It was an April Fools prank. Either delete the "Do Not Delete.package" or update the mod through my website
  9. Yeah, I am sorry. The idea was just too ridiculous to not go through with it. Hope you all were good sports about it Uploaded a no cacti edition to the website now, but as someone pointed out above, you can also just delete the "Do Not Delete.package" file, if you don't want to download the update.
  10. Mod just got updated. Read the changelogs on the website
  11. Do you have any versions of basement drugs that is compatible with legacy edition? If not, are you planning on making it compatible in the future?

  12. It's not a "feature" but a feature If they had stacked (like they did in the past) if you smoke one cigarette from a pack in the stack, all of them would have deducted one cigarette. It's the way the stacks are set up in the base game, and unfortunately the only way to circumvent it is to make them unstackable.
  13. For all your support needs, head over to my Discord server.
  14. The download site for basemental seams to be offline,  Error 523... Any Ideas if it will be back up?

    1. bubgutz14


      fixed by loading page incognito mode

  15. It's a base game bug happening because you have maxed your gardening skill. Head over to the Discord server and we'll help you out with it
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