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It's a trap!

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Hi guys.

I made a combo of some nifs out there, modified textures, added a few eggs, meshed it all up and got this

post-31734-0-65250000-1421722702_thumb.jpg  post-31734-0-40546300-1421728711_thumb.jpg

I should check with the creators of the original mods for permission to share it, if anyone is actually interested that is...

Do you think I should continue working on it?



And I did, not finished though.

I thought it would be nice to share a beta version because I already shown the pictures so here it is...  



Comments and suggestions are welcome



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In the next update I will add a clothing bit that will be flaccid version and default will be erect because that way it will work with LAPF if you set it to undress that bit.

That's the best I can come up with to make it work with LAPF automatically.

If anyone has a better suggestion please let me know.

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In the next update I will add a clothing bit that will be flaccid version and default will be erect because that way it will work with LAPF if you set it to undress that bit.

That's the best I can come up with to make it work with LAPF automatically.

If anyone has a better suggestion please let me know.


Looks awesome, please continue.


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Did some work....

Found that although there are some great male genital meshes they all missed something



So, I learned how to use Blender and made this



That's my flaccid version and as you can see it's more anatomically correct, at least in my opinion.

I'm still working on it so if there are some suggestions let me know


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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been busy converting some armor/clothes for this and even more acquiring permissions for that and plan on uploading a full package when I finish.




I just have to say that I do NOT mean any disrespect towards transgender people and that the title of this mod, or any of it's parts, is NOT meant as such.

I have been accused of being trans-phobic and fetishising transgender women. Now, I'm truly sorry if anyone thinks that way.

If I was I wouldn't make this and play Oblivion like this, would I?


Just to make everything clear I respect anyone who tries to live differently and chase their own dreams, this world would suck if we were all the same.

In fact I think that for our global consciousness(god or whatever you call it) one transgendered person is more precious than ten normal guys in suits and BMWs because they add less new experience than that one transgendered girl.


Now we all have our little fetishes and what is the point of having an adult fantasy game if we can't pursue them.

Anyway, this is more like a kinky feminine cross-dressing young guy mod then a transgender mod but that would be a wrong title, wouldn't it?



I'll give my best to make up a better title then TRAP BODY for the final version but I can't promise much for that, just couldn't think of anything, I was going to call it FEMBOY BODY but got beaten to it so for now it's TRAP BODY unless someone can give me a better suggestion  

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I'm trans and I don't have a problem with the title, there are always going to be oversensitive assholes who try to ruin everyone's fun. I hope the few bitter people out there don't discourage you from finishing this mod as it looks great from the screenshots.


Luckily we on LoversLab are a inclusive community, hopefully everyone here is pro inclusion but even if some weren't, you punish them best by being kind to them and include them aswell. Pro inclusion, it does not matter which gender the person has, it does not matter which gender the person feels to have, what DOES matter is the person. Everything else can be ignored.


But we should not turn this thread into a political discussion :)


Gigabite. I love to see you doing progress, I always love to see someone progress. Keep up what you're doing!

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from the screen shots, it looks like my yearnings to play as a feminine boy character will be satisfied with this mod.  thank you for your hard work.  


the possible scenarios involving such a boy meeting several big, hairy, bandits/hunters/soldiers on the road, who haven't seen a woman for along time, are endless and very exciting.


it's along time since I played Oblivion. which mods should I install to achieve the same look as your screens?

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What you're doing Gigabite, is great. I would not worry so much about the name. Though I think the reason you got pushback is because what the name entails. Often Trap is known as "Trapping straight men into liking you without revealing that you're a man" of course that is well known. While I am not offended at all, I think others who've suffered traumas from living a life being known as that without the intention of giving that image might take it wrong.


Regarding the naming, I used to call my femboy mods Femmeboi, I've considered changing it back as I've kind of just called it Femboy to save characters. Technically the name is not exactly something I can claim as mine, as I prefer to call mine FCPA Femboy so others can use the term for their mods too. I'd just say use some kind of symbol (FCPA - Flat Chest Plump Ass) and you'll be fine. Also, there currently is a mod call Trap as well, http://desuchan.net/tr/res/28915.htmlhence why I gave my recommendation.


In regards to the mod, I really love what you're doing. I am rather happy to see more Transsexual/Femboy work for Oblivion. I look forward to see how it progresses.


Thank you for being another TS/femboy modder!

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Thank you all for your support. I'll definitely continue. I actually got the permission for a model I was having trouble getting so it will be up soon.


RezThe Fatal - your support clears the discussion, thank you very much.


Happysparkles -  I'll change it than to something like that, thank you.


Numina - My point exactly


Corval55 - That's what it's meant for, not insulting, disrespecting... but playing with it. Now I use a lot of mods but to make it like the screenshots you'll need Ren's beauty pack with the improved head mesh you can find on the nexus(sorry I can't remember who made it, but it's easy to find), the rest is(or will be when I finish) in my mod.


I have a question. Does anyone know of any like short robes mod? I want to make it more magic friendly for it already has a chain-mail armor and some other bits for fighters and rangers.  

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No problem.


