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It's a trap!

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Yes it is a mesh. With 1.2 version it was mesh and texture, to be brutally honest I first made it like that because there was a very nasty seam between the penis and the body mesh. I removed the hair so I can sort it out. I'm almost happy now with how it turned out and I'm thinking of putting it back on. But I'm considering leaving the smooth version also as optional mesh, maybe even as separate download.

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been really busy but I managed to finish most of work on femboy body 3.0. It still needs some polishing but I wanted to share some screens and possibly hear some comments so I can tweak it if you guys see something wrong with it.

New well... femboy-pussy mesh is not textured yet so have that in mind when you check out the screens.





as you can see it now bends and stretches like it should if I'm not mistaking

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I know I promised I'll make a nice tight bundle of all-in-one femboy body mod for v3.0 but I changed my mind because I have much more work to do on it that I started so I decided to release another update.

Anyway FemBoy body 3.0 is uploaded

You will need to install it the same way as v2.0, in fact over v2.0. It was either that or waiting for weeks to finish all I started, and this way if you give me some feedback it might get even better for final version.



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OK, uploaded version 3.1 which has new pubic hair mesh, for now there is no hair in that region. There might be another bush update with that in future, still don't know how you guys fell about that and I can't decide if that is sexy enough to bother making.


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Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

I can upload an shaved v3.2(new penis model) if there is a need for it.

I forgot at first and then thought it's easy enough to remove the pubes in nifskope.

If anyone want's it I'll make it


PS: It's interesting how resilient to oblivion is a game that is named "Oblivion" :)

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As I wrote in the support thread am working on a new version. V4.0 will have more body types to chose from. I will also include a, let's say, tiptoeing mesh which can be equipped instead of shoes and as a modders resource for high heels

This is a little teaser of what to expect, it's one of the variations Mind you it's not finished yet




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Yes, game sees you as female. It's just a female body replacer. Just install set body mod and replace roberts female body in the mod folder with mine. That way if you don't like it you can easily change it and if you do like it add the armor packs one by one

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Thank you very much for that. Actually I'm taking this one slow and with lots of attention to details.

I think that this version will get a lot bigger. For now there are two body types that are like 80% done but there will be at least three. 

I actually took your advice for one of the body types.


So here's another teaser - body types will be:  FemBoy (hairy and shaved), LadyBoy (more feminine with boobs), TomBoy (That's your advice. Well it's a boy with a pussy)

I might even do a girl for there is not much work left for it when I finish the rest but I don't think there will be much interest considering that most people use, let's say less realistic female bodies.

If I'm wrong please let me know

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we should start a petition and send it to LoversLab admin.  we the under signed demand that GIGABITE be given a state of the art PC. this is vital to future of the game.


we could say it was affecting our mental health. we are having to play Skyrim prostitution/slavery/bdsm mods as women. that is sexist and against our human rights as submissive bottoms.  


I think I might have said a little too much there.........

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Noooo stealing away Gigabite from Oblivion to Skyrim would break the hearts of many. ;)

Your work here is still much appreciated! Though, yes, a new system would be nice wouldn't it.


On your next release, I will see if we can work up a text and instruction for those that want to just set up the bodies in Setbody reloaded.



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I wouldn't leave oblivion for skyrim, I'd just do them both.

Yes, you are right. I'm actually considering using setbody-s folder structure in my release and just naming it as an required mod. That's how I use it and that's what makes it possible to convert an NPC to a boy.

One more thing. I decided to make a female body type that will use the same texture so there will be an easy way to have some femboys and a lot of girls with very detailed pussies and asses without having texture problems. And if I do it well enough maybe there will be some moders  more inclined to make some more clothes for it.

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