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[Tutorial] Mod Organizer - Installation of SKSE v1

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Moderators, please feel free to move this to a better location if needed.


The attached file is a downloadable PDF with photos and a more detailed instruction for those that need added guidance.


The Mod Tutorial – Installation of SKSE

Scope of tutorial:

  • Cover the basic installation of SKSE from download to installation as well as load order configuration in MO.
  • This tutorial only covers the installation into MO if you wish MO to control the conflicts with scripts that SKSE installs. ( advised)
  • Still needs to have the correct files installed into the Skyrim folder manually. (everything but the data folder.) Drag and drop into the same folder where you see TESV and "Data" folder.
  • Drag and drop into the same folder where you see TESV and "Data" folder.


It is assumed for this tutorial that you have a functional installation of Skyrim and Mod Manager ( MO ).

Step one: Download

  • Download SKSE.  Current version as this tutorial is 1.7.1.
  • Select the 7z archive version
  • For this tutorial I am saving it to the desktop. You can save it anywhere just remember where you downloaded it.

Step two: Installation

  • Open MO.
  • Click on the top left icon that looks like a CD. Select that and then click “Open”. You should see the program name to the left of the “Open button”.
  • Now a new windows opens and is giving a warning “No game data on top level”. 
  • This indicates that the structure of the install folder is wrong and MO doesn’t know what to do with it. If it is installed like this SKSE won’t work. We need to make some changes. This is because there are files in the SKSE download that you don't need.
  • One thing I like to do is go to the top drop down menu where you see SKSE and rename it to a name that is easy to remember and manage For this tutorial I am using Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE v 1.07) as the name.
  • Click on the file and expand.
  • Right click on the “Data” folder and “Set Data Directory
  • Now you have a comment on the bottom of that window “Looks good”.
  • Select “OK” button to the right of that and the mod will be installed.

Step three: Fixing the Load order.

  • Drag that file up to where you want it or change the "Priority" number to where you want it in the order.

Step four: Use SKSE

  • You are now ready to use that tool that you just installed. Make sure you use the “SKSE” option left of the “Run” button.

Step five: Praise MO

  • Yea MO!!!!
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This tutorial covers MO. You can follow instructions you find on the Nexus or web to install SKSE. MO needs special instructions due to the way it works. Just follow the instructions given by the providers of SKSE or any other instructions you find on google for use with NMM.

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Followed all this and it still won't work. I never had a problem with SKSE until I tried to switch from NMM to MO and now it just won't work.





Watch the video by Gopher its a nice video to follow.



Here's another Video Author he gets right to the point has a great achieve of Videos for installing popular mods with MO and his video's are short.  Author is GamerPoets.  Holly cow I just put a video into my post :D


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With MO.. Anything that goes into the "main folder" MO cannot handle it. It has to be manually installed (drag and drop)..l

Anything that is installed into the "Data" folder in Skyrim can be handled by MO.. The files must be in the same format as the Data folder when installed into MO.


I use a cheap shortcut.


Open SKSE with 7zip.

Drag everything except the "data" folder over to the main game folder. (Where TESedit, Skyrim.exe etc is. Hint you would see a "Data" folder as well)

Drag the same compressed 7zip file into the Mod Organizer/Downloads folder..
Open MO.. Find the file SKSE..somenumbers here. and click to install like any other mod.

You get an error. Select the "data" folder you see. MO will say "looks good' in green on the bottom.


Move SKSE to where it belongs on the left side. and Now you will see a SKSE entry on the run drop down menu..


The  video is pretty straight forward as well. You can essentially install everything from SKSE into your main folder and it would work.. However you loose the features that MO allows. You wouldn't see conflicts as easily and you couldn't priortize it as well if at all.

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I don't understand what you mean by "sl folder".


An alternate version of instructions found on the STEPS forum (link in sig)


Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) Skyrim Script Extender should automatically be detected and added to executables. If for whatever reason it is not detected, it may be added by doing the following:
  1. Click the gears Gear_MO.png button. This opens the Modify Executables window.
  2. In the Title field, type in "SKSE" (or whatever else you want to call it). This fills in the Title field.
  3. All the way to the right of the Binary field is a button with an ellipsis with a subtext of "Browse filesystem." Click it. This opens a window where we can browse to the program we want to run.
  4. Navigate to your Skyrim directory and select the "skse_loader.exe" application. This fills in the Binary field.
  5. Check the Close MO when started option. This causes MO to close upon launch of SKSE.
  6. Click the Add button. This will add SKSE to your executables list.
  7. Click Close to close the dialog.

Please note:

  • SKSE may not be installed as a mod via MO. You may, however, install the scripts via MO to keep your data directory clean (provided that you haven't changed MO's load mechanism to Script Extender).
  • SKSE plugins may be installed and used via MO (provided that you haven't changed MO's load mechanism to Script Extender).



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I wanted to ask a couple questions before I started messing with MO. Sorry if these have been answered already. :angel:


I've been using NMM and SKSE up until now but I'm getting ready to switch to MO so I can separate adult playthroughs from regular ones. Will it hurt anything for me to leave the already extracted SKSE files in my data directory, or will I need to uninstall the old SKSE files and only use the MO installation method for it to work right?


Also, this might be more of an FNIS question but is it possible for MO to work with FNIS to register animations for each of my profiles? Like, can I load a regular profile and have FNIS register the new combat animations only, but then load an adult profile and have it register both the combat animations and the adult animations?

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This is basically a tutorial about SKSE and MO. So can't deviate to far from that. However. a few comments that do pertain to MO.