The only one that I know of off the top of my head are the DMRA skimpy sets. This in particular might suit you. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/28650/?

It's skimp, short and cute :). Though it might be a hassle converting so don't forget to us Gerr6's tools. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/10396-clothing-bodytype-converter-v50-12242013/


Happy Modding!

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I'm still waiting for some permissions and since I gained a few levels in my blender skill I decided to make some of my own models.

So... here's my newest and final version of flaccid and semi-hard, now I only need the hard(which is under way) and I'm done.




I'm thinking that I should just go ahead and share my body mod right away and then a separate clothing armor add-on when I get the permissions.

That is if I don't get them until I polish up the body versions them selves.

The problem is I modify some armor, ask for permission and then get bored while waiting for them and just modify some more armor thus creating

an endless circle. So I think it's better to split this in separate packages and just share them one by one.

Any way, to those that are waiting for it, sorry for taking this long, I'll share a part of the product soon




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I've finally finished the first version of my body replacer. I've remade genital meshes significantly.

This contains body replacer and three clothing items which are flaccid, semi-hard and underwear variations.

I'll upload armor/clothing add-on mods when I finish them.






Please share if you have any suggestions

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Here a clean version of your meshes.


... when you remove something without the command " Remove Branch " , you need to clean your mesh before saving it first . 


That's very easy , there is a function in NifSkope to do so :  click on the very first node  usually named ( but not always ) " Scene Root" --> right click : Block ---> crop to Branch  ... and wait a short moment the end of the propcess.


Well , at the first view i was wondering if it  was a " Male " character or not  ... don't you think it would be better for a female character to use an HGEC texture compatible body ?


That's just to avoid some issues because 85 % of the existing outfits are created for Exnem or HGEC so ...


Anyway , i'm glad to get another " penis "  in my collection ... uhmm  a new " male " in my house ! ... ;°)


Thank you for sharing your works.




PS : sorry i forgot to clean this one too : Femalelowerbody.nif  ...  compare the size with yours .

TrapBody V1 clean version.7z


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Thank you for that. As you can see I'm kind of new to nifskope and blender. And my approach generally is head first. When I started this I have never even seen either of those programs. So it was all on the fly learning, mostly trial and error.


And about it being a RF, well it's based on Room207's body mod and, if I'm not mistaking, I would have to make it from scratch or from one of those two bodies, both of which are significantly different in shape so most of the clothing wouldn't fit anyway. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 


I'm working on converting some clothing for this body and hopefully one day I'll do all vanilla ones.  


Anyway I'll soon upload a new version with some small changes and armors so you got me at the right moment, I'll do my best to clean them all.

Thank you again

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Hi there.


Hi & @ Gigabite.


 Well i already use some Room207's works but only for male character .


If i said it would be better to use something from HGEC that's because Gerra6 made some great tools , especially his " Clothing Converter " but to convert something witg this tools , it's better to use models that share the same texture ( for the  UV compatibility ) . 


It's not a problem to use a " TFF " BAB or Eshme texture  if you create a new race , but in this case it's difficult to share other outfits with a " custom" model.


You know by the past someone already tried to create an Universal " Texture" ( but there is a little issue here as i know ) but unfortunately , this idea came a little bit too late ( there was already too much things done for HGEC  and too much different  HGEC textures )  ...


http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/21592      that was a great idea but... too late .


Anyway , thank you and good luck for your future works.





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I have used Gerra6's converter to convert BAB before once the conversion is done I just throw the BAB body away and paste a copy of the body I used as a template into the nif to replace the one I deleted out fix any clipping in the BAB armor with nifskope. But bodies with a penis in them I'm pretty sure that they are going to come out looking like a pancake because they will get sucked up really close to the body and become flat. Can't remember if I tried both ways or not once with the penis removed from the template and once with it left in the template. I did test just now that a person can just paste the penis into a HGEC lowerbody if they wanted to with nifskope. They would have to change the texture path to so that the penis matched in color.







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Here's a slightly updated and cleaned up version of my FemBoy body mod




And here's my armor pack. It contains 13 pieces for now and will be a base for future add-ons

Sorry everybody I completely forgot to include .esp in armor pack, you should download it again, it's fixed now






I already have most of pack 2 done so it will be out soon.


I'll have a look at switching a base of my mod and if I can do it in a way that all this is still compatible I'll do it. 


As always comments and especially suggestions are very welcome

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I'm glad I checked back here to see if you had added anything.  after I had posted my question here I was planning to install Oblivion again and give it a try. I was side tracked by illness and then work. I'm back now and I intend to explore this mod and give it my full attention. I last played Skyrim as a skinny girl. which was awkward. the closest I could get to my ideal character was by adding belesario's SoS Schlong for females UNP small to an HDT version of UnPetite, even then my character was still a girl with very small breasts and an odd looking little willy and balls.  the other thing that annoyed me were the sex animations available via Sexlab that weren't vaginal or breast related.  there was only one blow job animation I liked. the one with head holding and forced deep throat.  maybe there isn't much call for various man/femboy anal sex animations.


anyway, is the info you gave me before still valid?  Ren's beauty pack and the improved head mesh is all I need to match your screen shots?  

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