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  1. I have a problem in WOTC, the female clothing mod on steam, the one with the sheer stockings. Any how, it worked in xcom 2, but the WORc version is not working completely. What happens is all the clothing is there and listed to use, but when you hover over the piece, it does not show up on the body, what shows on the body is ever you last hovered over or the body is invisible. some of the outfit pieces are still working, maybe, 10 to 20 percent. it was working in xcon2, with all the mods here, and I started a fresh install with none of the mods here, and it still was not working
  2. Thank you for this mod, this is my fav armor. I converted a lot of it to un7b, but have not figured out how to make the bodyslide stuff. Right now i am using a cbbe 3bbb body, but have wanted to go back to unp. When I do I will see if I can fix any problems I find. Thank you again
  3. Never mind, I saw the message about devious cursed loot and a my latest playthru was without DCL installed, so I converted again the latest version 4.60 and the MCM menu is there, so it looks like it is working, though I have not gotten arrested yet.
  4. I ran it thru nif optimizer and then cathedral, and when the MCM menu finally shows it is completely empty. also, getting arrested does not send the player to the POP prison. I also, tried an old version 379, that does not require SUM, and got the same result.
  5. without the mod that adds the gender choices to the SOS MCM, everything works. Upon installing the mods, the underwear stays on. the underwear stays on during animations, stripping of clothing, setting clothing to reveal in SOS. Uninstall the mod and everything works.
  6. The sisterhood of dibella is not working for me. The game will not start when I install this mod. I did not try the blue frog version, as the bodyslide for se files are not available in the provided link.
  7. the SOS addon has no settings when installing. it is an addon for sos the main mod, there is no underwear with sos the main mod, only installed, but when i install the addon whch adds a gender change option to the SOS MCM, then men start having underwear. thank you for the reply.
  8. this mod is causing me the problem listed. Below, no one in help thread. So posting here, if anyone can help. Schlongs of Skyrim - SexLab Addon - Framework & Resources - LoversLab the SE version is adding back underwear to males. this both the SE version 1.0 and 1.1. to be more specific, bandits, and probably guards. Added in middle of play thru so, some males still have sos some have sos underwear that does not come off in sexlab animations. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. with out it installed schlongs, with installed sos underwear, not vanilla.
  9. the SE version is adding back underwear to males. The LE worked fine for me.
  10. I just started a new game on special edition, and I am getting underwear instead of schlongs. I can not figure out how to share my mod list in vortex. But other than smp 3bbb and hdt smp. I have not changed much from oldrim Just looking for ideas, already uninstalled a couple texture mods and ABC animal cocks, followers that mentiond sos, ie male and futa any ideas, just hoping someone has had this happens so I do not endup uninstalling everything LOL
  11. thank you for all your great mods

    1. HerculesCow33


      yesss, thank you !!

  12. well this is new. this is a new game install setup. The mod says it found one set. I changed NIO.ini under body overlays from a default of 6 to 16. I set sexlab cum to max. I installed a cum texture mod. I get no cum on anywhere. Uninstalling this mod and using the mod I used in the last playthru I stll get no cum on anything. any ideas? I have mod back installed, I am using vortex
  13. this mod is not working for me. I can not find anything that says set number of overlays, or the word overlay in any menu
  14. thank you for the reply. thank you for the hard work on the mod.
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