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  1. Do you think it might work if I do it again? It extracted yen for me
  2. I did yen but didn't test it yet. Can anyone enlighten me where is triss nude texture located 'cause I can't find it in her folder? Did my uncooking go wrong or something?
  3. You need, I think 1.08 or 1.07 patch to use gamefolder/mod folder for mods, nothing else, just paste modciripussy folder into your mod folder. If you don't have a mod folder make it in your witcher folder
  4. well, just place the folder modciripussy from the archive in your game path\mods\ if you don't have mods folder in your witcher folder just make one and thats all. the diference is the abovementioned pussy
  5. sorry you have to clarify that, I'm not following you?
  6. 1,389 downloads

    This is just a texture mod with a light map so ther will be corect shading of the... bits... For now it's just Ciri but I'll add more. To use it just place the folder from this archive in your (game folder)The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods\ And to see it ingame you will need a mod that makes Ciri use her nude model. Find some on that other site
  7. Yes I will and hopefully with mesh editing it can be a real 3d model. Look it up in downloads section
  8. I'm back! Well kind of.... Been sooooooo busy but it paid of greatelly for now I have a new pc!!!!!! So not only can I run Skyrim but Witcher3 also. And staying true to my nickname I took a GIGA bite. Now I'm modding Skyrim and Witcher3 and I still have a LOT of work on my day jobs. Bad news is that I lost my Oblivion installation in a hard drive meltdown and although I managed to save some of my files it's not enough to upload my promised mod for Oblivion and with having to rebuild half of it I don't think it will be anytime soon, sorry. But you may look forward for some skyrim m
  9. Anybody interested? I made it for myself. I've seen that there is some bad vibes about this kind of stuff on nexus but I don't usualy care for that s**t so if anybody wants it I'll upload it anyway. It's just a texture and light map but I'm kind of happy with it until I can figure out how to import and export witcher 3 mesh in blender without f*****g it up. PS. right. I just seen how small the screenshot looks here, sorry. Download it then zoom
  10. tetchystar - that looks very good. Please share some more screenshots when you do more. I have a free weekend now so I'll do my best to wrap it up. Sorry for taking this long
  11. Hi, Thank you very much. I'm sorry for taking this long but I was away for last two weeks and will be again. Yes, the waist area is heavily redesigned, as well as genital area and back side. I need high polycount for better sculpting but I'll see into reducing it for the final release. That I would like to see, though you lost weight map so it would bend like RFB and thus cause clipping with penis mesh in some poses. Anyway I'm glad you like it
  12. Thank you guys, glad you like my work. I wish I had more free time on my hands right now so I can finish mark 4.0 and share it
  13. Hi, been away on business for a bit and I will be away again, but hey I might get a new rig soon so I can't complain. Anyway I have done some more work, redid the feet, flaccid penis, polished crotch and butt area so here's another teaser
  14. I'm sorry but I don't seam to understand what kind of compatibility is this about, Could somebody please elaborate?
  15. I thought that too much choice is at least confusing but then I kind of got carried away and made this. I think I will go on as planed earlier. If anybody has any suggestions let me know. tolerance it's not that I don't want to, it's just to much change at this point. I aim at realism of these bodies and to do that would mean back to the drawing board, especially because it's already based on Roberts body. So I'm sorry but that would have to be a no.
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