  • For best results you want MO to handle everything in the Data folder. That means the Data part of SKSE as well. Leaving it in the main folder can cause you conflicts that later you wouldn't know were there. Make it difficult to diagnose issues.
  • There is an "Unofficial" Mo thread. Link in sig. There are many experienced "enthusiast" for MO there and can  answer almost all questions r/t the manager in depth and as you need it.
  • There are some STEPS links in my sig as well. These are useful to look over. They do cover FNIS installation and activation the official way advised by MO. The Unofficial MO thread can give you some more tips and tricks on this as well.
  • For absolute best results clean install your Skyrim again with the tools and mods according to MO practices. This will give you the best results and easiest diagnosis of problems in the future as you will be sure what is going on. Besides this is the state that most individuals that help support MO expect the game to be installed.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to play and experiment. Keep in mind that MO don't add anything to the Data folder or game. It is safe once it is clean installed no more harm will come to the game. Also means that occasionally you might need to re-verify the cache as the files become corrupted (bit rot )ete. Easy peasy but many forget this.Takes months to even a year or more for this to happen but each to his own time scale. ;).
  • Finally in my sig is a MO Skyrim Install tutorial. Quite in depth but I know the person and she is very active here on the community and can and will give guidance to those that follow that tutorial. Best if followed exactly. Questions or need for clarifications. post those

That should cover most needs the new user might want in thinking about converting over to MO.

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I installed SKSE using the gopher vid, and so the scripts were installed by MO.


Where do i put the SKSE.INI so I can set the memory stuff.  In the virtual data folder or that real data folder or do I need something else enitrely


BTW SKSE is working.


That is slightly beyond the tutorial but try to look here for more in depth info on ini tweaks. My advise is to check the page linked and find "Some Context on Ini Tweaks" and in there it will tell you how to make custom tweaks (add on to the base INI) there you can make any tweaks you want. I don't use memory stuff so I haven't used them however I had to make a few tweaks for mods. It does work quite well and won't mess up the main ini that is installed in MO.


The ini should be in MO from my understanding. I don't have a game/MO installed to check but if memory serves me correctly it is in mo and if you want an "universal" alteration of the ini you should change those instead of the one "in data". If I remember correctly MO will take the one in it over the one in the data folder and if you use an tweaks for a profile it will place those tweaks over the MO ini file at run. (reason I like the tweaks over the "universal" alterations as I like to keep the main files and "pure" as possible)


If there are any other questions going deeper or you want to verify (as I don't currently have a proper MO setup and haven't for awhile so I might be slightly off on my info) please check with the unofficial Mod Organizer thread we have here by AwefulArchdemon to be sure.


I hope that helps .... :)

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Guest toymachine

Mod Organizer ini files do take priority over the ones in you data folder. Well I believe they do. I know MO Skyrim.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini in profiles take priority over the ones in my games/skyrim folder.


Some user uploaded this on Nexus a while ago for those that don't know or are too lazy. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51038/?


You can simply install it through MO and it should work.

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You can even use sin's link and copy paste into your own custom ini tweak as instructed in my post as well. I believe you can even have multiple ,ini tweaks in the same profile just make sure that if any override each other you have the one that you want overriding below ;)


I believe if I remember correctly sin is correct. The game folder, MO main INI, Profile ini Tweaks in that order from lowest to highest priority for MO to use. MO will use the main folders ini over the game folder and it will use the customized tweaks (write over) the MO's main folder .ini config. With this setup you can have as many tweaks and customization as you need. ;).


Thanks sin for posting confirmation and additional post. (for lazy users)

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I will try to install the SKSE.ini with MO.  The memory settings are required for ENB, and help stop CTD for areas like Windhelm docks.  The link below is a gopher vid that includes the SKSE.ini Settings.


Here is my SKSE.ini settings mine are higher than the vid, because i got lots of video memory  768 and 256 are the settings in the lazy guys SKSE.ini.  where to put them when not using MO is explained in the gopher vid, and why you need them.


thank you for the help, I will let you know if it works.LOL




I found out for sure where to put SKSE.ini, and tested it to make sure it was being used.    This is if you follow the gopher video above to install SKSE.  Then use the watch the video below, to learn why you are doing the SKSE.ini.  MO will not install the SKSE.ini for you in my limited knowledge.  SO you simply cut and paste the ini into the SKSE folder in the MOD you installed in the gopher video to install SKSE Scripts.  My folder looks like this


Mod Organizer\mods\SKSE 1.7.3 Scripts\SKSE\SKSE.ini

Mod Organizer\mods\SKSE 1.7.3 Scripts\SKSE\Scripts








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Huh !  Really wish i would have seen this tut yesterday .  I went on youtube and followed some skse tut for installing and now sexlab won't recognize it and my game is all stupid now :(  including ctd's   :( :(    Not sure what to do  ,  Will it screw up my game more if i uninstall skse , then reinstall it ??  P.S.  The vid i followed is a 13 minute vid by Gamer Poets , now i see he has a different one . idk

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not sure but you might try reinstalling it the wrong way again.. Then while the files are still highlighted you might be able to delete them. Then you can install them the correct way. To answer the question you have I doubt it will cause problems being installed wrong as those files will just take up space. The game won't see them or use them in any way. However it is important that you do have it installed properly for the game to see and use.

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This pages gives some info on setting it up . It should be automatic make sure you have SKSE installed to the main folder not the data folder and then check the link I have it is about 2/3rds of the way down.


That link has all the support. Also there is a Gopher video that has some instructions as well that might help you figure out where you went wrong.


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This pages gives some info on setting it up . It should be automatic make sure you have SKSE installed to the main folder not the data folder and then check the link I have it is about 2/3rds of the way down.


That link has all the support. Also there is a Gopher video that has some instructions as well that might help you figure out where you went wrong.

Thank you very much. I finally got working with this.

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