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It's a trap!

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hehe! after several runs of TES4EDIT it all works yay! the body looks great! the willy is a bit big for my tastes but hey it's still a femboy.

I have a couple of questions.  if this mod affects the imperial female how will ren's beauty pack affect it? I looked for an improved head mesh on the nexus  but came up with nothing.

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and I owe you an apology. I worked out which Ren's beauty pack you meant.  I have it installed now.

what does set body add to the mix? I installed it but all the bodies listed where females. is that right?


in the readme I read there are some femboy clothes near the sewer exit.. I couldn't find them. are they removed now?


I think I have chosen a nice selection of sex mods that will put my character in situations where he will be at the mercy of big hairy bandits.



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Glad you like my mod.


Clothes are in a chest at the end of a peer, next to the broken boxes. You need to activate the .esp file in your Wrye bash or oblivion launcher. I strongly recommend you use Bash.

You need Ren mystic elf race and mystic elf female head mod from nexus. I'll make an add-on for you and anybody else who play mystic elf race with that head mod because I have a head texture for that head mesh that fits my body texture nicely.


Set body from LAPF section of LL does not have this body but what I did was install it and then navigate to .../data/meshes/characters/bombshell/robert/ and just replace meshes in that folder with ones from .../data/meshes/characters/_male/ of my mod. With that done you just start oblivion, load your game and select Roberts body from set body settings list for player character, that way only your character will be a FemBoy and you can set any of the other bodies for other females. As I said I'll upload in an hour an add-on that will set your mystic elf to use my textures. I hope that all that makes sense.


One more thing, I use Blockhead plugin but I'm not certain that you need it.

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I never had issues with pubes, I'll have a look at it.


You must either start a new game or open console (~) and type:show racemenu (enter) to enter character creation screen and then select mystic elf(feminine without tattoo's) race and I suggest you darken the skin tone.


Don't forget the head mesh.


One more thing, you should search oblivion nexus site for robert and find a vanilla clothing and armor replacer mod for roberts female body, that way you will remove those nasty seams when you equip sandals and generally all vanilla clothes will fit much better.


this for example



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been busy lately but here it is...


GB - FemBoy - Armor Pack 2.0




It's Alir's armor, at least part of it. 8 pieces - 2 x armors, 2 x Boots, 2 x Gloves + 2 x Ankle deep boots ( these are mine, they look similar but they are very different in shape then the original, not just cropped )




It require's my first armor pack to work.


Anyway kudos to the original author, great work buddy   

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Yes! Pass it.


I'm currently working on version 2 with which I went back to the drawing board. Making completely new body mesh that has more poly's and more detail.

Some of those details are the nipples. Other than that I want to make it as seamless as possible including genitals and a bit more sexy and realistic also make it shaved.


So femboy lovers stay tuned

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Version 2.0 is done. You can find it in downloads.


It took me some time but I think it was worth it



Haven't had much chance to test it thoroughly so if you see any glitches let me know.


I'll get back to armors now, in fact I think I'll make one for change. I think my blender skill is high enough for that now :)

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I've been busy with this mod, version 2.5 is almost ready.

Here are some preliminary screens






This version will include yet another penis mesh and should work much more realistically during sex poses as you can see from that last screenshot.

I'll also include some more clothes but have been concentrating most of the time on the body mesh itself.

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Sitrap: What started as just weight painting turned into something much more, so expect a whole new version 3.0 instead of 2.5.

I had to redesign whole butt region in order to make it stretch the right way. Then it led to some changes to the upper body mesh, couple that with new penis model and it's not version 2.0 anymore.

It will take some more time but it will be worth it .


If one person wanted to use this I would feel obligated to make it good, but when I see that few hundred people downloaded I want to make it the best that I can, not just to look good but to perform good also

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I heard about this mod from a work colleague.   I tried version 1.2 first. both body and armor looked good and played well.  late yesterday evening, I tried the version 2.0 body and armor.  very nice indeed. I applaud your efforts sir. 


not really important but for the sake of immersion, which sign and race would suit such a young man?


I was thinking Lady and Acrobat.  

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Thank you very much.

Well that is really up to you. I use Mystic elf race, custom, let's say, mage-rogue mix  that I call nymph class and, you guessed it, lady birth sign. 


Question for all fans for v3.0: shaved vs hairy, or should I do both and let you chose which to install?

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