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[Ideas] Cinematic Overhaul + HGame Mechanics : A more Intimate Experience


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So, I'm no coder, the most I've done as far as modding is tweaking crap in FNVEdit, so I can only really hope I get someone interested in this.

please bear with me, I have these bulky idea posts, and I tend to peter out at the end.

I really wish I could save as draft, but this would probably never get posted in that case.


Cinematic Overhaul

My idea for this is partly based on the concept that less is more, and that sometimes leaving a bit more to the imagination can make it more enjoyable.

The other contributing factor is that the current full rotational 3D camera is kinda terrible and doesn't allow for angles that might be more visually pleasing.


In summary, imagine Mass Effect's intimacy scenes, but willing to show more and last longer by comparison.



  • Fade-out and fade-in between animations (Less jarring transitions)
  • Close-up dramatic camera angles
  • Scale frequency of exposure of certain types of angles. For instance player can choose to have more implied and less shown or vice versa.
  • Dynamic animation sequencing. No two sessions should be exactly the same between view angles and order of animations.
  • Non-linear animation progression. Different stages of animation sets can be played independently, making sex seem less quick and dirty.
    • Should potentially offer the option for quick and dirty sex that uses linear anim progression.

HGame Mechanics

This would ideally run in conjunction with the above concept as well as independently and work by trying to hook consensual versus non-consensual appropriately.


The whole point is to add a game mechanic to sex acts so the player is more directly invested rather than passively invested, or in some cases just sitting there waiting for an anim to end.


Best I can think up to this end is a simple rhythm mechanic.



  • Asynchronous Climax. Not sure this is possible in NV, but I don't know why it wouldn't be. Check This out.
  • Rhythm mechanic.
    • Player is given a key prompt
    • If the key is hit before the prompt concludes, the PC's climax meter increases faster than the NPC's
    • If the key is hit as the prompt concludes within some tolerance, meter increase will be about the same.
    • If the key is hit after the prompt concludes, but before a new one appears, NPC climax increases faster.
  • Exhaustion debuff applied unilaterally after sex(-1 STR & AGL). This debuff can stack with sleep dep and expires once the PC sleeps.
  • (Buff Name) applied after PC climax. (This is already done by a lot of mods, so maybe this isn't so important? But if it is, +1CHR?)
  • A consequence of the NPC reaching climax is a special +1CHR or equivalent dialogue weight with that NPC (handled by other mods?)

This should make the experience feel less voyeuristic and more active or engaging for the player.


More Hypotheticals and needless complexity:

  • Number of times the PC can reach climax based on END? Same rule for NPCs?
  • "sexual debt" status for causing an NPC to climax without PC climaxing? (Resolved when 'score' is even)
  • Additional buff for synchronized orgasm?
  • Option to fake it for PC? (Sacrifice sexual debt for synch buff)
  • Player receives sexual debt with NPCs they didn't gratify? (Maybe they refuse to gratify the PC until the PC reciprocates)
  • Perhaps each key hit drains stamina/ap, and sex ends when stamina/ap is depleted, regardless of climax.
  • Maybe it should come with a new stamina stat that isn't ap.

As for a darker side to all of this I think maybe the modders who make that sort of thing can figure it out, there's already plenty of systems that handle it, so it can be up to the individual players on what they want in their game.


The below section is pending removal, I'm not even gonna bother backing it up unless someone wants to defend it.





Rape is one of my least favorite topics, but I'll admit I've played games in which it's present, and if there's any place even remotely appropriate for it, it's in an adult fantasy setting where nobody gets hurt.

Perhaps it should be left to the creators of those mods to determine how or if a struggle mechanic should be incorporated, but here are my thoughts.


I think scenarios should be motivated by faction or some similar circumstance.


Attacker's desire:

Get off (Impulsive) / Procreate (Animalistic)

Dishonor/Shame (Tribalistic/Insecure)

Dominate them ("Superior" mindset)



Insecurity and impulse kind of go together as a sort of catchall for attacks unmotivated by factional differences. These might be the motivations of junkies or raider types, however they'd function inverse one another. In one, their goal is to climax and run for it, in the other they want to victim to "enjoy" them and climax. It's similar with primitive "honor" based ideologies, if someone can't control their own body, they are seen as lacking in honor. This same logic often torments victims who feel as if they shouldn't have had that reaction, despite humans not typically having full control over bodily functions.

In the first scenario, the victim would obviously want to get away.

In the second, they'd want to morally enfeeble the attacker, assuming they couldn't get away first.


If the player character finds themselves dealing with a big bad such as the legion, they might be confronted with the third type on the list. Simply put, the goal here is to cause the victim to submit to them.


The gist of the spoiler'd section is that the player does their best to oppose the attacker's intent through how they use the key prompts if they want to avoid getting some tailored debuff or quest event.



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I believe all that is possible with scripting and the existing framework, start by casting a (scripted) spell on sexout begin (take a look at sexout API thread). AJ has managed to do scripted cinematic camera, take a look at her stuff (no idea how, its just magic to me ;)). Scripting isn't hard, there's just a learning curve to start; the LL scripting 101 thread is probably the best place to get FO scripting help on the interweb.

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So, scripting as in learn a language? I've done some fiddling with code before, but that's mostly some lua and C.


If I could think of anything better, I would have typed that out, but part of the idea was that it wouldn't be "hard", just require some input. Mostly to mix things up a bit, and when player interactions have a direct outcome, it helps.

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I tried to do something similar last winter. fade out, fade in, camera angles etc. Theoretically, it was working. Pratically, there were random glitches. Animations weren't always triggering for both actors, it was random and it was simply and randomly fail, without apparent reason.


I want to retry when I'm in the mood

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I would rather have something more realistic that actually get the character move synchronous into position before the sexacts even starts. like they both go on the floor fondle first and then get the animations to actually turn into sexact. 


But to get anything like this you need to split the animation into 3 stages.


1: for get into position

2: fondle some

3: get the sexacts going.


Actually be able to get both actors to move around the scene instead of stuck in 1 place would look so much better too.

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I'm thinking more of a cinematic love scene.  With cross fades and pans and zooms and a soundtrack.  Maybe I want too much.


If the scene is scripted and decided before, like in a specific room, it's 100% possible and reliable. If it's not, like you want to do that in any place you decide, it can be definetely hard

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How about a mod that changes how Mothership Zeta works in TTW so that when the PC is abducted (before returning to Project Purity), perspective switches to "dad" who then calls up the aliens and threatens them with his very particular set of skills. He then sets out to science the alien craft into the ground and take down every last one of the space-kidnappers.


No but really, music might go well with rest of the mod.

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